15 Cute Skunk Stripe Hair Ideas for Black Girls

 If you're not sure about getting a completely new hair color, you can dip a toe into it with skunk stripe hair! This style is eye-catching and has so many creative ways to switch it up to fit your fashion taste! Here are 15 Skunk hairstyles to inspire you for your next hair makeover!

What is skunk stripe hair?

 The Covid-19 Quarantine birthed & resurrected numerous fashion trends and the skunk stripe hairstyle was one of them. The original skunk stripe hairstyle is light blonde, white or grey stripes contrasting with dark foundational hair color like black or brown - just like a skunk! So it's fit to say that the pioneer of this hairstyle is no other than a skunk🦨, but with modern touches, stylists included different patterns and colors (like curtain skunk hair, the popular face-framing skunk hair, two-toned hair) to the style!

15 Cute Skunk stripe hair ideas for black girls to try

1. Pink Magenta skunk stripe hair

Pink skunk stripe hair on black girl with curly hair
Pink is a timeless color to pair with dark hair and its front piece placement will keep the admirers subdued for longer. Instead of spending hours bleaching only one part of your hair, you can use pink magenta hair color wax from Curlfit to do it at home within minutes! 

2. Red and black skunk stripe hair

Bright Red skunk stripe hair on white girl with curly hair
No matter how long your hair is, crank it up by 100x with bright red bangs! And you don't need bleach when you have red hair color wax from Curlfit.

3. Skunk hair locs

Skunk hair butterfly locs on black girl in classroom
Butterfly locs will always be an eye-catcher! Give your locs extra flair with a contrast of colors!

4. Bronze skunk stripe hair 

Gold skunk stripe hair on black girl with curly hair

There is no better time of the year to bust some bronze than now! From ponytails to messy buns and a wash-n-go, your style can never go wrong with a touch of bronze.

Things you need: bronze hair wax color

5. Purple skunk stripe hair

Purple skunk stripe hair on kawaii black girl with short curly hair
Let's be honest here, maybe 10 in every 15 people have tried purple hair, but why hasn't its hotness decreased?! If you're caught between various colors, always try purple. It can never go wrong!
Things you need: purple hair color wax

6. Skunk hair braids

Blonde and black skunk braids on black girl
Two blonde braids are a sure way to have simple box braids stand out!

7. Blue skunk stripe hair

Dull blue skunk stripe hair on black girl with curly afro
A bright blue shade with matching blue eyebrows is the best way to change your entire look with just a little color. To replicate this look without risking your skin to bleach burns or your curly hair to damage, you can use blue hair color wax from Curlfit.

8. Honey blonde skunk stripe hair

Honey blonde skunk stripe hair on black girl
As sweet as honey blonde! Developers might be harsh on your curly hair, so it's best to replicate this look with temporary gold hair wax color.

9. Two-toned skunk hair stripe

Blonde two toned hair in two buns on black girl
Going natural doesn't mean you can't switch it up with color! Instead of coloring the two sides with different colors, color only one side and watch how your entire look changes!

10. Lime green and blue ombré

Lime green and blue ombre skunk stripe hair on black pretty girl
Dive into the sea with this color combo!

11. Skunk hair dreads

Blonde Skunk hair dreads on black girl
Whenever you think of doing faux locs, remember this skunk hair twist to dreads! You won't regret it.

12. Brown and black skunk stripe hair 

Brown and black skunk stripe hair on pretty black girl with big curly afro

This is a far-fetch from the traditional skunk hairstyle but it snuck into this list because of how drop-dead gorgeous it is!

13. Ginger and white skunk stripe hair

Ginger and white skunk stripe hair on pretty black girl dinner date aesthetic
If you're looking to go bigger and better, ginger and white are the contrast colors for you! If you're not sure of a long-term change, you can safely color your curly hair with copper and white temporary hair wax colors from Curlfit.

14. Skunk stripe hair underneath

Purple Skunk stripe underneath hair on black girl with short kinky hair
Curly hair with an element of surprise! There are so many types of underneath color styles to try and luckily we have an inspiration blog with all the best peekaboo styles for curly girls!

15. Orange skunk stripe hair

Bright Orange skunk stripe hair on sunkissed black girl
Orange can never disappoint. No matter the length of your hair, you can trust this shade to give it some extra spice!

You don't have to wait for a salon appointment to know how & which skunk hairstyle looks best on you. All you need is temporary color hair wax and a style reference to give you a  skunk hair makeover safely at home.

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