19 Best friend gift box ideas she would love | Hair gift ideas for your bestfriend

From color-coded to themed gifts, gift boxes are the cutest ways to show appreciation to someone dear to your heart! What's extra cute is a self-made gift box filled with thoughtfully selected gifts by you! Nobody knows your best friend more than you do, so it's only ideal to fill your best friend's gift box with things she/he would love! In this inspiration blog, we will be focusing on thoughtful hair gifts like accessories, gadgets, and must-haves for hair care.

Here are some best friend gift box ideas for your hair enthusiastic bestie!

What should i put in a bestie gift box? 19 hair gift ideas for your best friend gift box

LATME Electric Hair Massager

Grey and white electric scalp massager on white background
A scalp massager is great, but have you tried an electric one! Apart from increasing blood circulation, its rotary movement ensures your scalp is cleansed and it's super easy to operate.

Puff Me Volumizing Powder

Design me puff me pink hair volumizing powder spray on pastel purple background
This powder is a total life saver to add life and fullness to your crown - no wonder it won the hearts of Harper's Bazaar! The best part of the Design me Volumizing Powder is it comes in a spray. This makes it super easy and less messy to use. Its talc-free formula can be used for all hair types, structures, and styles (even braids and ponytails). And you have to admit, the pastel packaging is super cute!

Curlfit hair makeup

Curlfit temporary hair colors on blue background
We think temporary hair color is the coolest thing in the world! It's the easiest way to switch up your hair color and enhance your current style. Curlfit hair makeup is enriched with "gold" ingredients that will improve the current health of your hair, whilst coloring it. No need for bleach. No color damage
Imagine trying out new hair colors with your bestie! You can even twin!

Sleepy Tie

Pink silk sleepy tie on pink background with hanging cotton clouds
If your best friend is an "addi" for styling her hair, then the Sleepy Tie is definitely for her. It is designed to prolong and enhance your style while you sleep so you don't have to put your hair through the vigorous and repetitive process of styling, detangling, and heating. Your bestie would love it. The Sleepy Tie is not a regular silk scrunchie, there is a particular way to optimize it while you sleep. Here's a tutorial on how. 

Hairpin pal

Pink magnetic hair pin holder picking up bobby pins from white surface
This powerful magnetic holder is perfect to save your bobby pins from wandering far and wide. Bobby pins always somehow last a week when you're extremely busy, but with this Hair pin holder you can sweep up your bobby pins with a single swipe. It's that strong! Some even say it catches the pin when you toss it in the pin holder's direction.

Silvi Anti-bacterial Silk Bedsheets

Silvi rosegold antibacterial silk sheets on wooden table and background
If you're a hair care enthusiast, you know how important silk bed sheets are to reduce frizz and maintain your hair's moisture. Silvi silk bedsheets go the extra mile to infuse their sheets with Silver - an ingredient that kills 99.7% of acne-causing bacteria. So your hair and skin are protected.

Plus, they come in so many cute colors!

Black hair makeup

Curlfit black temporary hair color on grey background
This is for the best friend who bleached her jet black hair and misses it. A lot of times, when we semi-permanently change our hair color, a ting of nostalgia may set in and maybe regret. Satisfy her nostalgia by getting this temporary black hair makeup from Curlfit. 
All Curlfit products do not require bleach or any other harmful ingredients that most hair dyes use. In fact, they moisturize and hydrate your hair whilst coloring it. And it washes off after 1 shampoo.
This black hair makeup is also perfect for coloring gray hairs.

MUGo waterproof bathroom Bluetooth speaker

Mugo waterproof bathroom bluetooth speakers falling into water
What's a wash day with no music? Hair care day can take hours, especially for curly hair. From oil rinsing to deep conditioning, the task can get tiring, but with these MUGO waterproof bathroom speakers, your bestie is sure to have a groovy time in the bathroom. Plus they can stick on the wall for easy use.

Morroccanoil Argan oil

White girl hands pouring Morrocanoil argan treatment on hands in front of white background
Argan oil is the liquid gold of hair! If your bestie has curly or kinky hair, add Morroccanoil's Argan oil formula into that gift box. Apart from moisturizing your hair at a cellular level, you don't need a lot to see its effects. Plus, it can be used for all hair types!

Silicon hair stopper

White silicon stopper being removed from bathroom drain with straight shed hair on it
This is an absolute bathroom must-have! We all hate it when our shed hair gets stuck in the drain. With this silicon hair stopper, kiss cleaning blocked drains goodbye!

Olaplex products

Olaplex at home products sunkissed aesthetic on white table
Olaplex is a game changer in the hair industry. Their at-home formula of salon products is expertly designed to serve all hair types and is on every curly girl's wish list! If you're thinking of adding products to your gift box, Olaplex is the best brand to consider. You can watch this video below to know which product your best friend needs the most. 

Digital gift card

Curlfit purple Digital gift card
Digital gift cards are bae! And luckily Curlfit provides this service. So if you're considering surprising your best friend with some hair makeup but don't know which she would like, you could send her this instead!

Homesick Scented Candle

Homesick candles on wooden platform with beach themed product photography
Remind your bestie of your favorite spots or moments, with these sentimental scented candles - perfect for a detox hair care session.

Invisibobble kink proof curls

Invisibobble original brown and clear ring kink hair ties on pastel background
These frizz-free rings are proven to be less painful and tangle-free. Plus, they never get wet, so you can shower with them all you want! Its smooth surface causes less damage and can slide off your hair easily!  

Puff cuff

3 puff cuffs on white surface
Most accessories on the market are designed for straight hair and are not strong enough to accommodate the thick nature of kinky and curly hair. Ceata E. Lash invented the puff cuff for this exact reason. Cosmopolitan says it's "a Godsend for curls". This video guide will help you decide on which size to get for your best friend

Pantene no frizz iron

Packaged pantene on the go frizz portable iron
Get this anti-flyaway iron to tie your hair-themed gift box together! It is portable and super affordable. Simply slide your hair in between the iron to tame frizz and give your crown a quick silky finish. It doesn't need an electric input.

Toppik hair building

Toppik hair builder with before and after collage
At one point in our lives, we will battle receding hair lines and bald patches. This might be caused by excessive styling or a lack of vitamin A. With Toppik you can conceal your receding hair lines, to give your hair a fuller look. Its powder-like formula blends into your scalp to look natural and they have it in all-natural hair colors.

Kitsch Hair Brush Cleaner

Kitsch grey hair brush cleaner on white background
Instead of sticking to the traditional ways of cleaning out your hairbrush, get this eco-friendly hair brush cleaner from Kristch. It's something you need but doesn't know you do! 

Fine Mist Airless Spray Bottle

White pattern continuous fine mist spray bottle
This fine mist spray bottle can continuously spray a fine uniform mist onto your hair with just a press on the lever. The tiny droplets of water produced will saturate low porosity hair quickly. It is also not designed with any pressurized containers or hazardous propellant gases. 

We hope you fancied some of these best friend gift box ideas! Don't forget to add crinkled paper and your favorite polaroids together before tieing it up.

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