14 Back-to-School Protective Styles for Kids with Curly Hair

With the continuing fight against racism,  it has become a duty for parents, guardians, or siblings to let young black girls know how beautiful it is to be black, especially when they mix with other kids at school. It's one thing to fill their ears with words of wisdom, it's another thing to show them the uniqueness of their black heritage.
And what better way to show them, than with their curly hair!
Make your girls love and appreciate their natural hair with these 14 cute protective styles, specially selected for your amazing curly girl child.

What should protective styles do for curly kids

For adults, curly hair is more fragile and sensitive than other hair types. So for kids, especially between the ages of 10 and below, it is going to be even more fragile. The main purpose of protective styles is to secure the ends and roots of your hair, by securing your individual hair strands together, to make them stand a stronger chance against damaging factors like the weather, excessive sun, manipulation, etc.

In summary, the main purpose of protective styles is to;

1. Protect your hair from harsh environmental  factors

2. Prevent hair breakage and split ends

3. Maintain the length and health of your hair

Other benefits;

Apart from the prevention of damage, protective styles;

  • It puts your hair into one unanimous style. This is especially for mixed-race kids with different hair textures. 
  • It is school and play friendly
  • It gives your child the opportunity to choose for herself, giving her a sense of independence.

Protective styles for curly kids

1. Classic box braids with beads

Cute black girl child with newly done box braids with transparent beads
Let's start this list with the classic but super cute style - box braids! After hitting mainstream fashion during the COVID-19 period, it became a must-do technique for every style! We love how they finished off her braids with translucent beads and chunky edges.

2. Braids with beads and butterflies

Black girl child with butterfly clips and pink and purple beads on braids
Butterflies could never look any better! We love how her purple and neon pink beads tie the fairy look together.

3. Colored puffballs

Black girl toddler with cute small purple colored space buns puffballs
Does she have short kinky hair? Not a problem! There's always a protective style for her! Try switching up her space buns or puffballs with temporary hair color wax from Curlfit's array of curly and kinky hair-friendly hair colors!

4. Bubble braids 

Bubble braids on girl child with curly hair

If anyone told you curly hair couldn't be put into bubble braids, that's false! Apart from protecting the ends of your hair, it gives you room to moisturize or hydrate your locs.

5. Side-swept cornrows

Bhaddie Side swept cornrows lemonade braids on black girl child
A twist to classic cornrows - side-swept plaits! Don't forget to add some hair patterns to the sides. We live for the heart braid and bead finish!

6. Cornrow updo/ Shukú

Cornrow updo with blue butterfly clips and beads on black girl child
The popular cornrow updo is also known as Shukú in Nigeria, meaning "basket" in the Yoruba language. Over 2000 years ago, this style was initially only worn by Queens and princesses to distinguish them from the crowd. Make your girl a princess with this protective style and don't forget to finish off with as many hair accessories as possible.

7. Pop Smoke braids

Pink pop smoke braids on happy cute black girl child wearing basketball jersey
Pop Smoke's sound was appreciated worldwide and so was his hairstyle. Sadly, he passed away at the young age of 20, after an invasion in his Hollywood Hills home.
Pop Smoke's music and style is remembered till today.
We love the touch of pink on her pop smoke braids! You can switch up the color of your braids with colored extensions or hair makeup from Curlfit

8. Medium-length braids with beads

Medium length beads with rainbow colored beads
Medium-length braids won't weigh down on your hair as much as long or jumbo braids. This makes it a good option for kids.

9. Cornrows and low ponytail

Cornrows and low ponytail with accessories on black girl child
Instead of doing classic cornrows or a cornrow updo, why not do a low braided ponytail to add more sophistication to your crown!

10. Bantu knots

Bantu knots with heart partings on black girl baby with curly hair
What better way to connect with our African descent than with slicked Bantu knots! This protective style has been around for over 100 years and does a great job at protecting your hair and keeping it static.

11. Unicorn braid

Purple hair on white girl child with blonde braid
Color is a super fun way to switch up your hair for a Back-to-School comeback. Unicorn hair is usually pastel or iridescent and you can play with designs as much as you like - pastel pink tips or full head ombre of pastel colors. The safest hair color for kids is temporary hair color wax and you can choose from Curlfit's array of hair color waxes for curly or kinky hair.
NT: To get pastel colors with temporary hair colors, mix white hair color with your desired color.

12. Twisted Mohawk

Mohawk with twists and purple beads on black girl child
A cute twist to a mohawk - a two-strand twist! (Get it?!). What we love most about this style is how the juicy twists fall to one side of your crown! After a week or more, you can unravel the twists to create a mohawk of waves!

13. Patterned braids

Black girl child with heart braid patterned hair
The modern touch to hair styling has birthed so many extraordinary braided patterns. Everyday creative stylist wow us with new techniques and designs you would never have thought of. Our absolute favorite is the heart pattern. It adds spice to a classic look!

14. Cornrows and French pigtails

Cornrows and french pigtails on black girl child with curly hair
Instead of a french braid, why not try these french pigtail styles!
We hope this inspiration blog helped you a ton in picking out protective styles for your kids!
Which are you trying today? Let's know in the comments below!

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