Hair chalk vs. hair makeup: Which is best for dark curly hair?

   All types of temporary hair colors exist to give your hair a new color without the need for bleach! They do this by coating the topmost layer of your hair strand, instead of penetrating through it like hair dyes. This is also why they wash off easily.

There are several types of temporary hair color and with every type, comes a different result and level of hair type satisfaction. For instance, the mode of application of colored hair sprays satisfies straight hair more than curly hair. 

To ensure you're going to get your desired results from temporary hair color, it's necessary to know how they feel and the after-color result on your type of hair. So in this blog, we will be focusing on hair chalk and hair makeup - the color payoff, texture payoff, consumer thoughts, personal thoughts, and a lot more, on curly hair! We hope this will give you a headstart in figuring out the right temporary hair color for you!

What is hair chalk?

Hair chalk is exactly how it sounds - chalk for your hair. It is a powdery substance compressed into a stick, that deposits color onto your hair. But with modernity, different types of hair chalks like hair chalk pens, compacts, crayons, and the most popular, hair chalk combs, were invented to ease the application process.

Hair chalks are popularly known for their pastel hues and are mostly used to create highlights or streaks.

What is hair chalk made from?

Hair chalk is a hair-friendly version of your typical blackboard chalk. The only difference between the two is the presence of soft pastels. Soft pastels are made up of dry pigment and a binder. So hair chalk is made up of chalk (calcium carbonate, silt, and clay) and soft pastels(dry pigment and binder).

You may also find that hair chalks are softer than regular chalks, and usually seem wet (almost like a chalky paste).

Here is a close up picture of the application of purple hair chalk.

Close up picture of purple hair chalk application on blonde straight hair

What is hair makeup?

Hair makeup is a creamy super-pigmented formula that is designed to color your hair by coating the outer layer of your hair strands. They come in different forms and consistencies; Curlfit hair makeup for instance comes in a lightweight consistency while Poser paste leans more toward the thick paste form. 

What is hair makeup made from?

Hair makeup "is based on a complex formed by a combination of cationic dye materials with water-soluble anionic" (patents). They are made up of non-toxic ingredients that have a larger molecular size, compared to other types of hair dyes. And because of this, they attach themselves to the outermost layer of the hair rather than penetrate through. 

Many brands have made improvements to the formula to produce more realistic and hair-type-friendly results. Curlfit, in particular, went the extra mile to exclude potentially damaging ingredients and include hydrating ingredients like argan oil, almond oil, and silk protein, to hydrate your hair, accentuate your curl pattern, improve elasticity, and maintain your luster & shine.

Here is a close-up picture of green Curlfit hair makeup

Close up image of green Hair color wax on purple background

Hair Chalk Vs Hair Makeup: What does the final result look like?

Texture and color payoff is the most important feature of every temporary hair color. 

Both hair chalk and hair makeup claim to cater to all types and colors of hair. So far, both types are accepted by both curly and straight hair but in terms of color payoff, hair chalk does not show as vibrantly on dark hair. It also requires a lot of effort and product to produce an even finish.

Let's look at visual examples of purple hair chalk and hair makeup on dark curly hair.

After Hair Chalk Results:

GIF of Black girl applying purple hair chalk pen on brown curly hair

If you are hoping to get subtle streaks, you can use hair chalk to achieve it but know that it may appear frizzy, dry, and dusty. It may also take extra effort to apply if you have curly hair. 

After Hair makeup results :

Gif of Black girl applying purple hair makeup on kinky curly hair

Hair makeup allows you to be flexible with color, i.e, you can choose to have a subtle tint of color or a vibrant burst. It also covers curly black hair flawlessly. It's creamy nature makes it curly hair friendly, since you can run the color through your curls easily. Every drop of Curlfit hair color is super-pigmented and it contains hydrating ingredients that make your curls pop, no matter how tight they are.

What do they feel like in your hair?

We've talked about the color payoff, now let's look at texture payoff and how the product makes your hair feel. 

As we mentioned above, hair chalk deposits color but because of its powdery formula, the moisture in your hair is absorbed, and therefore, your curl pattern is not accentuated. The dryness may also make your hair feel stiff, dirty, and stringy. This makes it hard to style. Here is a hair chalk user who had the same experience:Amazon customer review on hair chalk being drying for curly hairAnother user who found hair chalk drying for his kid's hair:Amazon customer review of hair chalk being too sticky Applying hair chalk involves a lot of hair tugging, which may leave a discomforting feeling on your scalp. Amazon customer review on hair chalk being painful to apply

Hair makeup, on the other hand, has a creamy consistency and feels like your everyday hair products. Curlfit hair makeup contains hydrating ingredients that leave your hair feeling softer and healthier. It also gives your hair a lot of flexibility and so you can style your hair any way you desire. Amazon customer review on Curlfit hair makeup being safe for curly hair

Its creamy lightweight consistency makes application a breeze and prevents stringy curls. 

customer review on Curlfit being curly hair friendly

Which has the least color flaking/color transfer issues? 

Nobody likes dandruff and we are sure majority would not want a dandruff look. Some temporary hair colors tend to flake or transfer off your hair strands. Hair chalk, in particular, is known for flaking off because of its very large molecules. It falls off your hair like sprinkles when you touch or style it, until the color has flaked off completely. Here are some Amazon customer reviews regarding this:Amazon customer review on hair chalk pen And another review:  Amazon customer review on hair chalk pen

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On the other hand, you may experience a little color transfer with hair makeup, when it comes in contact with water like rain, sweat, etc. but in general, once your hair dries after application, you won't experience color transfer. Hair makeup doesn't flake unless you comb your dry-colored hair vigorously. Here are reviews on the anti-color transfer value of Curlfit hair makeup:

Customer review on Curlfit hair makeup

And another one:Customer review on Curlfit hair makeup


 We hope this in-depth comparison gave you good starting points to figure out the best temporary hair color to fully satisfy your hair color desires!

Which are you choosing; Hair chalk or hair makeup? Let us know in the comments below!

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