The 22 Best Mothers Day Gift Ideas 2022

When most moms get gift money, they hardly splurge it on themselves. Instead they buy groceries for the house or something for the whole family. 

But then, when will they think about themselves?

Mother's day is the day when mom's get to put themselves first and what better way to aid it then to shower them with thoughtful gifts! You probably are here because you don't have inspiration for the perfect gift.

It's alright !

We've prepared the 22 best mothers day gift ideas for you to splurge on for your mom.

Range beauty true intentions hydrating foundation 

For beauty Queens!

range beauty hydrating foundation

Available in various rare shades, the range beauty true intentions hydrating foundation is perfect to soothe skin conditions like acne and eczema whilst laying a foundation for makeup! Perfect to prevent your beauty enthusiast from constantly drying up her skin.

Curlfit Hair Makeup

For the moms who can't stand grey hair

pink green red and blue temporary hair colors
Not hair dye, not a bleaching agent nor any random temporary hair color. Curlfit hair makeup is designed by experts to ensure coverage on all base colors and that includes grey coloring as well. Better, Curlfit gives you the edge to color your hair with zero damage and commitment.
Available in various colors like black, bronze and gold!

Magic Coffee Mug

For the coffee loving Queens

Traditional Mother's Day gift with a fancy twist! This tease tea smart heating mug kit will keep your mom's coffee hot even when she gets distracted by your baby brother crying for his toys. If she has been pouring her tea away because it's lukewarm, this mug is right for her!

Tease tea Smart heating mug

dark green heating mug on peach backgroun

Add a sentimental twist to their daily morning coffee moments with this customizable heat sensitive coffee mug from Tease tea.

Personalized magic mugs

personalized heat sensitive ceramic mug 

Cebu Candle

For our scent loving mom's

yellow fruit scented candle on marble table

Where there exists a market with so many scents, the Cebu Candle from Seventh & Oak is our favorite sniff of goodness! Inspired by the tropical feel of the Philippines, the candle is created with coconut, mango and acai berries- best to lift your mom's spirit on a bad day. 

Vegetable Cutter

For the kitchen mom who loves to cook

green vegetable cutter on white background

The last thing a mom should do on mother's day is cook. So getting this vegetable cutter from Mueller will not only help you, but ease her cooking days in the future - Our fave Mother's Day gift idea.

Creative Post-ins

realistic biscuit sticky notes

Moms on planning spurs would love this realistic post-ins from Etsy, to make them laugh on a moody morning.

Natural Girl Wigs Fineapple Wig

For short curly hair loving moms

mothers day pineapple wig
Add a little more style to her wardrobe with this beginner friendly Fineapple wig by Natural Girl wigs. It has an adjustable elastic band and headband, so no glue is needed. Made with premium hair fibers, get ready for your mom to look absolutely stunning!

Polaroid Camera 

For the mom who still prints her pictures

polaroid camera on wooden table

We can't think of a better gift for your picture loving mom. What less stressful way to have memories immediately printed than a Polaroid camera from Instax.

Tinted Moisturizer

For the Mom who doesn't like heavy makeup

rare beauty tint moisturizer of different shades

This tinted moisturizer by Rare Beauty is genius! Available in a variety of shades, the tinted moisturizer goes on easy to instantly cover blemishes on the skin with medium coverage — all while hydrating and protecting skin from the sun.

Curlfit Temporary Tattoos

For the cool mom who doesn't want Mothers day flowers

cute sleeping cat and dog angels temporary tattoos
For the cool mom who always wanted a tattoo when she was in College. With an array of different designs, these temporary tattoos are the cutest to twin with your mom! Get her feeling nostalgic with temporary tattoos from Curlfit!

Personalized Storybook

For the sentimental mom

personalized storybook on white background
A gift that doesn't need an explanation, even unsentimental mom's would cry over this customized storybook from Storyworth.
Done over a year, Storyworth creates a life journal for you or your loved one using daily prompts. 

At Home Spa

For the mom who always wants to go to the spa

purple lavender at home spa products

She will forgive you for not booking a lavish spa appointment once she gets this set! What better way to relax and feel 100% stress free, than an at-home spa collection from Lalicious!

Chocolate Ganache

For the mom with a sweet tooth

chocolate ganache & truffles

What's the perfect mother's day gift without something edible? Chocolate is traditional for every mother's day. And this fancy chocolate set by Mariebelle, will definitely get your mom savoring each bite! Made with the finest nutritional ingredients like passion fruit, milk, pistachio and chocolate, this chocolate ganache holds sentimental value for food art lovers too.

Glow-in-the-dark Terrarium Kit

For the Mom with a green thumb

glow in the dark terrarium gardening kit for plant moms

Bring glow to your mother's plant collection with this glow in the dark terrarium kit from the Glow Company.

Essential Balms

For the mom with a knee ache

scented aromatherapy balms
Aromatherapy at her convenience. These aromatherapy balm sticks from Scentere are perfect to carry around for joint pains and headache.

Korean Skin Mask

For Skin Mom enthusiast

korean skincare face products on pink background

Let's all agree on the rumors that Korean skin technology is mind-blowing! What better gift to get your skin care buddy (mom) then a Korean Skincare subscription from Facetory!

Humidifier With Lavenders

For the mom who loves her scents

humidifer with plant on wooden table

Lavenders are proven to calm nerves, calm your mom's nerves anytime she comes back from a busy day with this humidifier set by Yankee Candle.

Box of Themed Essential Things

cute box of themed essential things

Box Fox compiles the best themed gift boxes for you. If you're caught between two gifts, this box is the solution!

 Kitchen Organizing Glass Jars

For the mom with an OCD

glass kitchen pantry organization jars

Maybe it's time for a new set of pantry organizers. These cute jars will do the trick! Available in different style on Amazon.

Portable Conditioner

For the mom who can't stand heat

white portable air conditioner on wooden table

Elevate your mom's everyday life with this portable air conditioner from Amazon! Say no more to heat!

Ultimate Hair Repair Kit

For the Curly Queen

olaplex ultimate hair replair kit for mothers day

A hair care gift is guaranteed for every curly mom, and this ultimate hair repair collection from Olaplex has everything she needs to get her hair back to brand new in a minute.

Collagen Supplements

For the mom that can't get used to wrinkles

Dose & Co. variety of Collagen Supplements

If you're going to get her supplements, get her Collagen supplements from Dose & Co. Collagen is a very fundamental protein in our bodies, responsible for holding our skin, ligaments and tendons together. But as we grow older, the collagen concentration in our bodies reduce, leading to wrinkles and stiff joints. These collagen supplements are perfect for your beauty queen of a mom!

 Mother Day flowers with a poem on a lovely mothers day card plus any of these gifts above, would be the perfect gift package for her.

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