12 Old & Nostalgic Cartoon Halloween Costumes with Curly Hair

Who doesn't like a costume touch of nostalgia? After several days of recovering locked-up journals, revisiting my favorite after-school cartoons, and a whole lot of nostalgic tears, here are 12 old cartoon Halloween costumes with curly hair you can try this coming Halloween!

12 Old Cartoon Halloween Costumes with Curly Hair

1. Nani Pelekai from Lilo & Stitch

Lilo & Stictch cartoon Halloween costume

Nani was the definition of a Hawaiian baddie! Her thick hair and gestures were everything. Everyone rooted for Nani and David. Maybe, it was their realistic relationship or how David was perfect boyfriend material, either way, their relationship was super underrated. Throughout Lilo & Stitch, Nani proves how much she loves her sister, Lilo, and does everything she can to keep custody of her. There were so many sweet moments in the movie but I reckon the sweetest was when Nani lied to Lilo that her boss was a vampire, instead of guilt-tripping her for causing her boss to fire her. All she wanted was for Lilo to be happy and her ohana(family) to stay together. 

2. Numbah Five from Kids Next Door

Kids next door Number 5 cartoon Halloween costume
When Miguel left Sector V to join the Galactic Kids Next Door in the season finale of Codename: Kids next door, it was only expected for Numbah 5 to take over. Miguel shared a unique bond with her and she was a natural leader at heart. Her look is a basic single jumbo braid or bubble braid, a blue big T-shirt, and a red beret. 
P.S- who remembers the rainbow monkey song?

3. Iridessa, the Light fairy from Tinkerbell 

Iridessa light fairy from Tinkerbell cartoon Halloween costumes GIF
Rewatching Tinkerbell might have been the most emotional part of this blog production. There was so much magic, imagination, and recovered memories from this film. It reminded me of how badly I wanted to be a fairy when I was little. I remember sneaking to the movie room after bedtime every night to play the "Pick your Fairy Talent" game on the Tinkerbell DVD my mom got me, and I always ended up being a light fairy!
So it's only expected that Iridessa made this list! Apart from her optimistic, comic, and cheerful personality, her talent was bewildering! Who would have thought shifts in the rays of the sun were done by light fairies? Her hair is in medium protective braids, tied into a bun.

4. Stormy from Winx

Stormy from the Trix Winx club cartoon Halloween costumes
If you ever need Y2k fashion inspiration, watch 3 episodes of Winx Club and you will be good to go for a week! The aggressive Witch of Storms, Stormy, wore a Fuschia belly wrap crop top with a choker strap and a purple mini wrap skirt with the same colored heels. For her makeup, she had teal eyes and stuck to pink eyeshadow and lipstick. Her hair is a frizzy purple afro with lavender front pieces shaped like lightning bolts.
This look can easily be done on your natural hair with purple hair paint wax from Curlfit. To get lavender, you can easily mix white hair wax paint with some purple to create a pastel hue. 

5. Goo from Foster's home for imaginary kids

Goo from Fosters home for imaginary friends cartoon Halloween costumes
This little girl had ADHD. Her impulses, random imaginations that eventually birthed the most absurd imaginary friends, topped up with encouraging parents, made her Goo! Her hair is three thin braids with a middle parting.

6. Ashley Tomassian from Recess

Ashley Tomassian from Recess cartoon Halloween costumes

Although she was quiet, Ashley Tomassian AKA Ashley T. was equally as "snotty" and "bitty" as the 3 Ashley's in the "Snotty Britty club" (according to Spinelli ). But the Armenian-American, Ashley T, was the smartest out of the clique. Although the Ashley clique were pro-bullies, they didn't follow the typical mean girl group dynamic. There were no superiors or inferiors, leaders or followers, they were all equal.

7. The Muses in Hercules 

The muses from disney Hercules 1998 cartoon Halloween costumes
"We are the Muses! Goddesses of the arts and proclaimers of heroes!" - Calliope, Muse of epic poetry. After I watched Hercules for the second time, I found great interest in Greek mythology. Turns out that these party muses were half-sisters of Hercules, making them daughters of Zeus. There are Nine muses but only 5 were featured in Hercules;
  • Thalia, the muse of comedy, is the shortest and the mischievous one of the five.
  • Melpomene, the muse of tragedy, carries a tragedy mask and has waist-long curly hair.
  • Calliope, the leader, and muse of epic poetry has high hair held up with a headband.
  • Clio, the muse of history. carries a scroll and has a ponytail with a front bun.
  • Terpsichore, the muse of dance, has six loose Bantu knots that bounce when she dances.

Their hair health and length is everyone's curly hair goals.

8. Roxanne from the Goofy Movie

Roxanne from the goofy movie Disney cartoon Halloween costumes
Roxanne was a nose away from looking human! She has beautiful almond eyes, thick eyebrows, and deep ginger hair - no wonder she was so popular in Spoonerville High School. Max was a lucky dude to have caught her romantic interests. You can get her bold fiery look with copper hair paint wax from Curlfit. Every drop of Curlfit hair makeup is highly saturated with rich ingredients and pigment, so you will definitely have a pop of ginger in a second.

9. Ashley Boulet from Recess

Ashley Boulet from Recess cartoon Halloween costumes
Another member of the Snotty Britty clique - Ashley Boulet AKA Ashley B. You never want to miss Purple day, as an Ashley! Ashley B didn't take it likely with Ashley A. when she forgot their purple tradition. Boulet has short curly hair with a yellow clip by the side to match her yellow cardigan and yellow plait skirt

10. Monique from Kim Possible

Monique from Kim possible cartoon Halloween costumes
Kim was so lucky to have a friend like Monique. Apart from her superb fashion sense, down-to-earth advice, and her made-up abbreviations, she was never afraid to be a good friend even if it meant dropping hard truths. Plus, she was a pretty sly spy herself. I love her signature thick curly low ponytail and maroon lip shade. It's the perfect easy cartoon Halloween costume.

11. Ginger Foutley from As Told by Ginger

Ginger Foutley from As Told by Ginger cartoon Halloween costume

Ginger was the perfect comfort show. After a day of school or the 30 minutes grace of TV before bedtime, it was Ginger Foutley I wanted to watch. Her voice and the general vibe of the show were calming. I can never forget her graduation speech and dramatic butterfly ending. She has medium length thick ginger hair, long lashes, blush and pink lipstick. 

12. Regina Rocket from Rocket power

Regina Rocket from rocket power cartoon Halloween costumes

Reggie made me beg my mom for rollerblades all through elementary school! Her unreserved and adventurous spirit matched perfectly with her short curly purple bob. Reggie wore a pink shirt with a rocket logo, camou cargo pants and red sneakers. Don't forget to touch up the outfit with red shades and some roller blades. To get purple hair without commitment, opt for purple hair paint wax from Curlfit!


We hope one of these cartoon Halloween costumes tickled your inner child! Is there an old cartoon character you want to see on this list? Tell us in the comments below!

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