16 buzz cut hair dye designs for you to try!

  Buzz cuts are the new black of the hair world. It is sophisticated and the best avenue to express yourself through your hair. If you are rocking a buzz cut or plan to do so, here are 16 buzz-cut hair designs to spark your creative juices today!

How to dye your buzz cut without commitment, irritation, or damage

Curlfit temporary hair colored gel aesthetic product photography
When it comes to hair patterns and design, the best way to color your hair is with temporary hair color gels, because there are several limitations and risks that come with bleaching or using hair dye on short hair, especially buzz cuts.
One of the major risks that come with dyeing your hair is scalp burns and irritations. Your hair is short, so harsh ingredients like ammonia, peroxide, and PPC, have more access to your scalp. Apart from possibly staining it, you may feel sharp stings while dyeing your buzz cut. Colored hair gels do not contain any harsh chemicals, nor does it need bleach to give your hair a vibrant burst of color. Curlfit colored gels, in particular, are designed to improve the health of your hair by including ingredients like argan oil, silk protein, and almond oil in their formula.
Another major risk of using hair dye is commitment. One of the reasons hair enthusiasts don't fully express themselves with hair color, is because of the commitment attached to using hair dyes. Apart from having to stick with one pattern for 3 to 4 weeks, you would have to re-dye your hair every week because of new growth. This is where hair colored hair gels come in. Instead of depositing the pigment into your hair strand like hair dyes do, hair color creams coat the topmost layer of your hair strand like a cast and so can be washed off easily for a new pattern!

15 Buzz cut hair dye designs

1. Classic pink hearts

Classic pink hearts buzz cut hair dye designs on white girl
Nothing beats a head filled with a lot of love! The classic pink heart look can never go wrong. Before you draw on the hearts, don't forget to give your crown a subtle pink tint.
Things you need: pink hair makeup

2. Strawberries

Strawberry pattern buzz cut dyed hair design on white girl
Kawaii strawberries are the best fruits to accompany your buzz cut. It is easy to do and perfect if you're going for a kawaii look.
Things you need: red and lime green hair makeup

3. Butterfly

Aesthetic Purple blue and pink Butterfly buzz cut art on white girl
Aesthetically pleasing patterns are just within your reach with temporary hair wax colors from Curlfit. Butterflies give an unmatched immaculate vibe that no other insect can challenge. This design is a little complex so you may need some assistance doing it.
Things you need: blue, purple, and pink hair makeup

4. Black Dragon

Emo black dragon buzz cut art on black boy
If you want an edgy touch to your buzz cut, a black dragon across your head is just the right touch to achieve that! 
Things you need: black and dark green hair makeup 

5. Plain pastel color

Solid teal green buzz cut dyed hair on black boy
We love how solid colors speak louder than any pattern! Express yourself with your favorite color with this plain (but loud) buzz-cut look.
Things you need: pastel green (green hair makeup and white hair makeup)

6. Pink Sky and clouds

Pink sky with clouds buzz cut art on white girl
Pastel pink skies remind us of cotton candy and sweets. If you want a soft girl buzz cut design, a head of clouds is the one for you!
Things you need: pastel pink (you can get this by mixing pink and white hair makeup) and white hair makeup for the clouds.

7. A Famous Art piece

Your buzz cut is the perfect canvas for your masterpiece. Express your inner creativity with non-damaging super-pigmented hair wax paint from Curlfit. You can even mix colors to expand your palette!

8. Colorful Chinese Cloud Art

Colorful Chinese clouds art on white girl

A colorful swirl of clouds could never look better!

Things you need: all your favorite colored hair creams from Curlfit!

9. Red Smiley faces

Red Smiley faces buzz cut dyed hair design ideas on white boy
If you want to brighten someone's day, then smiley faces are the way! You can stick to the classic yellow faces or have fun with red.
Things you need: red and black hair makeup

10. Simple heart

Minimalistic simple pink heart on bleached hair black girl
Let's take a minimalistic approach and switch the classic heart pattern to a single heart by the side. It is aesthetically pleasing and the best design to test the buzz-cut waters.
Things you would need: Any Curlfit hair wax paint of your choice

11. Bees

Black and yellow bumblebees buzz cut art on white hair
Okay, we take it back. Butterflies are immaculate but so are bees! Apart from being easy to do, it's just drop-dead adorable!
Things you need: gold and black hair makeup

12. Sakura tree

Aesthetic buzz cut art on white hair
Things you need: pink, black, and burgundy hair makeup. Burgundy hair makeup to shade and create dimension.

13. Black

Black print buzz cut art on pink hair black girl
When you can't pick a color for your desired pattern, try out black prints on a colored foundation. 
Things you need: black hair makeup and the foundation color of your choice.

14. Leopard print

Leopard print buzz cut art on bleach hair black girl
Animal print is another design to consider adding to your buzzcut. Leopard print in particular always has a certain richness and sophistication that gives off exotic energy anywhere you go.
Things you need: bronze and black hair makeup

15. Blue fire

Blue fire buzz cut art on white hair white boy
A fiery touch of blue can take your Buzzcut from a 5 to a 10000 in minutes!
Things you need: blue and black hair makeup


 All lengths of hair are beautiful, whether it's short, long, or medium. Your hair is your crown and a work of art. Be proud of it and accentuate it with accessories and color today! We hope this blog inspired you on beautifying your buzzcut with temporary hair makeup!

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