The best hair color for dreadlocks

 You're probably here because you learned that coloring your locs is possible and want the absolute best products for your crown. Hair damage is every naturalist's nightmare and bleach is one of the major causes of permanent damage. But what if I told you that bleach wasn't necessary to switch up your the color of your dreadlocks...

You would have to keep reading to find out more!

The best hair color for dreadlocks

The best hair color for your dreadlocks

The best hair color for your dreadlocks is one that will cause zero damage and give you the room to express yourself through color. What other product perfectly matches this description than temporary hair color creams!

Hair color creams gives your hair a burst of color by coating the outermost protective layer of your hair strand(hair cuticle), unlike hair dyes that use hydrogen peroxide, ammonia, and other harmful ingredients to restructure and penetrate your protective layer to deposit color.

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In fact, Curlfit products goes the extra mile to include hydrating ingredients like silk protein, argan oil, almond oil, and panthenol (to name a few) that moisturize and improve the health of your hair.

Imagine a conditioner and a vibrant burst of color all in one package!

And because it contains hydrating ingredients, Curlfit hair makeup promotes elasticity and makes your curls pop. You also don't have to be committed to a single color, it gives you the flexibility to manipulate the results to fit your taste.

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Is it okay to dye/bleach dreadlocks? More information on bleaching locs.

 Although hair dyes last longer than temporary hair makeup, they pose a higher risk of damage to your locs. Apart from achieving an uneven result, bleach causes more strain on your locs. Dreadlocks are made up of hair strands matted together with shed hair - this causes strain on your hair, especially the tips. So, introducing more strain on your hair through bleach will only cause breakage and damage. It is almost impossible to avoid 

Another reason dyeing dreadlocks isn't so safe is that you would need a higher concentration of hydrogen peroxide to reach your entire loc  and this means more hair restructuring, excessive moisture loss, and less elasticity. This is why most locticians advise to dye your hair before getting dreadlocks.

Using natural dyes, like henna, will only promote mold and smell.

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Hair color ideas for dreadlocks

1. Gold hair color 

Gold hair color for dreadlocks on black girl

Nothing can beat the luster of gold hair! If you fancy gold locs but fear having to use bleach, you can use curly-friendly temporary hair color creams to switch up your hair safely and quickly.

2. Dark red hair color 

Red hair color for dreadlocks

Any shade of red will always make a statement. No matter how short or new your dreadlocks are, you can always trust red to make your presence pop!

Things you need: red hair makeup

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3. Pastel Skunk dreadlocks 

Pastel pink Skunk stripe hair style on locs black girl

If you're nervous about going from black to pastel, you can do a skunk hairstyle instead! To get pastel colors with temporary hair makeup, mix white hair makeup with the color of your choice.

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4. Sunset melt dreadlocks 

Yellow blue pink purple Sunset melt hair color on dreadlocks black girl

How stunning is this color combination?! This sunset-inspired look is perfect for all complexions and lengths of hair. If you're feeling bold, this hair color idea is the one for you!

5. Bronze hair color 

Bronze hair color for dreadlocks Halle bailey

If you're having cold feet, test out a new color with something subtle like bronze. It is completely fail-safe, especially when you use bronze color cream from Curlfit.

6. Green hair color

Green hair color for dreadlocks black girl alte aesthetic

Colorful beads really tie this green look together.

Things you need: Green hair makeup.

7. Ginger hair color

Safest Ginger hair color for dreadlocks sunkissedblack girl

Ginger hair is taking the beauty industry by storm and it's not hard to see why! No matter the length or style of your hair, ginger will always make it extra hot. 

Things you need: copper hair makeup from Curlfit.

8. Peekaboo locs

Side profile of Gold Peekaboo hair style on locs black girl
If you want to add an element of surprise to your locs, try out the peekaboo hairstyle! 

9. Burgundy hair color 

Back view burgundy hair color for dreadlocks black girl
If you want to switch up your hair to another natural color - it's burgundy shades! You can't ever regret being a red-head for some days.
Things you would need: burgundy hair color cream.

10. Magenta Pink hair color 

Diagonal pink skunk hair color on dreadlocks black girl
Find your inner emo with this pink look! 
Things you need: pink magenta hair makeup.

11. Ombré 

Side profile of Green ombré on dreadlocks black girl with glasses

An Ombré doesn't have to be a combination of different colors, it can be different shades of the same color. This lime green to dark green ombré is one of the reasons we can't stop loving hair color art!

Things you need: To do this look you can use lime green and dark green hair makeup. If you intend on using a different color, you can lighten the color with white hair makeup.

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If anyone told you locking your hair would limit its versatility, that's a lie! We hope this blog gave you more styling ideas to support that claim and that you found the best hair color for your dreadlocks!


  • Breily

    I love this I like all of them but I think I like the lime green and dark green better I’m getting dreads locs this is so good for me thanks y so much!!🤪🥰

  • Jocelyn Anderson

    The term, dreadlocks, was coined by white British people who deemed our hair “dreadful”. There’s nothing dreadful about our God-given hair. It it truly amazing! Our locs (not dreadlocks) are simply an external reflection of our beautiful inner strength. I’ll be considering your products. I want safe color for my own locs. Thanks for the info.

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