The best temporary hair color for kids |Curly hair friendly options

 Children are overflowing with creative juices and adrenaline. Anything plain that gets onto their hands has to be beautified or made interesting to satisfy them. So if your child is demanding purple hair today and red next week, it's no surprise! The best color option for your child's hair should be a kid-safe temporary hair color. Apart from their changing tastes in style, it is safer than permanent or semi-permanent hair dye. Want to know why? Keep reading to find out the best temporary hair color for kids, why it's the best option, and why you should avoid using hair dye!

Is it okay to dye your child's hair?

cute black girl child with type 4 hair

  Children, especially as infants, are so delicate and fragile. You can see it from the amount of weight they carry and how easily they bruise themselves when they fall. Your child's hair is soft and more prone to hair damage, especially kids with kinky and curly hair. So if they use hair dye, they are most likely going to experience allergic reactions and damage.

   Bleach contains ammonia and peroxide that actively restructure the hair cuticle to make it brittle, weaker, and less resistant to damage. Some will advise waiting for your child to turn 8 years old to dye his/her hair, but if you have a curly kid we advise to steer clear from permanent or semi-permanent hair dyes until your child is a teenager. Hair dyes are not safe for kinky or curly hair.  The best way to color your child's hair is to use temporary hair colors that do not require bleach and wash off after 1 shampoo AKA colored hair gels

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If ever you need to dye your child's hair, do color styles that don't involve the roots, "an off-scalp application" like highlights or colored tips, and do it with a professional hairstylist.

The best temporary hair color for kids: How do I temporarily dye my child's hair?

Best temporary hair makeup for kids grey pink blue

Temporary colored hair gels is the safest way to color your child's hair. This is a type of temporary hair color that coats the outer layer of your strands to color your hair - meaning, you don't need bleach to switch from jet black to Neon pink! They also don't include any harmful ingredients (like ammonia or peroxide) in their formula, making them damage free!  

Curlfit hair color gels even contains rich ingredients like argan and almond oil, that replenish your strands on a cellular level - it moistures and heals your hair thoroughly from the inside out. This makes Curlfit colored hair gels curly and kinky hair friendly!

All Curlfit products are designed by experts to be safe for all hair types and ensure coverage for all natural hair colors.

Other benefits of hair makeup:

1. No commitment. Since it washes off after 1 shampoo, anytime your kids want a new hair color, you can freely switch that up for them.

2. Curlfit hair makeup, in particular, is curly hair friendly because it doesn't only switch up your color but accentuates your curl pattern too! 

3. It is super easy to apply. So if you want to dye your child's hair at home, opt for hair makeup.

4. A little goes a long way! Every drop of is super-pigmented!

5. It maintains your natural luster and shine!

How do you use temporary colored hair gel for toddlers

 You don't even need anything fancy – even gloves. You also don't need to bleach your child's hair to give it a burst of color. All you have to do is wash your hair and head over to this tutorial blog on How to apply hair makeup perfectly! For a thorough guide, as well as tips and tricks, to get the perfect temporary hair makeover results! 


6 other alternatives to temporarily color your child's hair

1. Clip-in extensions

Neon yellow and green clip in extensions on kinky hair

The best alternative to hair makeup is clip-in extensions. Although they don't change the color of your hair, they are super easy to use and don't cause any hair breakage or damage – just like Curlfit temporary hair makeup! You can clip them onto your kid's hair before going out and remove them when she's ready to sleep.

Cons: the only problem with clip-ins is that most kinky or curly clip-ins don't come in bright vibrant colors, suitable to satisfy your child's self-expression. They usually come in natural hair colors like red, brown, black, blonde, and burgundy.

2. Temporary color hair spray

Pink Lime Unicorn temporary hair spray aesthetic pink background

Temporary hair sprays are a quick last-minute alternative to add color to your child's hair. Just an easy spritz and your hair is a new color!

Cons: Hair sprays are not safe for younger kids because it contains harsh chemicals that can damage your child's hair. It's also hard to get an even finish with hairspray, since it is designed to color flat surfaces (like straight hair). So if your child has curly hair, which has dimension and shine, or thick and dark hair (or the three combined) you would need a lot of hair spray to cover up all the areas.

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3. Hair beads

Sassy black girl child with golden hair beads

Hair beads have been in style since the stone age. They were used to beautify and were a symbol of beauty in ancient African culture. Although they don't change the color of your kid's hair, it is a creative bargain, to hair makeup. It is sure to adorn your kid's hair with color and sophistication.

4. Temporary Hair Chalk 

Purple and pink temporary hair chalk on curly white child's hair

Popularly known for their pastel hues, these types of temporary hair colors have a straightforward application process and are usually used for subtle colored streaks for festivals and events

Cons: Hair chalk is safe for your kid's hair but they contain substances that can strip your hair of its natural moisture, resulting to a hard and dry finish. Most hair chalks deposit a very subtle color which may require a lot to show on dark hair. Basically, they deposit color onto your hair and do not necessaril y moisturize or accentuate your curl pattern like Curlfit hair makeup does.  

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5. Hair tinsel

Close up pink tinsels for hair
These shimmering strands of fairy magic are super underrated. Tinsels AKA Unicorn hair looks like glittery threads that add sparkle to your hair. It is usually used as an accessory or addition to hair makeup but it's perfect for colored highlights. Tinsels are also curly hair friendly! If you attach it well, they can withstand washing, conditioning, detangling, and styling up to 300 degrees!
Note: Try to avoid over conditioning your tinsels.

How to put in hair tinsel


In summary, there are wonderful ways to color your kids hair but hair color gel is the safest temporary hair color for kids. 

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