16 Halloween hair color ideas for short curly hair

Halloween hair color ideas for short curly hair

Halloween is on the news, so it's no time to snooze! The season is in the air but what color shall your short curly hair wear? No need to fear, we will take it from here and inspire you with 16 Halloween hair color ideas for you to share!

Halloween hair color ideas for short curly hair

1. Night time purple tips

Purple Halloween hair color ideas for short kinky hair on black girl
How stunning is it to resemble a star-filled sky on a dreamy night? If you have cold feet, test out Halloween waters with tips of rich purple. This look reminds us of the midnight sky and becomes even more magical with kinky hair.
Things you would need: purple hair paint wax

2. White short curly hair

White short curly hair on Latino girl with red lips Cruella De Vil costume
There's something chilly about a white look. Maybe it's the way it blends with the winter or stands out in the dark, or is it its sophisticated aura and classy touch, that makes red lips the new Halloween crush? Either way, it's the best color for you! 
Things you would need: You can make your hair temporarily white with white hair paint wax from Curlfit.

3. Colored highlights for a evil circus look

Blue and white Circus Halloween hair color on white girl
Pretend you're from the circus and get these streaks of color to immerse us! You don't have to think too much about which color to use. Infact, using random colors spice up the doll look ten times more.
Things you would need: If you have dark hair, you can use a color that contrasts like white, gold, or pastel hair color wax. Don't forget to emphasize the contrast of colors, with two front braids too!

4. Green and Magenta ombré for a Mushroom fairy look

Green and Magenta ombre for Mushroom fairy Halloween hair color idea
Three things have always caught the public eye; curly hair, the color magenta, and light green. So imagine an ombré of these two colors, on your short curly hair! Finish your look with some white freckles, red blush, and mushroom earrings, and you will see how Halloween-ready you will be!
Things you need: green, purple, and pink hair makeup.

5. Black and orange

Black and orange Halloween hair color idea for short curly hair black girl
If you don't want to go all out with Halloween costumes, you can easily rock the traditional Halloween colors with Copper and black hair paint wax. 

6. Blue front colored tips for an Elf look

Elf costume Blue tips Halloween hair color idea on dreadlocks black girl
You don't have to go full-on blue to switch up your look! We love how this simple Halloween switch up, frames her face and draws attention to her eyes. It's perfect for an elf look!
Things you would need: Blue hair makeup. With Curlfit hair paint waxes, you would only need a tiny drop of color to give your front pieces a burst of blue.

7. Light Blue and Green Mermaid hair-do

Green and blue mermaid hair on short curly hair black pretty girl
Dive into a mermaid tale with this blue and green hair-do!
Things you would need: You can temporarily dye your hair green with green hair makeup from Curlfit. Don't forget to add blue highlights!

8. Queen of hearts

Queen of hearts white Halloween hair color idea
Here is another white-hair look that stole our hearts! Every curly girl deserves a title, and the Queen of hearts is definitely it!

9. A Fruity color burst

Bright red Halloween hair color fruit costume on white girl with short curly hair
Exude exotic and fruity vibes with a hair color to match your favorite fruit! Fruits give a burst of flavor and color, and you will to with this look! 

10. Pastel colors 

Pastel pink hair on black girl with short curly hair

A fluffed wash and go is gorgeous as it is, so when you switch it up with colors the shade of cotton candy - it is a living fairytale! Jump on this pastel hair color trend for a day with temporary hair colors from Curlfit.

Things you would need: You can get pastel hues by mixing white hair makeup with your desired color.

11. Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn Halloween hair color idea on black girl with short curly hair
If you're not so sure about a full-colored look, you can dip a toe into Halloween hair colors with this Harley Quinn look! Everyone knows her famous blue and pink coated pigtails, so you don't need to go blonde to dress up as Harley Quinn. You can do it on your natural curly hair!
Things you would need: blue and pink hair makeup

12. Dark purple hair for a vampire look

Dark purple Halloween hair color for Vampire look on black girl with short curly hair

The vampire lurks in the dark, better stay under your covers before it's 12 o'clock! What better way to start a Halloween list than with a little bit of scare? This dark violet shade, topped with an easy gory makeup look, is best to bring out your inner grunge! You can even spice it up with some black curly clip-ins like the image above.

Things you would need: purple hair makeup

13. Iridescent hair color AKA Unicorn hair

Iridescent Halloween hair color on short curly hair
Give your visitors an element of surprise with this iridescent look. You can make your hair look grey with white hair makeup from Curlfit. After a coat of grey, add a small amount of color onto each curl, so that it glistens faintly against the sun.

14. Classic red hair color

Bright red hair on black girl with pixie curly hair
The dynamic duo we could not resist! Red and black on a curly crown is definitely the hottest hair color in town. There is a fire to it that mixes with your aura to exude confidence, sass, beauty, and class.
Things you would need: Red hair makeup from Curlfit 

15. Rainbow Hair

Rainbow hair on black girl with pixie cut
Turn your low cut into a canvas and let the lepricons meet at the end of your crown. We love this bright rainbow look on her short curly hair You can recreate this look with temporary hair color wax.

16. Two-toned hair

Two toned Halloween hair color idea for witch costume on white girl with straight hair

What better way to round up this list with a Halloween classic? Two-toned hair! You can either choose to apply different colors on each side or maintain your natural hair shade and color the other side. 


When you dress up for the night we hope you give your visitors a fright with one of these Halloween hair color ideas that would give your short curly hair delight!

Which was you favorite? Tell us in the comments below!

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