19 Ways to Switch Up Coi Leray Braids for your Next Hair-do

19 ways to switch up Coi leray braids for your next hair do

If you are looking for an easy and lightweight braided hairstyle for your next hair-do, then you have come to the right place! Coi Leray braids are not only light and easy, but they give you the freedom to be creative with it because of its versatility! Keep reading for inspiration on how to switch up the classic Coi Leray braids to fit your taste!

What are Coi Leray braids?

Coi Leray braids was the hottest hairstyle of Summer 2021, following the success of young rapper Coi Leray in the release of "No More Parties" in January 2021. Everyone loved Coi Leray. She was energetic, confident, and beautiful, plus she had a killer style! Her signature braids spiced up her style even more and quickly became known as Coi Leray braids.
Although there are several creative spins to Coi braids, the traditional hairstyle is made up of 16 medium-length knotless box braids (8 on each side) with curly ends. The pattern of the curl is gotten with a perm rod and is not unraveled so that it still maintains a bouncy single coil pattern. Coi leray braids is the perfect protective style for curly hair because it causes minimum tension on the roots and protect your ends from damage as well!

19 ways to switch up Coi Leray braids

1. Classic Medium-length Coi Leray braids

Coi leray in classic Medium-length Coi leray braids all black baddie aesthetic

If you follow the curl blog, you should know that we always start every inspiration list with the classic hair-do, because....why not?! The original is always the best! As we mentioned earlier, Coi Leray braids consist of Medium length box braids with perm rod curls at the end of each braid.

2. Ginger Coi Leray braids on natural hair

Ginger Coi leray braids on natural hair black girl
Nothing beats this ginger switch-up! Ginger is the hottest and most attractive hair color for curly girls! You can achieve this on your natural hair without bleach, with Copper hair color wax from Curlfit. Unlike hair dyes, Curlfit colors accentuate your curl pattern by moisturizing your hair, whilst giving it a vibrant burst of color.

3. Half up half down Coi Leray braids style

Half up half down brown Coi leray box braids on black girl
Switch up your Coi braids with this half-up half-down style. The trick to a fabulous result is to tie a quarter of your braids up (not half of your braids) and wrap a braid around the ponytail to elevate it. Don't forget to leave two braids in the front to frame your face! 

4. Jumbo Coi Leray bob

Jumbo black Coi leray box braids on exotic black woman
The first character this look reminded us of was Medusa - sophisticated, fierce, and mischievous! We love this short jumbo version of the traditional Coi Leray braids and would recommend it if you want a face-framing and mature switch-up. 

5. Coi Leray braids with Afro kinky ends

Medium Knotless box braids with kinky curly ends Coi leray braids
Show your natural curl pattern some love with afro-kinky ends! Unravel the curls into several parts to achieve this look!

6. Burgundy Coi Leray braids with triangular parting

Medium burgundy Coi leray braids with triangular parting

We choose these braids over a glass of red wine, anytime any day! Burgundy always adds an expensive touch to every hairstyle, no wonder it is one of the hottest hair shades this year! We will let you on a little secret... instead of bleaching and dyeing your natural hair to blend with your extensions, simply mix Burgundy hair color wax with your go-to braiding gel. This will protect your curly hair from color damage caused by bleach.

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7. Coi Leray braids with curls/ bohemian Coi Leray braids style

Coi leray braids with curls on pretty black girl

Boho braids made its debut early 2022 and took the hair world by storm. Now every braided style isn't complete without a boho touch! Coi Leray braids aren't any different! To keep your leave outs moisturized, spritz some water onto your braids (not too much) and apply moose or leave-in-conditioner. To achieve more defined curls you can twist each leave out around your finger and release after some seconds.

8. Jumbo Coi Leray braids

Jumbo Coi leray braids on 4c hair black woman melanin
The bigger the better! Are we the only writers who feel that jumbo braids hit better when they are messy? It's like the older they are the more attractive! We absolutely adore this jumbo switch-up to Coi Leray braids! It's riveting and adds volume to your crown!

9. Four Coi Leray braids on natural hair

Four box braids on curly natural hair Coi leray braids pretty black girl
If you have long natural hair, we say drop the extensions and do this charming 4-box braids hairstyle! This switch-up is an effortless way to protect your natural hair and is so adorable!

10. Bronze Coi Leray braids

Brown and blonde Coi leray braids on black woman
Bronze is such an essential natural element, so what better color to accentuate your melanin than this beautiful shade! If you want to do this on your natural hair or give your extensions bronze tips, you can use Bronze hair makeup from Curlfit's array of curly-friendly hair colors
There is no need for bleach and it can be used on all types of hair, even synthetic hair.

11. Long Coi Leray braids

Long Coi leray braids on hood black girl
When you need something to run your hands through on a cute outfit day, it's these long Coi Leray braids!

12. Pop smoke braids with curly ends

Feed-in cornrows Coi leray braids on black woman
Pop Smoke and Coi Leray are two young rappers who took billboards, Spotify, and the whole music world by storm. They also took the hair world by storm with their signature looks! So imagine a Coi Leray and pop smoke hairstyle combo...spells perfection!

13. Short stitched cornrows with curly ends

Stitched cornrows with curly ends on black girl
This hairstyle is a long mile from the traditional Coi Leray braids but we couldn't help but add it to this list! We love her for allowing her baby hairs steal some glory!

14. Small Coi Leray braids on natural hair

Small Coi leray braids on 4c hair black girl
Curly hair is just amazing, because no matter the hairstyle, you will always be able to do it on your natural hair! If you want to add some spice to this look, a touch of color will do the trick and you can trust Curlfit temporary hair color wax to maintain your natural luster, accentuate your curl pattern and improve curly hair elasticity, whilst giving your hair a burst of color!

15. Passion braids with left out ends

Passion braids on pretty black woman
Passion braids add so much texture to your crown and we're here for it!

16. Knotless Coi Leray braids

Knotless Coi leray braids with boho curls on black woman

Knotless braids make your extensions look realistic. This technique of braiding has definitely come to stay!

17. Coi Leray braided pigtails

Medium length pigtails with curly ends on glammed up black girl
Here is another hair-do far away from the traditional Coi Leray braids - pigtails! It was simply too lovable to leave out.

18. Small Coi Leray braids

Small Coi leray braids on black girl melanin
Small Coi Leray braids are the perfect braided cottage look! Don't forget to add a scarf before you head out.

19. Coi Leray braids with loose curls

Short Box Braids with hot water dipped ends on black girl
To get looser curls, use hot water instead of perm rods. Dip the ends of your braids in hot water for some seconds, depending on how tight you want the curls to be, i.e, the longer the curlier.

How to do Classic Coi Leray braids

Coi Leray braids follow the basics of every normal box braid hair-do. They may last for 3 - 5 weeks because of their large partings, which give it a higher chance of getting messy. To achieve the curls at the end, you would need perm rods to get that particular pattern.


A Coi Leray-inspired braided hairstyle is the best way to bring out your inner baddie! We hope you fancied this inspiration blog and we want to know which style won your heart! Tell us in the comments below!

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