17 Cute Pop Smoke Braids for Women to Try in 2022

When young rapper, pop smoke released his song "What you know bout love", it took Tiktok by storm! And so did his zig-zag parted jumbo feed-in braids. People in the hair community created so many variations of his style with their natural hair to adding weaves and extensions. From the male community, it began to seep into all communities. Now pop smoke braids are for women, men, girls, boys, and even kids!

Sadly, he passed away sooner than expected but his legacy remains through his voice, music, and his hair.

Here are 17 cute pop smoke braids for women in 2022!

What are pop smoke braids called

As we mentioned in the introduction, pop smoke braids originate from the late young rapper Pop Smoke. It is created with a stitch-in-knot technique and is actually called feed-in braids or tribal braids. 

17 cute pop smoke braids for women to try in 2022

These 17 specially selected styles are the absolute best of pop smoke braids!

1. Classic Pop Smoke Braids/ 4 pop smoke braids 

Pop smoke hair side view

Jugrid Bergman once said "the world worships original", and that's true! The original is always the best. Traditional pop smoke braids are made up of a straight middle parting and four jumbo feed-in braids with zig-zag parts, that fall horizontally at both sides.

2. Burgundy bohemian pop smoke braids

Burgundy bohemian pop smoke braids on black woman

Finishing off any braided style with a boho flow always gives it an extra pop! The leave-outs and braided combo always give it a different feel. If you want to do this style of pop smoke braids on your natural hair, you can use burgundy hair wax color from Curlfit's array of hair colors. All Curlfit hair color waxes are enriched with ingredients that nourish your strands, so you don't have to fear color damage

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Here is a tutorial on how to do boho braids on natural hair!

3. Small pop smoke braids

Brown Small pop smoke braids on black girl

If you want to take it down a notch, you can do small pop smoke braids. They still are equally fabulous!

4. Rubber bands Pop smoke braids for kids

Rubber band pop smoke braids for kids on black girl
This pop smoke style for kids took our hearts immediately! Apart from the cute matching rubbers, the box braid pattern makes the style a guaranteed eye-catcher.

4. Short pop smoke braids

blonde Short pop smoke braids on black girl

Remember when we hyped the versatility of pop smoke braids? Yes! This short pop smoke braids are what we are talking about! No matter the length of your hair feed-in braids always hit the same. If you want it to last for a longer period, braid till the ends of your hair or secure the ends with clips.

5. Pop smoke braids with beads

Short pop smoke braids for girls with beads for black girl kid

Adding accessories to your hair can make your style look brand new. Beads are our absolute favorite! They are made in different colors and shapes, so you have a thousand variations to choose from. We consider Pop smoke braids with beads a feed-in braid original because it is the close replica of ancient Tribal braids. We love how she added hair threads on her two front braids. 

2. Pop Smoke Braids with Color

Bronze pop smoke braids on girl kid

A touch of color never gets old. Add color to the ends of your braids with temporary hair wax paint. Hair makeup is the greatest hack for switching up your style. You can express your creativity in every way possible with Curlfit hair color wax because it is super pigmented, washes off after one shampoo, and is suitable for all hair types, even synthetic hair!  

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6. Jumbo pop smoke braids

Jumbo pop smoke braids on black girl
These long jumbo pop smoke braids may be too heavy for your natural hair, especially if you have kinky or brittle hair. But no need to fear, you can request to do this pop smoke variation with the crotchet method. Your natural hair will be secured in a cornrow and the weave won't weigh directly on your strands.

8. Long pop smoke braids

Long pop Smoke Braids on pretty black girl

Long pop smoke braids are most popular among girls because it fuels your inner baddie. If you have long natural hair, you can stick to your length or add extensions to give it more volume and length. The same goes for short and medium natural hair.

9. Stitch pop smoke braids

Stitch pop smoke braids on black woman

A basic stitch braid gives your style a lot more dimension. So imagine pairing that up with pop smoke braids!

10. Layered pop smoke braids

3 layered pop smoke braids on black girl

If you want a fuller look, you can do several layers of pop smoke braids. You can also do pop smoke braids to the middle of your head and classic braids beneath them.

7. Ginger pop smoke braids 

Ginger pop smoke braids on black man

Pop smoke braids on natural hair look equally perfect! And with a touch of ginger...even better! Luckily, you don't have to permanently or semi-permanently color your hair ginger when you have ginger temporary hair wax paint, from Curlfit. 

11. Pop smoke braids with curly ends

Pop smoke braids with curly ends on black woman

This style is a perfect way to switch up feed-in braids. Curly ends are always fire on medium-length braided styles. To maintain the shine of the curls, you can use a foam mousse to moisturize and a wide toothed comb to free up any tangles. Dipping your water in hot water is also a great way to maintain those curls.

12. Medium pop smoke braids

Medium pop smoke braids with beads on black girl kid
We love how beautiful she looks with these medium-length pop smoke braids and pink beads. Pop smoke braids even look great on kids!

13. Blonde pop smoke braids 

Blonde pop smoke braids on Solange Knowles  Solange has always been on our minds. Her sophisticated hair-dos and play with beads make her stand out in a crowd of celebrities. Her artsy signature blond feed-in braids are a must-do! We love how her gold natural hair blends perfectly with the blonde extensions.

14. Side parted pop smoke braids

Side parted pop smoke braids on black woman

This style is a major twist from the traditional pop smoke braids - a side parting!

15. Pop Smoke Braids with zig-zag parts

Pop smoke braids with zig zag parts

Pop smoke braids is a great avenue for you to show some eccentric pattern. If you're looking for more structure, try doing zig-zagged side parts but a straight middle parting. Topped with laid baby hairs, this style of feed-in braids is sure to grab everyone's attention.

16. Colored tips and pop smoke braids

Black pop smoke braids with ginger tips
Colored tips never get old! We love how her jumbo black braids suddenly become light brown at the ends. If you already got your extensions in all black, you can use temporary hair wax paint from Curlfit to color the ends of your synthetic hair. Yes, it can color even synthetic hair.

17. Pop smoke braids and twits out ends

Pop smoke braids with curly ends

Glam by merry's twist to pop smoke braids is so unique. Although she didn't use the traditional twist out technique, the final result looked gave a twist out vibe and we're all in for it! We also love how she secured it with large gold clips.

How to do pop smoke braids

The first step to doing pop smoke braids is by learning the stitch-in knot technique. There is no better way to explain the technique than through visual representation.

How to Maintain Pop Smoke Braids

Pop smoke braids need to be maintained just like every other hairstyle. With proper maintenance, your hairstyle can last for 4 -8 weeks. We don't advise you to leave your hairstyle on for more than 2 months because of mattresses and tangles with your shed hair.

To maintain your style;

  • Wear a silk bonnet or scarf to sleep
  • A large portion of your scalp is exposed, so you need to oil it twice or thrice every week
  • Use a foam mousse on the entire length of your hair to tame flyaways and refresh your hair.
  • Use anti-microbial products like Sulfur8 and tea tree oil, to prevent itch and dandruff.  

At the end of the month, you can shampoo your braids to refresh and cleanse your scalp.


Did you find your next hairstyle in these 17 variations of pop smoke braids? Tell us in the comments below!

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