Curlfit vs. Curlsmith hair makeup gel : A feature by feature comparison

Curlsmith hair makeup vs. Curlfit : a feature by feature comparison blog

 Curlfit and Curlsmith hair makeup are both legendary curly hair products that give your hair that burst of color when you feel adventurous - but not too wild for a permanent hair makeover. But before you dive in to purchase one, it's good to know what makes both of them unique. While Curlsmith hair makeup gel leans more towards a gel-like formula, Curlfit hair makeup resembles a leave-in-conditioner.

Want to know more? Let's put these two products in another feature-by-feature comparison blog and find out what makes them unique and different from each other- Curlfit vs. Curlsmith hair makeup gel!

What are Curlfit temporary hair colors?

Curlfit temporary hair colors are expertly designed to give your hair a burst of color without the need for bleach or any other harmful ingredients (like ammonia or peroxide). The process of production is also vegan and cruelty-free.

What is Curlfit hair makeup made of?

Every drop of Curlfit hair makeup is saturated with rich ingredients sourced from local manufacturers in Africa. They are filled with nourishing agents like argan oil, silk protein, almond oil, and panthenol, that function on a cellular level, so that all parts of your hair experience its hydrating effects.

When you place the product onto your hands, you will notice how lightweight and creamy its consistency is. This makes the coloring process super easy.

Plus, they smell like candy!

Here is a close-up picture of Neon pink and pink Curlfit hair makeup.

Close up Curlfit Neon pink and pink hair makeup on pastel purple background

What is Curlsmith hair makeup gel? What are they made of

Curlsmith hair makeup also takes a creamy consistency but resembles a styling gel more. Its formula is a blend of natural ingredients like watermelon seed extract, sodium benzoate, and beetroot extract, which actively prevent microbial activities. It also contains popular ingredients like polyquaternium and propylene glycol, which are usually present in stronghold styling products. 

Close up Rosegold Curlsmith hair makeup on white background

Curlfit vs. Curlsmith hair makeup gel: Who is each hair makeup made for?

Texture and color payoff play a large role in determining the quality of temporary hair color and if it is worth the grab. 

Both Curlfit and Curlsmith hair makeup promise attractive color and texture payoff on all hair types and natural hair colors. In terms of color payoff, the two brands do a great job at showing up vibrantly on all hair colors even jet black. Although some customers did mention they had to use a lot of the Curlsmith hair makeup to show vibrantly on their dark hair. Here are reviews from Curlsmith hair makeup users on Amazon.

Amazon review on Curlsmith hair makeup not being able to color dark hair
Amazon review on Curlsmith hair makeup not being able to color dark hair

The Curlfit hair makeup formula is dense with color, so a little goes a long way! A 100 ml jar of the product can be used 2-3 times on thick hair. And it is sure to give dark hair a burst of color as well.

Curlfit hair makeup review on high product coverage
Pink Curlfit hair makeup review on high product coverage

In terms of hair texture, Curlfit and Curlsmith hair makeup are curl pattern friendly. But because Curlsmith hair makeup is more of a gel, it does more of maintaining your current style rather than accentuating your curl pattern. BTW, it's a stronghold gel. That is why it's advised to apply Curlsmith on wet hair - so that your hair is moisturized before locking it in with the color gel. Compared to a normal styling gel, it does have curl-defining abilities but not as well as Curlfit hair makeup does.

Curlfit hair makeup accentuates your curls even on dry hair. The product is saturated with conditioning and hydrating ingredients that moisturize your hair and color it at the same time. Almost like a leave-in-conditioner. 

Chae butta using purple Curlfit hair makeup and the product defining her curls

Which hair makeup has the least flaking and color transfer issues?

When a temporary hair color flakes, it sprinkles like colored dandruff when you touch or brush your hair. And nobody wants their favorite shirt getting tiny spots of color, on a day out. In terms of flaking, Curlsmith hair makeup users noticed flakes on their hands and shirt when fluffing or styling their hair.

Rosegold curlsmith hair makeup review on flaking issues

Curlfit hair makeup users, on the other hand,  don't notice flakes of color when they touch or fluff their hair. Once your hair is dry, the product settles and secures itself firmly onto your hair strands to make the color look natural and prevent color transfer.

Curlfit hair makeup review on no color transfer on bed sheets and no flaking issues

In terms of color transfer, both temporary hair color brands do an amazing job at preventing that. This is a major upgrade from how most temporary hair colors transfer color, even after the following the instructions.

Which hair makeup is easy to apply and wash off?

The signature feature of hair makeup is the non-commitment – the ability to wash off after 1 shampoo. Both hair makeup brands do justice to this feature! They wash off easily after 1 shampoo. Here is a review on Curlsmith hair makeup non-committment from Amazon.

Curlsmith hair makeup review on good washability

Here is a review from a Curlfit hair makeup user.

Curlfit hair makeup review on good washability and non commitment

Users of Curlfit hair makeup even say that it leaves their curls defined and hair soft, after washing off the hair color.

Which hair makeup brand feels the best in your hair?

Curlfit and Curlsmith hair makeup are both super-pigmented and claim to show even on jet black hair. This is true! Both brands give all natural hair shades a vibrant burst of color - but do they feel as vibrant as they look?

From the Curlsmith ingredient list, you can tell that they lean more toward a styling gel formula. And just like most hair gels, they form a colored film on top of your hair which results in a crunchy, hard, and dry texture when it dries. So they can restrict your hair flexibility.

Curlsmith hair makeup review on flaking issues, hard and crunchy texture
Curlsmith hair makeup review on when applied on fine straight hair, flaking issues, hard and crunchy texture

Curlfit hair makeup, on the other hand, is softening and maintains your hair's flexibility (especially curly hair).

Its creamy consistency also makes application super easy. You don't need a lot to color your hair and it leans more toward a conditioner rather than a gel

Blue Curlfit hair makeup review on soft and healthy texture for kinky fine hair

After a close tie, we have a winner *drumroll*

  Curlfit Hair Makeup Curlsmith Hair Makeup gel
Ingredient list 👑 👑
Color payoff 👑 👑
Texture payoff 👑
Flaking issues 👑
Color transfer 👑 👑
Application 👑 👑
Non-commitment  👑
After the effect of the hair makeup 👑

 The winner is Curlfit hair makeup!


A quick rundown of this feature by feature comparison:

  •  Both Curlfit and Curlsmith hair makeup gel are made with rich and natural ingredients, and the process is vegan and cruelty-free. But Curlsmith hair makeup contains stronghold gel ingredients that can produce a crunchy and dry finish.
  •  The first feature we compared was the color and texture payoff. Both hair makeup brands give all base colors a burst of color but you would need a lot more Curlsmith color gel to cover dark hair. In terms of texture payoff, they both accentuate your curl pattern but Curlfit hair makeup accentuates your curl pattern by hydration, while Curlsmith color gels do more of maintaining your current style.
  •  Then we compared both brands in terms of flaking and color transfer. They both do a great job at not transferring color when dry, but Curlsmith hair makeup flakes and sprinkles like dandruff when you fluff, touch or brush your hair.
  •  In terms of commitment, both hair makeup brands wash off after 1 shampoo. Several Curlfit users say the product even softened their hair when washed off.
  •  And lastly we compared how they make your hair feel after use. Curlsmith hair makeup gel resembles a stronghold gel, so it's no surprise that the result is a crunchy and hard finish. But for a gel, it does a great job at accentuating your curls. Curlfit hair makeup, as we mentioned previously, resembles a leave-in-conditioner, it makes your hair feel soft and maintains your natural hair elasticity and lustre.

Just like skincare, choosing products that work best for your hair should involve careful and thoughtful filters. By filters, we mean choosing products that are friendly to your hair type and porosity - but even at that we all are looking for different things in a hair routine. So the best way to build the perfect hair routine for you or pick the best products that satisfy your desired hair dream is to filter and try out these products. Even though Curlfit hair makeup took the crown in this comparison blog, you can still try Curlsmith hair makeup and decide which you prefer, depending on what you final results you're looking for. Both hair makeup products are really good and outstanding, just that after a  deeper look, Curlsmith hair makeup gel has a lot more flaws than Curlfit hair makeup does.

We want to hear you think in the comments below!

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