How to maintain & care for your hair color when using temporary hair color wax

There is a lot of concern about how long temporary hair color wax last on hair and the consequences that come with using it for a temporary hair makeover. Although color wax does not last as long as semi-permanent dyes do, it may remain vibrant on your hair for 7 to 11 days, depending on how you take care of your hair during this period. In this blog, we will give you all the tips you need to maintain and care for your hair when using hair color wax.

How to maintain your hair color when using temporary hair color wax

To make your hair color last longer, the main attention should be on preventing color transfer and flaking. When your color transfers or flakes, it means that the colored hair wax,  coating your hair strands are thinning, liquefying, or being removed. There are causative factors above your control like the rain, wind friction, etc. but you can control other factors like the application process, how you shower, and how you sleep!

Tips for before applying hair color wax

1. Check if your hair products are compatible with the temporary hair color wax.

All brands of the same product maintain a similar formula but have an ingredient or two that distinguish them from other brands. It might be a fragrance or a preservative, either way, no two products are the same. So even though your friend's hair products mixed well with the hair color wax, yours might not.

To check if your products are compatible simply mix an equal portion of the temporary color wax with the same portion of your hair product(s). If you use Curlfit hair wax colors, the mixture should blend seamlessly if it is compatible. If it is not compatible, you will notice clumps in the mixture.

2. Apply on washed and conditioned hair.

To make your color last longer, it is best to cleanse your hair of any dirt and product buildup, that may disrupt the hair color wax from bonding onto your hair strands.

3. Avoid using hair oils.

Hair oils mix with hair color wax to prevent it from drying and properly bonding to your hair, therefore, promoting color transfer. So avoid including hair oil in your color routine.

4. Don't use too much product on your hair prior to application.

As we mentioned earlier, product buildup can prevent the temporary hair color wax from bonding properly with your hair. You don't have to pack your hair with moisturizing creams before applying your color, especially if you are using hair color wax from Curlfit. Every drop of Curlfit color is saturated with hydrating ingredients like argan oil, almond oil, and silk protein, that moisturize your hair, maintain your natural luster, and accentuate your curl pattern, whilst giving your hair a burst of color.

5. Skip on using gels, curling custards, or mousse during application.

Although gel and curling creams maintain your hair texture and lock in moisture, it causes your hair color to fall off in flakes (color flaking). Don't worry, color waxes are usually a good substitute for your styling products.

6. Apply a foundation coat of color hair wax on damp hair, before applying the final coat.

When your hair is wet, the disulfide bonds dissolve and accept hair products better. This is the best time to add the first coat of colored wax.
Applying temporary hair color wax is almost like applying makeup. You start off with priming your face before applying foundation and then you go in with concealer, bronzer, and highlights to give your makeup look some dimension.
So apply a first coat of color hair wax when your hair is wet and then when it dries, you can add more to fit your desired vibrancy. This will help the color last longer and better.

7. Ensure that your hair dries completely after application

Depending on your hair type and porosity, as well as your method of drying, it may take between 30 mins - 4 hours for your hair to dry completely.

Tips for after application

8. Avoid combing or brushing your hair 

When you brush your hair, it disrupts the colored hair wax's bond with your strands and causes flaking and loss of color. Detangle your hair with your fingers where possible.

9. Avoid wetting your hair directly

When color wax comes in contact with water, it liquefies and may cause it to run. So when you're showering, don't neglect your shower cap!

10. Sleep color safe

To avoid color transfer, clip your hair up and wear a silk bonnet before you sleep. This will not only prolong your color but will also maintain your curls and reduce moisture loss.

11. Invest in a claw clip to put your hair up at home

We specifically mentioned claw clip because it involves minimum to no manipulation to use, versus a hair clip or scrunchie that will require you to manhandle your hair to secure it into an up-do. Keeping your hair up is the easiest protective style to prevent friction between your strands and make the color wax remain bonded on your hair longer

12. You don't have to refresh your curls every day

Frizz is inevitable for curly hair and it is only normal that you would want to refresh your curls. To do that, wet your palms and run your hands through your hair. Do not spritz water directly onto your hair to prevent the color from running. When your hair is damp( not dripping), apply some hair color wax to refresh the color and curls. If you are using Curlfit colored hair wax, you only need a few drops to get your color back to its vibrant burst!

How to apply colored hair wax

You don't need professional attention or a certain skill to use Curlfit hair color wax. It is super DIY-Friendly! Start with washing and conditioning your hair. Once that's done head over to our in-depth tutorial blog on how to apply hair makeup at the home!
We hope this blog helped you create your colored hair wax care routine to make your color shine longer!

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