I absolutely love playing with the colours! They’re perfect for switching up your look for events and when you’re feeling adventurous


This is the best dye product I’ve tried fr. The consistency and everything about it is just great. The best part of having it on was the amazing compliments I kept on getting.


I loved the colors! it worked like a leave in with slip, that can detangle one’s hair also. Maybe cause I already moisturized my hair but I know the colors had something to do with the extra moisture my hair had 💕


I just want to say i LOVE this product. It’s so beautiful in my hair, i’ve used it up to 4 times and it’s not finished yet.

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Temporary Hair Colours

Change your hair color as often as you want! whether it’s a new color everyday or a new color every week- all it takes is one wash for our colors to be completely out of your hair with no damage whatsoever.

Tattoo Stickers

professional tattoos in 1 minute without the pain or consequences✨

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