How to safely dye your dreads at home without damaging them

 You probably came here because you know the risks involved with using bleach on your dreadlocks, but are still determined to give your locs a change of color. What if we told you that you could color your locs without having to bleach your hair? 

Well, you would have to keep reading to find out!

The safest way to dye your dreads: Hair color wax for locs

Temporary hair color wax for locs on blue background aesthetic product photography
A dreadlock is made up of shed hair and your existing hair, matted together with the aid of your natural oils. The tension from the matts causes strain on your hair and bleaching it would just add more strain on your locs. This process can be very detrimental for your locs. This is why the safest hair color for your locs is temporary hair makeup. Apart from giving your hair a vibrant burst of color without the need for bleach, it doesn't damage or harm your locs in anyway.
Curlfit hair color wax goes the extra mile to add hydrating ingredients like argan oil, almond oil, panthenol, and silk protein that moisturize and protect the health of your hair.
You can read more on the effects of bleach on dreadlocks here!

How to use hair wax color on dreads

Using hair makeup is a one-step-process and is super DIY-friendly. Plus, it's really fast to do. 

Step 1: Prepare the things you need

You don't need anything special to use hair makeup - even gloves! But when you have purchased your desired hair color(s), always check if your normal hair products are compatible with the hair makeup. Mix a small portion of the color with your hair cream and observe the results. If it forms clumps, then you can leave out applying your creams and just go straight in with the hair makeup. Don't worry about hydration, Curlfit products moisturize your hair while coloring it.

Step 2: Wash and dry your hair

It's best to use hair wax color on clean detangled hair. This will make the process seamless and easier to apply. Plus, it will last longer.  
If you want to apply your moisturizers after washing your hair, you can. But like we mentioned in step 1, if your creams are not compatible with the color, then you should leave it out. Don't use hair oils! Especially sealing oils. This will aid color transfer and shorten your hairstyle life span.

Optional Step: Mix your colors (if it implies)

What makes hair makeup super flexible is how customizable the formula is. They follow the basic color wheel. Mixing two hair makeup colors is almost like mixing colors before painting. For instance, if you don't find Aquamarine in the array of hair makeup colors, you can simply mix dark green and blue hair makeup to get that shade. To get rose gold, mix gold hair makeup with pink hair makeup in equal portions. There are so many other shades you can get. For more hair makeup mixes, you can check out the Curlfit community across all social media.

Step 5: Apply a thin first layer of hair makeup in a twisting manner

Applying brown hair color wax on dreads
Every drop of Curlfit hair makeup is super-pigmented. So a little goes a long way. Start applying the hair color wax with your thumb and index finger, from the top of your loc down to the ends in a twisting manner and in small amounts (a drop at a time is fine). If you want to color the tips of your hair alone, start from the ends of your loc so that the color blends with your natural hair color. 
Coloring locs with hair wax color is more of a topical process than a penetrating one. What we mean by this is, it's best to apply the color like a coat around each loc instead of pressing it in or saturating it to introduce the color into the locs.

Step: Add more color to reach your desired vibrancy 

After allowing your foundation color layer to dry, you can add more color to reach your desired vibrancy.

Don't forget to avoid pressing the color into your loc or oversaturating it

Step 6: Air dry/ blow dry

We know your hair is super cute and you're probably super pumped to take to the streets, but not yet! Your hair has to be completely dry to avoid color transfer. Air drying or blow drying your hair will ensure the color sets. If you followed the steps above, it may take between 30 minutes to 1 hour to air dry, and less if you use a hand dryer.

Loc hair color ideas you can do with hair color wax

Loc hair color ideas you can do with hair color wax

You can do absolutely anything with hair makeup - a subtle tint of your favorite colors, contrasting highlights, colored tips, a glorious ombré of color - anything you can think of! Unleash your creativity with hair makeup and express yourself through your mane.  

There are so many color styles to try on your dreadlocks and we have a whole inspiration blog on that!
What color are you coloring your locs? Let's know in the comments below!

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