Curlfit vs. Hair paint wax : Key differences

Hair color wax

It’s only normal to be scared to change your hair color because you’re worried about color damage, but have you ever thought of trying hair makeup? Hair makeup is where Hair paint wax and Curlfit color gels fall under and is a super-easy way to bounce from your natural hair color to ginger hair and then to purple hair within a few days with no damage!

With so many brands in the market adding their own twist to their formula, which hair makeup is the best for you? In the last comparison blog, we compared the Gooddyeyoung poser paste and Curlfit hair colors – Curlfit taking the temporary color crown. Now let's compare Curlfit color gels with Hair paint wax, a popular hair wax color in the beauty industry.

What are the different types of hair makeup?

Hair paint wax

Hair makeup exists in various forms. There are colored hair chalks (famous for Coachella rainbow stripes), colored hair wax (where Hair paint wax falls under), colored rinses, colored conditioner, hair sprays, and creams & gels (our bias *wink*). All these types of hair paints have their pros & cons, and situations where they work the best. Hair paint wax - as the name suggests, is a hair wax color while Curlfit hair colors are cream based.

Curlfit vs. Hair paint wax

Let's go dive into an indepth study of the individual product ingredients.

What is curlfit hair makeup?

Curlfit - just like hair paint wax is a water soluble temporary hair color, but the formula? That’s where the key difference lies. Curlfit hair colors are packed with high quality vegan ingredients like silk protein - which studies show has the ability to soften your strands plus boost hair growth. And panthenol which is known for greatly improving your hairs moisture barrier.
They’re also packed with rich essential oils like argan and almond oil sourced from local suppliers in Africa. And valuable ingredients like Cetyl alcohol that aids in the detangling process especially if your hair is prone to matting.

Curlfit temporary hair color pink

The combination of these ingredients is why curlfit colors take a lightweight creamy consistency that doesn't weigh down your curly hair or make it feel gross.

What is Hair paint wax?

Hair paint wax is made in china and majorly consists of beeswax, carnauba wax, and water. Carnauba wax doesn't really have any nutritional value on your hair except that it helps the other ingredients in the product stay longer in your hair and beeswax is great for sealing in moisture.
So while it's a water-based product, the combination of two wax ingredients (amongst other thickening agents like cetearyl alcohol) makes it very heavy and thick, which is why they’re only recommended for 3b - 4c hair types. Customers of this product have been seen describing it as thick and difficult to spread.

Pink hair paint wax review

Like most styling products, colored hair wax seals rather than hydrates. So if your hair is damaged or dry, you have to thoroughly moisturize your hair to get a near-perfect result. A good number of customers have also mentioned their hair feeling “gross and heavy” after using this product.

It contains one hair growth ingredient - tea extract. The only essential hair oil (as stated on the ingredient list) is castor oil.

 Castor oil

Castor oil has moisture-sealing benefits. There is speculation that it aids hair growth, although not based on scientific findings. But if castor oil is not mixed with another carrier oil your hair may experience mats and tangles and the hydrogenated variation in the oil can irritate your scalp.

Just like poser paste, hair paint wax contains a"hold factor" ingredient. This keeps holds the style of your hair together. The hold factor in hair paint wax is PVP/VA copolymer, a "toxic chemical" that has the tendencies to irritate your scalp and skin.

Why choose Curlfit over Hair paint wax?

Smell, Moisturizing Properties and overall feel 

Hair paint wax is actually a good product for a wax  based styler, given the price - but it has it's flaws. The first notable thing is the smell. Customers report that it smells like musty men's cologne and strong perfume. 

Hair paint wax review

Moisturizing your hair is a must when using this Hair paint. In terms of the texture, the hair wax color works as a styling product to coat your curls. So if your hair is dry and frizzy, it may not define your curls. Hair paint wax also has the tendency to produce stiff ends and a crunchy texture. And if you apply too much, it makes your hair look stringy. 

Hair paint wax

A customer using the green hair paint wax

Curlfit : Smell, moisturizing properties and overall feel

Curlfit smells like candy and the feature that also makes us stand out from all other hair color wax brands, is that curlfit colors also play the role of a moisturizer. Leaving your hair easy to de-tangle, nourished, soft and hydrated while depositing the color of your choice.

Curlfit reviews

Unlike hair paint wax, our moisture-binding properties accentuates your curl pattern, strengthens damaged hair and smoothens its appearance by reducing hair porosity and moisturizing it from within. Many customers even say it left their hair softer and their curls more defined after use. Here is a picture of the burgundy hair makeup from Curlfit on Jet black curly hair.

Wine hair color

Flaking and color transfer

Let's talk about color transfer. Hair paint wax transfers color in flakes, but does not smear. When you play with your hair or manipulate it into a different style, you may spot large to medium sized colored flakes lying about.  

Hair color wax review

In terms of color transfer, Curlfit hair makeup transfers minimal to no color at all, which is superb, since all types of temporary hair colors have some form of transfer that aids the washout process.

Curlfit hair wax reviews

Side effects and wash out process

Hair paint wax may be irritating to your scalp because of the PVP/VA copolymer and castor oil but In terms of how easy it is to wash out, both temporary hair colors wash off very easily, although many customers advise washing with a clarifying shampoo after using the hair wax colors. Something to note is a few customers with blonde hair that tried the red and pink hair color wax complained of how difficult it was to remove pink stains from their bleached hair and some mentioned their hair feeling dry after washing the hair color wax out. Hair color wax reviews

Unlike Hair wax colors, Curlfit counters any form of irritation with argan oil and does not contain cheap filler or questionable ingredients. Our colors are also 100% Vegan. Curlfit customers love the experience. It washes off very easily and many even say it left their hair softer and their curls more defined after use.

Curlfit reviews

To Sum it up

  • Hair makeup exists in various forms and are a fun way to switch up your look.
  • Hair paint wax is a temporary hair color made of wax and may weigh on your strands. It also contains PVP/VA Polymer that may cause irritations.
  • Curlfit is lightweight and creamy. It contains zero harmful ingredients and is only enriched with super foods like Silk protein, panthenol, argan oil, and almond oil which nourish your strands and protect them from hair breakage.
  • The major difference between Hair paint wax and Curlfit is that while the hair color wax works only as a sealant, Curlfit colors function as a moisturizer and a sealant. Almost like a leave-in-conditioner and a styler in one product. This makes it suitable for chemical and heat-styled hair, as well as damaged hair. Plus, it's the safest hair color for the summer heat!

You will be glad you got one! Replace Hair paint wax with temporary hair colors from Curlfit's array of super-pigmented non-damaging and nourishing hair colors for your next trendy makeover!

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