The best colored hair gel for curly hair

 Curly hair is delicate and it deserves the best products and treatment. So if you're thinking of giving your hair a temporary color change, you need the best and safest colored hair gel for crown!

The best-colored hair gel for curly hair 

The best colored hair gel for curly hair
Curly hair is a beautiful work of art and it deserves to be beautified as many times as possible! In our opinion, a touch of color always gets the job don. But because of the harshness of bleach and hair dyes, it is almost impossible to dye your curly hair without damaging it. This is one of the major motivations behind the invention of colored hair gel. 
Curlfit went the extra mile to create color gels that ensure your curly hair is not only protected, but hydrated and improved by including rich ingredients like silk protein, argan oil, and almond oil, which enriches your hair strands from the inside out.
Curlfit color gels are loved by our customers, not only because it improves the health of their hair but also because:
  1. It contains zero harmful ingredients like ammonia or peroxide.
  2. There is no commitment. The color washes off after 1 shampoo, so you have numerous color options to explore!
  3. It accentuates your curl pattern because of its hydrating ingredients and lightweight consistency.
  4. It is DIY-friendly. You don't need any special skill to use Curlfit color gels.
  5. Every drop is super-pigmented, so you can use a 100ml bottle of Curlfit up to 2-4 times.
  6. Your natural hair luster and shine are protected!

NT: Curlfit products are designed by experts to be safe for all hair types and ensure coverage for all-natural hair colors.

How do you use temporary color gels

  You don't need to bleach or add any additives to give your hair a burst of color when using color gels. All you have to do is wash your hair and head over to our thorough tutorial blog on how to apply Curlfit colored gel correctly for a perfect color hair makeover!

Other alternatives to temporarily color your curly hair 

1. Wigs

White model in a pastel pink straight bob wig professional photography

Wigs are the best alternatives to colored hair gels. Apart from coming in different colors and styles, they protect your natural hair from the sun and other factors that can cause damage.

Cons of Wigs: Some wigs hurt your hairline and can cause frontal alopecia.

2. Temporary color hair spray

Inidian girl spraying her curly 3c hair with purple colored hair spray
Temporary hair sprays are most popular for their quick results and easy application.
Cons of colored hair spray: Colored hair sprays are not so curly hair friendly because they contain harsh chemicals and because of the pattern of curly hair, it is hard to get an even finish with spray technology. 

3. Clip-ins

Black and ginger afro kinky hair clip INS product photography
Clip-in extensions are majorly used for adding extra length to your crown. Although they are not used to change hair color, clip-ins can act as a supplement for an already existing color. They usually come in natural hair colors like red, brown, black and blonde.

4. Temporary Hair Chalk 

Temporary hair chalk compacts on white background
Popularly known for their pastel hues, these types of temporary hair colors have a straightforward application process and are usually used to get subtle colored streaks for festivals and events. They are also most popular amongst children.
Cons of hair chalk: Hair chalk may have an easy application process but it takes a lot of effort for the color to show vibrantly. Hair chalks also contain substances that can strip your curly hair of its natural moisture, resulting in a hard, dry, flaky, and frizzy finish. 


There are so many color gel brands out there whose formulas satisfy a particular desire. If you want a frizzy look, you can try out a brand with a thicker consistency, or if you prefer your curls popping, opt for a lightweight color gel like Curlfit color gels.

You can try out different brands and see how they feel on the hair. After all, we are all looking for different things in a product. We hope this blog has given you some good points to start your color brand exploration.

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