21 Burgundy Hair Color Ideas You Will Love in 2022!

Looking for rich hair color to create a subtle shade or a fiery transformation? Well, you've come to the right place!

From deep burgundy hair colors like maroon and red wine that shimmer under the sun to bold tones like cranberry red and lavender hair color, to break internet monotony – We have carefully curated a list of 21 burgundy hair color ideas, to shake up your soul and inner-expression!

But before we dive into the list, let's answer one common question

What colors make up Burgundy Hair?

If you are wondering how to get Burgundy hair color, know that burgundy is a mix of purple and red. Although there is an array of different shades, this is simply what hairdressers refer to when they mention the hue. The variations of burgundy then differ on how much red or purple color is in its formula e.g Wine hair color has a larger ratio of red hue.

Now let's get into these hair color ideas!

Brown Burgundy Hair 

brown burgundy hair

They always say the best is the original! This classic burgundy shade, topped up with a no-makeup makeup look is perfect to melt the winter off your shoulders. Just check out Keke Palmer's curls!

You can do a burgundy ombrè from a dark brown to a lighter brown hair color to make it more realistic and soft.

Short Burgundy Hair

short burgundy hair

When we saw Scarlett Johannson in her short burgundy waves, we couldn't resist. With a shimmery silver dress and some pearls, this look screams class and sophistication!

Burgundy Twists

burgundy hair twists

We love a thick healthy hair twists, but what we even love more is her touch of color using a hair makeup from Curlfit on her extensions.

Burgundy Ponytail

burgundy ponytail

Ponytails are on the rise! One thing we love about this signature pony by Ariana is how easy it is to recreate- you don’t even need to dye your hair. Just clip on a burgundy ponytail of your choice and voila!

Simone Sharice has an easy tutorial on how to get that slick and clean ponytail

Light Burgundy Bob with Bangs

light burgundy hair color

Zendaya's MET Gala look was legendary but you have to agree with us that her light burgundy hair tied it all together. 

Burgundy Hair with Blonde Highlights

burgundy hair with blonde highlights

Get ready to look like melted caramel chocolate bars with blonde highlights on a burgundy hair color base!

Burgundy Braids

burgundy braids

Chunky box braids could never slap any harder- especially with color. Burgundy braids highlight your glowy skin especially if you take it a step extra by coloring your brows too!

A side note – burgundy is color 118 in the extension color grid.

Cranberry Red Hair

cranberry red hair

Dive away from deep burgundy hair colors into something more eye-catching with this cranberry red hair shade from one of Kehlani's looks. And you don't have to stay committed to it with our Red Hair makeup.

Bright red Curly Hair

red velvet hair color

Imagine natural hair in the sophisticated color of red velvet cake. Pick out a nice Red burgundy hair color and blend it out into a delicious balayage as Kehlani did. All I can hear is "Yummy".

Red Burgundy Hair Color

red burgundy hair

It's no surprise why this color quickly took the fashion & hair industry by storm! It's gorgeous! And it fits every hair type. Match it up with the same shade of lipstick and you have the perfect sophisticated look. We don't know about you but this is definitely going into my next coachella look!

Burgundy Feather Bangs

burgundy feather bangs

Lightly-feathered soft bangs are like a go-to for creating a youthful sass of your hair. So imagine feather bangs and burgundy hair color. We're speechless.

How to feather bangs?

 The first thing you want to do is comb your bangs out, to have a tangle-free area to work. Then make vertical point cuts. Don't cut more than an inch at a time, so you don't make an irreversible mistake. When your bangs are lowered to your desired fullness rub gel, brush, and blow-dry to get them feathery. After you can go ahead to apply your burgundy hair makeup from Curlfit to give it the burgundy hair magic. And voila, Burgundy feather bangs!

Hailey Kim shares a step by step process on how she feathered her fringe 

Deep Red Burgundy Hair Color

deep burgundy hair color picture

When Gigi Hadid stepped on the Met Gala 2021 in her deep red burgundy ponytail, the first animal that came to my head was a fox – sophisticated, fierce, and sleek. This red wine hair color is so rich in color and is the perfect burgundy shade for dark hair. 

Burgundy and Pink Hair

burgundy and pink hair

Yelp! They lied to you, red isn't pink's sister, it's burgundy! Just look at how good they are together! What's best is you can get creative with it if you use hair makeup – pink hair and burgundy highlights, burgundy hair and pink highlights, burgundy hair and pink front strips…. the list is endless!

Pro-tip; let your base color dry before you add your highlights or they will blend. 

Black and Burgundy Hair

black and burgundy hair color

Adding dark burgundy to black hair is a subtle change until you hit it against sunlight – Then it's a glorious unexpected transformation!

Burgundy Highlights

burgundy highlights

Not ready to go full-on burgundy? These burgundy highlights are just the right solution. You can easily do it at home with hair makeup. Simply use a comb and streak down the sections of your hair you want highlights on. Blow dry and finish off with a gel, you’re good to go after that!

Plum Burgundy Hair Color

plum burgundy hair color

What's your favorite fruit? Well, our favorite fruit will be you after you do this cute plum shade of Burgundy hair color.

Maroon Hair Color

burgundy dark maroon hair

We can't stop drooling over this rich mane of maroon! How to get maroon hair?. With hair color, you can achieve maroon by mixing red, brown and purple.

Wine to Rose Gold Ombre

red wine hair color with highlights

We adore wine and rose gold, and we know you do too. So why not mix them up into this beautiful fade? And even better, if you have dark hair and want to rock this look without having to bleach your hair, all you need is rose gold and red Curlfit hair makeup

Purple Burgundy Hair Color

purple burgundy hair black girl

Now, this hair color is leaning toward the purple ratio of burgundy. Perfect especially for dark hair shades, this purple hair color will look perfect on naturally curly hair, making your curls pop. Just look at this look on Justin Skye – We are obsessed!

Chae Butta puts us through how you can color your hair purple without bleach and commitment!

Lavender Hair

straight lavender hair color

Lavender is a pastel purple, known for the lush and soft feel it brings to your style. Remember Kylie's legendary purple Met Gala look? No wonder it lives in our heads rent-free. If you are wondering how to lighten purple hair color to lavender or how to get lavender hair, lavender is a combination of purple and white hair color, (perfect for all the pastel lovers), using hair makeup will be easier to achieve this shade. Simply top your purple hair with white color to lighten your hair or mix the two hair colors to achieve lavender.

More Facts on Burgundy Hair Color

How to dye black hair Burgundy without bleach?

Bleach will never have to be an option if you use hair makeup from brands like Curlfit. Apart from being made with zero harmful ingredients like ammonia and peroxide (meaning your hair is free from damage and breakage), it is super-pigmented and therefore formulated to work on any natural hair color – be it jet black, blonde or bronze - you name it! 

You can also test different shades of burgundy without commitment by simply mixing temporary hair colors together.

Pro-tip; 1:2 portions of white and purple hair color make pastel lavender hair color.

Is burgundy a natural hair color?

Some people are born with natural orangey-red hair but burgundy hair is a man-made color from combining purple and red tones. Irrespective of that, we can all agree that it was an invention from heaven! According to Hisour, the origin of burgundy hair color cannot really be traced, but it was first recorded as a color in English in 1881. The word "burgundy", on the other hand, can be traced down to the ancient German tribe, Burgundians.

We cant wait for you to try one of these hairstyle ideas! You will look amazing, for sure!

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