A step-by-step guide on how to dye grey roots at home

How to dye grey roots at home

When we grow older, so do our body organs and functions. Our Vitamin B12, copper, and iron, which are responsible for flourishing skin and hair, drop causing our skin to start wrinkling and our hair turns grey.  

This is perfectly normal!

But if you're not comfortable with the amount of grey poking at your roots and the contrast it creates (especially with black hair), we've got you!

In this blog post, we will dive into how you can dye your hair at home quickly with no bleach.

The best hair color to dye grey roots at home

Flawless black girl with bronze colored hair holding bronze temporary hair makeup

Grey hair is a very peculiar color of hair. We call them peculiar because they can be very stubborn when it comes to accepting color. Semi-permanent hair dye can't work on grey hairs because the degree to which it lifts your hair is inadequate for greys. So normally, box dyes or permanent hair dyes are opted for.

The first precaution to any good DIY job is safe from allergies and hair damage, and box dyes don't give you this. Apart from containing high volumes of peroxide and ammonia, the formula is not customizable to fit the needs of each individual. The same volume of a developer is used for straight thick hair and kinky brittle hair.

Let us introduce you to the natural shades of Curlfit hair makeup, intricately made to satisfy every hair type and the base color. Hair makeup uses temporary hair color technology to coat the outer layer of your hair strand with pigment to give it a burst of color. 

Because of this, stubborn greys are humbled with no damage.

How to dye grey roots at home with temporary hair color 

Using hair makeup is a one-process application and is super DIY-friendly. You can be sure of the results when dyeing grey roots, unlike box dyes. With box dyes the results are never certain, you may see grey hairs peeking out after or have an uneven finish because you left it on for too short a time.

Step 1: Prepare the things you need

You don't need anything special to use hair makeup - even gloves! But when you have purchased your desired hair color(s), always check if your normal hair products are compatible with the hair makeup. Mix a small portion of the color with your hair cream and observe the results. If it forms clumps, then you can leave out applying your creams before coloring your hair. Just go straight in with the hair makeup. Don't worry about hydration, Curlfit products moisturize your hair whilst coloring it. 

Step 2: Wash your hair

Black girl shampooing her long kinky hair

It's best to use hair makeup on clean detangled hair. This will make the process seamless and easier to apply. Plus, it will last longer. 

Step 3: Use a leave-in-conditioner (optional)

If you want to add moisturize before coloring your hair, this is the time to do so. But like we mentioned in step 1, if your creams are not compatible with the color, then you can leave them out. Don't use hair oils! Especially sealing oils. This will aid color transfer and shorten your hairstyle life span

Step 4: Style your hair (optional)

If you're doing a tight ponytail or a colored pineapple, you can do the style before applying hair makeup on poking grey hairs so you don't have to color your entire head.

Optional Step: Mix your colors to get your desired color (if it implies)

What makes hair makeup super flexible is how customizable the formula is. Mixing two hair makeup colors is almost like mixing colors before painting. For instance, if you don't find your shade of blonde in the array of hair makeup colors, you can simply mix gold hair makeup with white hair makeup in different ratios, until you get your desired shade. 

There are so many other shades you can get. For more hair makeup mixes, you can check out the Curlfit community across all social media


Step 5: Apply hair makeup row by row

Every drop of Curlfit hair makeup is super-pigmented. So a little goes a long way. Lucky you, a bottle of Curlfit will last you 5 or more uses vs. box dyes that are only for one use since the chemicals break down when the formula is prepared. This means you can't store it and would have to rinse off the remaining dye.

Start applying the hair color, row by row in small amounts, almost like you're parting your hair for cornrows. If you need more vibrancy then you can add more on top of it. As we mentioned earlier, hair makeup is very customizable! So you manipulate the formula to meet your desired result. Unlike box dyes, where the results are never certain. You may have mixed too little pigment or left it on for too short a time to produce an uneven finish.

You don't have to worry about how long it stays on your scalp. Unlike box dyes, temporary hair makeup contains no harmful ingredients. So your scalp and hair are free from burns and damage!

Step 6: Air dry/ blow dry

Pretty happy black girl blow drying her black curly hair

Your hair has to be completely dry to avoid color transfer. Air drying or blow drying your hair will ensure the color sets. Depending on your hair porosity and the amount of hair makeup used, it may take between 30 minutes to 4 hours for it to dry.

That's it! Easy, isn't it? 

Step 7: Maintenance of your hair color

If you followed the color instructions, you would get beautiful coverage on your grey roots. It will last for 3 - 7 days, depending on how often you manipulate your hair and the climate of your area. These days, you don't have to worry about giving your roots any extra after-color care. Grey hairs are coarse and prone to hair breakage. When you apply permanent hair color, it makes your hair more brittle and higher the chances of it breaking and having split ends. This is why most enthusiasts emphasize an after-color routine for your dyed hair. With hair makeup, you don't have to worry about having an EXTRA care routine. You can stick to your normal routine. But always remember to air dry the color right after you apply your products, to avoid color transfer.

To sleep with the hair color, wear a satin or silk bonnet


Happy black grandma with grey hair

With hair makeup, you wouldn't have to spend precious time and cash, every 2 weeks to do professional root touch-ups. Your roots will always grow out, so covering them would be a continuous thing. Why don't we embrace our growth and greys? See how cool they are, so we don't have to be covering them up every single day! Having grey hair is 100% okay, don't mind the haters.
We hope this blog post helped you a ton in showing you how to dye grey roots at home in a safer way!

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