Halloween costume ideas you can do with your natural curly hair

If you are looking for some inspiration on how to rock your naturally curly hair for Halloween, you've come to the right place! Here are 17 natural hair Halloween costume ideas just for you!

Natural hair Halloween costume ideas 

1. Domino from Deathpool

Domino is goodluck itself and that's because she believes in it. Faith in self is so underrated nowadays. Domino rocked her natural curly hair in Deathpool and handled it with grace despite her reckless fighting. If you have short curly hair, this look is perfect for you! With a wash-and-go and some black clothes, you'll be good to go!

2. Merida from Brave 

Merida had dashing curly ginger hair, that bounced across her shoulders as she shot her arrows. You can be a curly princess for Halloween with copper hair color gels from Curlfit.

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3. Betty Boop 

Fun fact, Betty boop was inspired by Esther Jones, a black jazz singer in Harlem. Although the show was later banned for immoral messages, Betty's Boop-O-Opp catchphrases will always be remembered.

4. Mystique

Mystique would have been way more sophisticated with curly hair! Here is another Halloween look you can recreate with copper hair color gels.

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5. Bad case of stripes 

Camilla Creams looks in the mirror one day to find herself covered in stripes of different colors. After failed treatment from numerous experts and specialists, the cure to her bad case of stripes was just being herself (and eating Lima beans). This Halloween look is adorable and we're all here for it!

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6. Foxxy Cleopatra 

Beyonce slayed this role and stole the spotlight in "Austin Power Goldmember". If you have an afro, you can achieve this Foxxy's look with bronze and gold hair color wax from Curlfit.

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7. Tiana 

You can never not get goosebumps when watching a Disney princess movie! It's always so magical, dramatic, and moving! If you want to be a princess for Halloween, Tiana is the best princess to recreate with your curly hair.

8. Joker 

Every villain has a backstory and the Joker's story almost gets us giving him excuses for bad actions. If you're looking for a quick Halloween costume to recreate, the Joker is the one for you. Once you get his signature green hair with green hair wax color from Curlfit and the tired maniac makeup look, you're all good to go!

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9. Moana 

The movie "Moana" was legendary and has come to stay. Choose by the waves to restore the heart of Tei fiti

10. Elastic girl 

Elastic girl could save the world single-handedly with her ability and determination alone. Her love for her family motivated her to solve crimes and be the best superhero there is! 

11. Fei Hargreeves 

Number 3 of the Sparrow Academy AKA Fei Hargreeves, was depicted as a blind superhero who could unleash murder crows and use them as her eyes (Crow manifestation). Fei has short dreads that fall back and shaved sides.

12. Fairy

This fairy look is just at the tip of your finger. With a combination of your favorite hair color gels from Curlfit, you can recreate this colorful afro look before you say Halloween!

13. Scar

Although Scar has the upper hand in intelligence, his desire for power and hate for Mufasa clouded him. To dress up as Scar, you can use your curly hair as a mane and fill in your nostrils for a nose. Don't forget to draw a scar across your left eye.

14. Miss. Bellum

Sara Bellum had the Mayor of Townsville, wrapped around her finger like a ring. Although her face was never shown, she is best known for her tight red suit and copper curly hair.

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15. Cree

Numbah 5's sister from Kid's Next Door AKA Cree, wore baggy jeans, a pink crop top, and a pair of brown boots. This is an easy Halloween costume you can to whip up at home with your natural hair.

16. Jazmine Boondocks 

To temporarily make your hair gold like Jazmine, you can use Gold hair color wax from Curlfit.

17. Deviled egg 

Bring some fun to your Halloween costume with this deviled egg pun.


Your natural hair is your crown and you should wear it proudly everywhere you go! We love that you are considering using your natural hair for Halloween! We hope this inspiration blog convinced you even further and you found at least one costume you fancy! Have a spooky Halloween ahead!

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