Is demi-permanent hair color damaging?

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 When hair color enthusiasts wished for a hair dye formula that didn't have to strip off their natural hair melanin, demi-permanent hair color was created. Many say it is not as harsh as a permanent hair dye but does that mean it is damage free?

Is demi-permanent hair dye any less damaging than permanent hair dye? You would have to continue reading to find out!

What is demi-permanent hair color?

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  In-between semi-permanent and permanent hair dye exists demi-permanent hair dye. When individuals want their color result to be more lasting than semi-permanent hair dye but less harsh than permanent, they opt for demi-permanent hair dye. This type of hair dye lasts between 12 to 24 washes and is popularly known to contain no ammonia, i.e it is a deposit-only color. Ammonia is in charge of stripping the natural color from your hair. So demi-permanent hair dye deposits the pigment on top of your natural hair color instead of stripping it off like permanent hair dye.

Most people use demi-permanent hair dye to:

  1. Enhance contours
  2. Covering greys slightly
  3. For lowlights
  4. Top up permanent hair color

Is demi-permanent hair color damaging?

 Yes, demi-permanent hair dye may be less harsher option compared to permanent hair dye, but that doesn't make it any less damaging. Demi-permanent hair color works by depositing its pigment through the hair cuticle and into the first layer of your hair. So although it contains no ammonia, most demi-permanent hair colors are mixed with a 10-volume developer to raise your hair cuticles for the pigment to penetrate through. This process leaves your hair with an increased porosity and a higher chance of hair breakage.
    Apart from the restructuring of your hair strands, you can't lighten your hair with demi-permanent hair color. This is one major difference with demi-permanent hair color and temporary hair makeup, the later will give your hair a burst of color, no matter the color of your natural hair, without the need for bleach. If you desire to go more than two shades higher than your natural hair color with demi-permanent hair color, you would need to bleach your hair. So although demi-permanent colors are available in a wide range of shades, it is very limiting without bleach, especially if your have black curly hair with high porosity. High porosity hair carries the risk of over-processing because of it's wide hair pores.

The best alternative to demi-permanent hair color

   The best hair color option to consider for your hair, especially black curly hair is temporary hair makeup. Although it isn't as long-lasting as demi permanent hair dye, it is the safest way to give your hair a burst of color without fear of hair damage. With hair makeup, you wouldn't need bleach to take your black hair to bright pink or white, because temporary hair color technology is designed to coat the topmost layer of your hair strand rather than penetrate through like demi-permanent hair color. Curlfit even goes the extra mile to include hydrating ingredients like silk protein, argan oil, and almond oil that improve hair elasticity, maintain your natural shine, and accentuate your curl pattern. 
We hope this blog gave you a deeper insight into demi-permanent hair color, its pros and cons, and the best alternative for a damage-free hair dye process.

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