What if you could magically dye your hair everyday with zero risk of damage and have it back to normal the next day? Well, It’s possible♡♡

Temporary Hair Colours

Deviant (wine)Deviant (wine)

Deviant (wine)

From ₦3,500
Famous (deep purple)Famous (deep purple)

Famous (deep purple)

From ₦3,500
Favourite child (pink)Favourite child (pink)

Favourite child (pink)

From ₦3,500
mystery colour (neon pink)mystery colour (neon pink)

mystery colour (neon pink)


Zero commitment, Zero Damage

Change your hair color as often as you want! whether it’s a new color everyday or a new color every week- all it takes is one wash for our colors to be completely out of your hair with no damage whatsoever.

Why you’ll love it

• Nigerian Parent friendly

• Non-toxic - Won’t damage your hair

• Vibrant on black hair

• Comes off completely in the first wash

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