12 Nipsey Hussle Inspired Braids for Black Women to try!

Nipsey Hussle Inspired Braids for black women to try in 2022

The Nipsey Hussle braids are an easy and sentimental protective hairstyle for your natural hair! Although it is most popular amongst men, we believe all hairstyles can be rocked by all genders in all age ranges! On that note, here are 12 Nipsey Hussle Inspired braided hairstyles for black women to try! 

What is Nipsey Hussle Braids

Nipsey Hussle braids take after the legendary black rapper, Nipsey Hussle. He was a great artist who believed in giving back to his community. He invested a lot into the Crenshaw District, where he grew up. Sadly, on the 31st of March 2019, Mr. Hussle was shot and killed in front of his Marathon clothing store in South L. A Crenshaw District. It tore fans and his community apart but his legacy is remembered in his music, style (hair), and actions.
Nipsey Hussle had long healthy hair which allowed him to do a variety of hairstyles, but the hairstyle he was most famous for and which is described as Nipsey Hussle braids or Nipsey braids, were the four stitched cornrow braids which were gelled down to a shiny and neat finish. The two middle braids of this hairstyle are divided by a middle parting. They both start at the middle of the hairline and curve outward to align with the other two straight-back cornrows.

12 Nipsey Hussle Braids for black women to try

1. Classic Nipsey Hussle braids

Classic Nipsey Hussle braids on Nipsey Hussle in the studio
Nothing is better than the original. As we mentioned earlier, Nipsey braids consist of 4 stitched cornrows with a middle parting. You can do this style with your natural hair or extensions, either way, it would be some hot eye candy!

2. Nipsey Hussle braids with color

Burgundy Nipsey Hussle braids on black girl
If your hairstyle is going to make a statement, you might as well give it some color to match! A touch of color can never go wrong, especially with non-commitment (temporary) hair color gels from Curlfit. Her shade of burgundy reminds me of deep red wine and is the best to romanticize any braided hairstyle! 

3. Side-parted Nipsey Hussle braids

Side parted stitched cornrows on black girl
Her Nipsey braids may have a side-parting but this hairstyle is far from being "by the side". Instead of starting the two inner braids at the middle of your hairline, start them at the side and allow the other braids to follow in that pattern. Don't forget to throw in some gold accessories for a glamorous finish!

4. Nipsey braids with large criss-cross designs

Stitched criss cross braids on black girl
Let's deviate from the average-sized criss-cross braids and think big - jumbo curvy criss-cross designs! Instead of sticking to straight cornrows, cross your stitched braids over each other and watch how beautiful it turns out. We love how she left out two braids in the front to frame her face.

5. Nipsey Hussle braids with shaved sides

Cornrows with shaved sides on black fair girl
Who said black women can't rock shaved sides? If you're looking for a more edgy Nipsey braid switch-up, try this haircut!

6. Nipsey Hussle braids with heart

Cornrows with big heart braid and pink highlights on black girl
Having a heart be the main focus of your hair-do is an excellent way to complement it! We love how her pink highlights contrast with her natural hair color to make the style even more interesting. You can easily get these highlights with pink colored hair gel from Curlfit. If you want to lighten the pink shade, you can add white colored hair gel to the mixture. 

7. Jumbo Side-Waved Nipsey braids 

Jumbo Side waved cornrows on black girls

This sentimental hair-do becomes even more sentimental with a side wave pattern! It resembles the waves of the sea and goes perfectly with Nipsey braids!

8. Nipsey braids with designs

Brown Nipsey Hussle braids with designs on black girl
One major advantage of Nipsey braids is the avenue it gives you to play with designs whilst protecting your hair from potential damage. From simple to complex designs, this hairstyle can take it!

9. Jumbo Classic Nipsey braids

Jumbo classic Nipsey Hussle braids on black girl
OK. Can we talk about how sophisticated this jumbo Nipsey Hussle braids look? Making your extensions lose give them a full and more realistic finish.

10. Nipsey Hussle pigtails

Nipsey Hussle pigtails on Nipsey hussle
Apart from cornrows, Nipsey Hussle rocked plaited pigtails. His version of pigtails were two plaits pushed to the crown of his head. This exaggerated his healthy, long and silky natural hair. If you want to show some length you can do this hairstyle!

11. Side parted pigtails

Side parted Nipsey Hussle pigtails on sunkissed black woman
These medium-length side parted pigtails is definitely our bias! And the blunt cut end, instead of a tapering one, just makes this look stand out!

12. Nipsey Hussle pigtails with curly ends

Nipsey Hussle pigtails with curly ends on fair black woman

Add some sauce to your pigtails with conditioned curly ends and laid edges.

How to do classic Nipsey Hussle braids

Nipsey Hussle braids are pretty simple to do. The only tricky part is achieving the stitched pattern. To make it easier for you, you can use rubber bands to hold the pattern in place, as you cornrow down the length of your hair.

How to maintain Nipsey braids

With the right care, your Nipsey Hussle braids with extensions can last for 4 -8 weeks and with natural hair can last for 2 weeks or fewer. Caring for Nipsey Hussle braids is similar to caring for most braided hairstyles. Here are helpful tips to guide you;

  • Always sleep with a silk bonnet or on silk bedsheets. Silk is the perfect material to maintain moisture and reduce friction. Less friction and moisture will maintain your style for a longer time and prevent split ends and damage. 
  • Use anti-microbial oil or cream on your scalp. The two most popular anti-microbial products are tea tree oil and Sulfur8. Bacterial activity on your scalp causes dandruff and flaking which can lead to itch and flaking.  
  •  Moisturize your hair by spritzing a water and leave-in-conditioner mixture on your hair, to maintain its elasticity and moisture.


We hope you found your next hairstyle among these Nipsey Hussle Inspired Braids! Which was your favorite, let us know in the comments below!

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