12 Bohemian Box Braids Styles for Black Women to Try in 2022

 Bohemian braids take us away from the conventional rule of braids and to the wild and free side of curls. Thinking of trying it out for your next hair-do? Here are 12 ways to switch up the classic bohemian box braids to fit your taste!

12 bohemian box braids for black women to try

1. Goddess bohemian box braids

The difference between goddess braids and bohemian braids is very thin, but while bohemian braids are somewhere undone braids, goddess braids are braids with leave outs. Irrespective, they both give off Queen and energy so putting them together will only shake the tables the more!

2. Honey blonde Bohemian box braids

If you ever want to accentuate your style, it's with color and honey blonde is the best natural hair color for you! If you intend on doing bohemian braids with your natural hair, opt for Gold colored hair wax from Curlfit to add the sweetness of honey to your locs.

3. Ombré bohemian box braids

Ombré, the pioneer of hair color inventions. An ombré of color is a very creative way to include more colors on your braids. You can purchase the already ombré colored extension packs, use a human hair wig or play with non-damaging color hair wax if you're doing it with your natural hair alone.

4. Messy bohemian box braids

Now you don't have to be afraid of old and frizzy bohemian braids! 

 5. Burgundy bohemian box braids

As classy as red wine but as wild as a fox, burgundy and bohemian goddess braids go so well together and fit every shade of skin perfectly. Doing this style on your natural will be a breeze with burgundy hair color wax for Curlfit.

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6. Jumbo bohemian box braids

The bigger the better. We absolutely stan these jumbo gold and brown bohemian braids!

7. Feed-in bohemian box braids

Cornrows could never look any better!

8. Blue bohemian box braids

A touch of blue can never go wrong! Whether you're doing your braids with extensions or on your natural hair, blue is always a catch!
If you want to try blue bohemian braids on your natural hair, opt for Blue color hair wax from Curlfit.

9. Side-swept bohemian box braids

Bohemian braids can be brought to any hairstyle to give it a fuller look. Check out these side-swept cornrows and how glorious they look in this sun-kiss setting!

10. Skunk bohemian braids

Bring in an element of surprise with a skunk touch to your bohemian braids! A contrast in color always turns heads and eyes.

11. Bohemian braided bob

If you want a more mature touch, a bob will do the trick - or better a bohemian braided bob! You can choose to have an Align bob or pixie one, either way, you choose, a bohemian touch will always give it that extra spice!

How to do bohemian braids on natural hair

Bohemian box braids can be done with extensions or without extensions. Our bias is (and will always be) natural versions of hairstyles and we love how these natural bohemian styles add lots of flair to typical natural braids. If you want in on this goodness here is a tutorial on how to do bohemian box braids on natural hair!

How to refresh bohemian braids and keep them from frizzing

It's one thing to do the style and it's another to keep them fabulous! Many people shy away from boho braids because of how the boho leaves outs dry out and frizz over time (messy bohemian braids are a vibe though). Know that the frizz doesn't last forever, there is a safe way to refresh your style without messing the partings up. 

If you follow the curl blog, then you should know we are a sucker for two things; switching up new hair trends and hair colors! We hope this blog sparked some inspiration and convinced you to do bohemian box braids for your next hair-do.

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