14 cute curly hair color ideas for black girls to try

  Are there any hair colors black girls with a crown of curls can't pull off?

The answer is No! 

Hair colors are the best way to accesorize your curls and there are uncountable shades to choose from! But for this blog, we will be inspiring you with 14 classic curly hair color ideas to whet your appetite!

Curly hair color ideas

1. Bronze Hair Color

What better way to start this blog, than with a basic yet heart-throbbing shade of bronze? It's perfect for those who want a subtle but loud color change.
Things you need: Bronze hair paint wax.

2. Pastel green and blue hair color 

 A bombshell of pastel green and blue can never go wrong! They blend into each other too perfectly to have any flaws! If you're not sure of the drastic color change, you can trust temporary hair paint wax to give you a burst of color with zero commitment!

Things you need: lime Green, blue and white hair paint wax. Mix equal portions of green and white hair wax together.

3. Copper hair color 

 Copper hair always slaps no matter the length or type of hair! And luckily it's available in the Curlfit hair makeup collection!

Things you need: Copper hair wax paint

4. White highlights 

If you have never tried white highlights before then this is your sign to do them today!

Things you need: White hair paint wax

5. Pink Magenta Hair Color 

What says barbie more than a shade of pink? Magenta is a shade between purple and pink that is perfect for those that want a sassy and drastic color change!

Things you need: pink hair wax paint

6. Gold hair color

From curly volumes of gold curtains to simple streaks, gold is the richest hair color to add sophistication and sass to your crown. It's simple, pure and elegant. Plus, you wouldn't need bleach if you use Gold temporary hair makeup.
Things you need: gold hair paint wax

7. Indigo highlights 

Tips of pale blue and indigo have never made us more obsessed!

Things you need: purple, blue and white hair paint wax

8. Skunk hair color

If you're hunting for eyes, skunk stripe hair is the style for you! The contrast it creates is fascinating and is the perfect way to switch up your look without trying!

9. Pastel purple and gold

Tap into the fairy realm with this lavender and gold combo! It's perfect for all lengths and types of curly hair!
Things you need: white, purple and gold hair wax paint

10. Burgundy hair color 

Burgundy, the shade of cherry wine and the vibrancy so fine, could never look any better against your melanin!

Things you need: Burgundy hair paint wax

11. Purple hair color 

Step into your celebrity era with this shade of royal purple!

Things you need: purple hair paint wax

12. Red and black hair color

Red is fire till you leave out some strands of black, then it's a furnace!
Things you need: red hair paint wax

13. Pastel blue hair color 

Pastel shades turn you into a real-life barbie in seconds! This pastel blue reminds us of the skies and clouds

Things you need: Blue and white hair makeup

14. Grey hair color

Silver was never for the old alone! If you don't want to go loud with color this shade of grey is the one for you!

Things you need: white hair makeup

Extra Tip✨

 Your curls are your crown and the best way to add an extra flair to it is with hair color! We hope this blog sparked some interest in your next curly hair color.

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