27 Best Summer hair Color Ideas You Would Love 2022

Summer is finally here! And we all know what that means – denim shorts, poolside recreation, cropped tops, temporary tattoos, sunburns, beach parties, and of course, the annual summer hair update. With over one thousand summer hair color ideas on Pinterest, how are you meant to know the best summer hair color for you? No need to fear, because the curl blog is here – bringing you a streamlined list of the 27 best Summer hair color ideas just for you!

1. Rose Gold Hair

rosegold hair color on curly hair

There are so many shades of pink but we fall into a romantic dream whenever we see this one! A precious blend of red, pink, and blonde shades, rose gold hair color is one of the many colors that capture hearts because it's just too cute! 

2. Copper Hair

copper hair color on black girl

Ready to connect with your inner fox? Whether you plan on spending your summer at the movies or next to the pool, this dark copper hair color is a no-fail choice for the summer.

3. Mermaid Hair

mermaid hair hair color

Dive under the sea with this perfect ombre of colors! We can't get tired of this flawless blend of pink and orange. What makes mermaid hair even more mystical, is how you can decide to play with colors to fit your canvas. Blue and pastel pink, bronze and bright red, teal green, and red wine – you can test different colors when you use hair makeup from Curlfit.

4. Caramel Curly Hair Highlights

caramel hair color on curly hair

If you just want to give your hair added dimension without the damage or commitment, try wearing a honey blonde hair color wig. Just like melted candy, this caramel color gives your hair a warm feel and is the perfect hair color for the summer.

5. Two-toned Hair

two toned hair dye on curly hair

When it comes to statement-making, two-toned hair always gets the job done! That's why we love it! 

6. Pastel Pink Hair

pastel pink hair color

Leaning towards the ash pink hair color, pastel pink exudes cheerfulness and adventure. Plus it's extra cute with kawaii hair accessories.

7. Blue Hair

blue hair color on black hair

Blue Hair might sound like an unexpected hair color for the Summer but don't scroll to the next hair idea just yet! The contrast it creates with your skin is perfect for a stunning Summer hair transformation and when matches with silver hair, looks like you have the sky on your crown!

8. Red Wine Hair Color

red wine hair color on dark skin

Who says you can't sip red wine in the Summers? With a hint of purple and a larger ratio of red hair color, this red wine hair color (a deep shade of burgundy) is perfect, especially for dark hair shades. You can get this seamlessly and without damage with Burgundy hair color wax from Curlfit.

9. Galaxy Blue and Purple Hair

galaxy purple and blue hair color on curly hair

We suggested this hair color idea for our Coachella hair guide and we're suggesting it again! Because it's just so fly! With galaxy hair, you get to fly with the stars and back whenever you want. Combine purple hair makeup with an equal touch of blue (you can go in with pink hair color too) to get this fly color combo with zero commitment! Curlfit has the perfect at-home tutorial for achieving this head-turning color combo.

10. Platinum Hair

platinum hair color short hair

If you want to add a lighter touch to your gold hair, opt for this color straight from the beach. Just like the sand, this shade of gold shines and glistens under the sun and is flawless for summer activities.

11. Ginger Hair

ginger hair on dark skin

Less vibrant than orange hair but equally stunning, this ginger hair color is perfect for all skin tones and it's versatile enough to wear every day! You can easily get this with ginger hair paint wax from Curlfit.

12. Bubblegum Pink Hair

pink hair dye on black girl

Wade in a hair color inspired by your favorite childhood after-school must-have – bubblegum! A step higher than neon pink hair and some shades lower than pastel pink, this pink hair color is ideal to rock the summer weekends with a whole lot of youth and sass!

13. Auburn Hair Color

auburn hair color on black girl

This auburn hair color is more of a scream than a muted look, giving your hair dimension and luster to fill your soul with an extra dose of sophisticated energy.

14. Black and Red Hair

black and red hair on curly hair

Thinking of going red but not so down to go full red, try doing streaks with red hair makeup and see the magic that comes with it!

15. Bronze hair

bronze hair color on curly hair

We can't get over these sunlight glinting locks of bronze! The bronze hair color wax is designed to give your hair shine, and vibrancy and make your curls pop with zero damage involved. Plus it fits every outfit and occasion!

16. Hidden Underneath Color

hidden underneath hai color on curly hair

There is no color idea good enough to cause wide eyes then this underneath color look. Also called the peekaboo hair, this trending hairstyle took the hearts of many hair color enthusiasts when it first dropped. Why wouldn't it?

Simply, divide your hair into half – top and bottom, tie up the top part of your hair and work through the bottom part with the hair colors of your choice (you can try a hidden rainbow hair color if you want!). Let it dry and you have yourself this stunning unexpected curtain of color.

17. Peach Hair 

peach hair color black girl

In honor of our favorite emoji, try out this delicate mix of gold, orange and pink! If you want to try a bright hair shade, this peach hair color is the way to go! 

18. Gold Hair Color

gold hair on kinky hair

We know the controversies attached to using bleach to get gold hair and we don't blame you for being skeptical. Well, say goodbye to being skeptical because, with Curlfit Gold hair makeup, you don't need bleach to give your natural hair shade (even jet black) a pop of gold. 

19. Blonde Balayage

blonde balayage on dark brown hair

It's never too late to switch up your blonde highlights! Check out this delicious twist to hair highlights, guaranteed to give your hair dimension and brighten up your Summer outfits!

20. Purple Hair

purple hair color on black hair

If you're stuck in choosing the perfect hair color and you're tired of the dilemma, purple hair is the go-to Summer hair color that never gets old.

Chase Butta shows us how she perfectly colored her hair purple with zero commitment and no color damage

21. Jet Black Hair

Jet black natural hair color African girl

Despite the Summer heat waves, this jet black hair color is hanging around for the season. If you're looking for something simple but chic, try natural deep black hair! Perfect for a simple Summer especially if you have short hair!

22. Dirty Blonde Hair with Highlights

dirty blonde curly hair and green colored highlights

Thinking of adding a little twist to your dirty blonde hair, check out these colored highlights! You can use green hair makeup to achieve it.

23. Dark Chocolate Hair Color

dark chocolate hair color on black girl

Have you ever seen someone on a Summer afternoon and just thought of chocolate? Well, you would be that "someone" after you do this crown of dark chocolate brown hair(and add a gold hair clip or two)! Adding dimension and luster to your hair this brown hair color is a lovely color for the Summer!

24. Colored Locs

colored locs on dark skin

Black and brown locks look amazing, but have you ever thought of getting them in color? You should!

25. Dark Green Hair

black dark green hair black girl

When we saw these green cornrows, we simply couldn't resist! Green hair comes in so many different shades – from emerald green hair to lighter colors like mint green, but dark green hair color is our Summer all-time favorite. From hair highlights to full coverage, this is the color for you!


We hope you love these summer hair color ideas! Which did you pick? We're all here for it!

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