Best hair colors for dark hair

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Dark brown to black hair is one of the most challenging hair colors to dye without ruining it, and that’s the fear of most people. In this blog post, we will be touching on:

  • Things to know before dying your dark hair 
  • How to dye your hair without using bleach
  • Hair colors that go great with dark hair
  • The best hair colors for dark hair without bleach
  • How to choose the right hair color for your skin tone.




Tints are healthier and better than bleach. While bleaching changes the pigment of your hair, tints just deposit the color on your hair shaft. They work by lifting (they lift your strands and add the colors somewhere else). Tints are also not a permanent option, unlike traditional dyes. The difference between the two is the chemicals. The chemicals in hair bleach is harsh, thorough and makes the hair lose its elasticity. As a result, the hair becomes dry, brittle, and prone to color damage.


You must have seen many people with kinky natural hair do this. You see, only the tips of their hair are a different color while the entire body is dark. Or just the front is, sometimes from the middle down to the tips. 


This is probably the safest and most versatile way to go whenever you decide to bring some color to your dark hair. Temporary hair colors are our area of expertise here at Curlfit, and we have done justice to everything you need to know about them here.

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Color is a significant factor in beauty. In makeup, you can’t wear any shade of foundation, bronzer, or even lipstick. Why? Your skin affects how beautiful everything looks at the end of the day. Your skin tone accentuates everything you wear, and for hair color, it’s no different. 

The first step to identifying the best colors that suit your skin tone is to know your skin tone first. So let’s teach you the quickest and easiest way to determine your style -

  • Turn up your wrists to the light and check the colors of the popping veins
  • If you see blue or purple veins, that’s an indication that you have a calm skin tone
  • If the veins are greenish, you have a warm skin tone. 
  • If you see both colors, you most probably have a neutral skin tone.

Now that you know your skin tone, it’s easy to find the right colors that would suit you. 

A general rule in life is that opposites attract, and we think the same applies to skin tones and hair colors. So, generally, you can dye your hair to colors opposite your skin tone. 


People with cool skin tones are usually fairer, with a few popping red or pinkish color features on their skin and faces. If you fall into this category, you should go for warm and bright colors like burgundy, golden blondes, pinks, or any colors that minimize their redness and flashiness. 

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The perfect hair color for people with a warm skin tone should make them look healthy and flushed. So we’d suggest cool hues, grey even, and some reddish vibes like honey blonde, ginger and non-traditional colors like purple and blue

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At Curlfit, we believe in custom hair colors for different skin tones, undertones, and personalities. Besides following the general rules, we suggest that you can also experiment until you find your styles and colors. Thank goodness we make temporary hair dyes, so there’s no commitment to any color here, and no permanent damage is caused. If you want to experiment with hair colors for your dark hair, we’ll suggest you take a look at this page for inspiration from some of our people who already love and vibe with our products.

Still not sure? We’ve collaborate with experts to design a quiz to determine what hair color will suit you the best!

Take the Color Quiz Here!

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