18 Iconic Halloween Costume Ideas with Blue Hair

Blue signifies serenity, stability, and inspiration, but it can also be stormy, wild, and a real hottie! No wonder it's the color of the sky and sea. 

Blue is simply the perfect hair color to switch up to for Halloween! If you're considering this but can't seem to find a blue-headed character to imitate, here are 18 Iconic Halloween costumes with blue hair!

Halloween costumes with blue hair

1. Thing 1 and thing 2 costumes

Thing 1 and thing 2 blue hair Halloween costume
Thing 1 and thing 2 were the most innocent twins till they almost destroyed everything in Sally's house! This is the perfect blue hair Halloween costume if you have thick afro-kinky or curly hair. 

2. Mantis from Guardians of the Galaxy costume

Halloween costume with blue hair : Mantis Guardians of the galaxy
Imagine being able to sense feeling and alter it. Mantis, a member of the Guardians of the Galaxy, was about to be the hero who manipulated Thanos into a quick sleep, until Star-Lord spoilt it. We love how her simple blue streaks spice up her face-framing bob cut!
This look is super simple to do, especially if you have straight hair. You can purchase blue hair makeup from Curlfit's array of non-damaging temporary hair makeup and use a pea-size amount to create streaks down sections of your hair. 

3. Sisu from Raya and the last dragon costume

Sisu Raya and the last dragon galaxy hair
If the extroverted dragon of Kumandra is your spirit animal, then you should rock her pastel Galaxy hairstyle for Halloween! Although it's not fully blue, we couldn't leave this wild galaxy look out of the list!

4. Emily from Corpse Bride costume

Emily from Corpse bride costume
This dark musical stole the hearts of many in 2005 and has remained a horror classic ever since. Emily's iconic dull blue hair continues to be a Halloween go-to look for everyone! To get Emily's shade of blue, you can dull out the blue hair makeup by mixing it with green. Don't forget to give it a stringy finish with gel.

5. Hades from Hercules Disney costume

Halloween costumes with blue hair : Hades Disney costume
Disney's remake of Hercules was legendary and is still remembered today! Although Hades was the antagonist of the movie, his impatience and sudden bursts of anger (literal fire) added to the comedic value of the film! His hair is almost a blue mohawk with light blue tips.

6. Mrs. Quilligan from Horton hears a Who!

Halloween costumes with blue hair : Mrs. Quilligan from Horton hears a who

This blue-headed Paloski from the film "Horton hears a who" caught our eyes because of her "afro". Combined with blue hair makeup, this hairstyle is perfect to do if you have an afro.

7. Tibby from Sisterhood of the traveling pants

Tibby sisterhood of the traveling pants

Tibby, one of the members of the titular club, finds the good in people through the eyes of a 7-year-old girl, Bailey. The film touched us and so did her hair! We love the blue dark streaks against her brown hair.

8. Angela Childs from Kimi

Angela child's from Kimi
We love the COVID-19 touch to this story plot. Angela Child, an employee of Amygdala, witnesses a crime caught by the human monitoring device, Kimi. You would have to watch it to know what happens next (no spoilers here!). We love Angela's pixie blue bob! It distinguishes her from the crowd.

9. Gwen Stefani's iconic seapunk

Gwen Stefani blue hair
Stefani stood out at the 1998 MTV Music Awards with her furry bikini and blue waxed hair. We can't forget the final touch of rhinestones to frame her eyes.

10. Joy from inside out costume

Joy inside out costume
Joy's blue super pixie cut is the best blue hair Halloween costume for really short hair.

11. Billie Elish's blue hair

Billie Elish blue hair
Although Billie Elish had a total makeover, Pinterest will never forget Billie with blue hair!

12. Rick & Morty costume

Halloween costume with blue hair: Rick and Morty costume

Rick was an absolute sociopath but like they say, behind every person is a story. If you stan this sitcom, then you should do Rick's pastel blue spikes for Halloween!

13. Zombies 3 costume 

Zombies 3 Girls

This is a great way to go all blue with a group of friends, especially for kids.

14. Lapis Lazuli from Steven Universe costume

Lapua lazuli steven universe blue hair costume
Lapis was named after the crystal "Lapis Lazuli", meaning blue stone. It is a deep blue crystal with gold and white stars known for its soothing and calm properties. The irony is, Lapis from Steven Universe was a little far from calm - but that's the joy of it, isn't it?

15. Voyd from Incredibles 2 costume

Voyd incredibles 2 blue hair costume
Karen Field, AKA Voyd, stole Incredibles 2 with her side swept stream of teal blue. To get teal with temporary colored hair gel, you can mix blue and green colored hair gel together till you get the desired vibrancy!

16. Shimmer & Shine costumes 

Shimmer and shine kids cosplay
Leah is so lucky to have these two genies, Shimmer & Shine, as her friends! Although only Shine has blue hair, the duo is still a great hair option for your kids, especially twins or bestfriends

17. Coraline costume

Coraline blue hair Halloween costume
Another Halloween classic that never gets old! Coraline taught us that the little things matter, especially with our relationship with our parents. Her hair is a lovely midnight blue bob, held up in a side part with a gold clip.

18. Stevo from SLC Punk!

Stevo from SLC punk Halloween costumes with blue hair
If punk and rock found a way into your heart this year, then you should definitely consider being Stevo this Halloween! His hair is a spiky mess of dark blue that almost looks purple when the sun sets.


Indecisiveness always come knocking when picking out Halloween costumes - that's totally normal! Just don't forget to have fun with it. We hope you found "the one" among these blue hair Halloween costume ideas! 

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