Curlfit Copper Hair Makeup: How to give yourself a copper hair makeover

Copper braids are the new hot thing and yes, we are obsessed with how creative it gets! But have you thought about switching your natural hair color to ginger? And the best yet, doing so without the need for bleach! 

Well, let us introduce you to Copper hair makeup, the best way to temporarily switch your hair color without the need for bleach. 

Copper hair makeup; The safest way to color your hair copper

Curlfit Copper hair makeup
A strand of hair is made up of dead cells layered upon each other like roof shingles. The differences in the root structure of your hair and the angles at which these "root singles" are layered upon each other, determine your hair type and porosity.
Due to advances in hair technology, it is possible to increase your hair porosity by using relaxers, texlaxers, and surprisingly bleach.
Note; Increasing your hair porosity increases makes your hair more fragile and vulnerable to damage.
In short, the process of using semi-permanent hair dyes is very damaging to your hair, especially curly hair.  This is why the safest way to color your hair copper is temporary hair makeup. Apart from giving your hair a vibrant burst of ginger without the need for bleach, it doesn't damage or harm your hair strands in any way.
Curlfit Copper hair makeup and all Curlfit products go the extra mile to contain hydrating ingredients like argan oil, almond oil, panthenol, and silk protein that moisturize and protect the health of your hair.
You can read more on the effects of bleach on your hair here!

How to use Curlfit Copper hair makeup

Using hair makeup is super DIY-friendly and fast to do! 

Step 1: Prepare the things you need

Hair makeup requires no special equipment, including gloves. However, once you've chosen your desired hair color(s), always check to see if your regular hair products are harmonious with the hair makeup. Examine the results after mixing a small amount of colored gel with your hair cream. If it develops clumps, you can skip the creams and go straight to the hair makeup. Don't be concerned about hydration; Curlfit products hydrate your locks while coloring them.

Step 2: Wash and dry your hair

Hair wax color should be applied to clean, detangled hair.  This will make the process more seamless and simple to apply for. It will also last longer.  
You are free to apply hydrating creams after washing your hair.  However, as mentioned in step 1, if your creams are incompatible with the color, leave them out.  Use no hair oils! Sealing oils, in particular. This will help prevent color transfer and increase the life of your hairstyle.

Step 5: Apply a thin first layer of hair makeup 

Curlfit's hair makeup is extremely pigmented. As a result, a little goes a long way.  Begin by applying the hair color wax from the roots to the ends of your hair.  (A drop at a time is fine.) If you only want to color the tips of your hair, start at the ends of your loc and work your way up so the color blends with your natural hair color. 

Step: Add more color to reach your desired vibrancy 

After allowing your foundation color layer to dry, you can add more color to reach your desired vibrancy.

Step 6: Air dry/ blow dry

We know your hair is super cute and you're probably super pumped to take to the streets, but not yet! Your hair has to be completely dry to avoid color transfer. Air drying or blow drying your hair will ensure the color sets. If you followed the steps above, it may take between 30 minutes to 1 hour to air dry, and less if you use a hand dryer.

You can do absolutely anything with hair makeup - a subtle tint of your favorite colors, contrasting highlights, colored tips, a glorious ombré of color - anything you can think of! Unleash your creativity with hair makeup and express yourself through your mane.  

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