The best temporary hair color for your iconic halloween looks

The best temporary hair color for halloween: mad hatter cosplay

Halloween is finally around the corner and we're thinking of bigger, more iconic, more realistic, and brighter costumes this 2022, especially with temporary hair color creams!

There are so many types of temporary hair colors to choose from! But to ace your hair color game, you have to use the hair color best for your hair type and desired look. Here are the 6 most popular temporary hair color options for Halloween and their pros and cons, so you know which is right for you!

Temporary hair color options for Halloween

1. Hair Chalk

Pink and purple hair chalk on white girl with brown straight hair

Hair chalks are popularly used for kids because of their pastel hues and easy application. You can get hair chalk as a compact, comb or pen, either way, it is best used for colored streaks or highlights. The final results of hair chalk are usually blotchy, faint, ashy, and dry.

Cons of Hair Chalk:

  • As mentioned above, most hair chalks deposit a subtle color and require a lot to show on dark hair. This is why they are usually used for streaks, instead of full color.
  • Most hair chalks maintain the blackboard chalk formula with a pigment. So they soak up moisture in your hair, resulting in a hard and dry finish.
  • It also does not accentuate your curl pattern.

2. Temporary Hair Color Wax/creams & gels

Bronze temporary hair color wax on black woman with afro kinky hair
Temporary hair color cream is the most popular type of hair color because it is perfect for all hair types, is flexible, and provides room for creativity with zero commitment!
In fact, brands like Curlfit go the extra mile to EXCLUDE any harmful ingredients and saturate each bottle with nourishing and moisturizing hair ingredients like argan oil, silk protein, and almond oil. These ingredients improve the texture and appearance of your hair. 

3. Color Spray

Black girl spraying Purple hair color spray on her curly hair

Temporary hair color spray is a quick last-minute option. With several spritzes, your hair is a new color!

Cons of Colored hair spray:

  • Hair sprays contain harsh chemicals that can damage hair, especially for children.
  • It isn't curly hair friendly because it is designed to color flat surfaces (like straight hair) and will just result in a blotchy finish. Curly hair has dimension and would require a lot of hair spray and effort to get an even finish.

4. Wigs

White girl wearing barbie pastel pink wig bob

Wigs are the best alternatives to hair color wax. Apart from being easy to wear, they come in different colors, styles, and lengths to fit your Halloween look. 

Cons of Wigs: Wigs are usually expensive for just a single use. Most wigs provided for Halloween are synthetic wigs because they are cheaper but they usually look unrealistic.

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5. Semi-permanent hair dye

White girl using semi-permanent hair dye on her brown straight hair
Semi-permanent hair dyes are not 1 wash color but are considered temporary hair colors because they are not permanent. The results are vibrant and super realistic.
Cons of semi-permanent hair dye:
  • if you're going for a color lighter than your natural hair color, you would have to bleach your hair for the color to show. Bleaching is permanent.
  • it is not DIY-friendly, especially if it's your first time.
  • It requires a lot of aftercare and attention, to prevent damage.

Hairstyles you can remake for Halloween with Curlfit hair makeup

We had over a hundred Iconic costume ideas for you but here are our top 10 favorite ones!

1. Gwen from Total Drama Island

Gwen total drama island Halloween costume idea

Who can forget Gwen from the hit series Total Drama Island?! She was the goth queen and a great leader too! If you were/are a cartoon network kid, then you would know Gwen's signature green highlights anywhere. Gwen's hair was a straight short bob with dark green stripes.

Things you would need: dark green Curlfit hair makeup

2. Eunice from Hotel Transylvania

The best temporary hair color for Halloween: Eunice hair from Hotel Transylvania
Eunice throwing her head to save Mavis' bat, was one of our favorite scenes in Hotel Transylvania: Transformia! Bet you didn't notice that Eunice's hair was an afro-kinky blowout with one thick strip of white. So, if you have curly hair, this is the perfect hairstyle to remake for Halloween!
Things you would need: A basic purple headband, white Curlfit hair makeup, and a tangle teezer or blow dryer to frizz up those curls! Remember to set the blow dryer at no neat.

3. Corpse Bride

Corpse bride blue hair Halloween hair color idea
This dark musical stole the hearts of many in 2005 and has remained a horror classic since then. Emily's iconic dull blue hair continues to be a Halloween go-to look for everyone! To get Emily's shade of blue, you would have to dull out the blue hair makeup by mixing it with green hair makeup.
Things you would need: Curlfit Blue hair makeup, Curlfit Green hair makeup (to create a dull blue color), and gel (to give it a stringy look).

4. Lady and the tramp 

The lady and the tramp Halloween costume idea

We don't know about you but we vote Lady the most beautiful non-human character to exist! This 1955 classic, based on a book by Ward Green, gave the genre of romance a whole different direction! The lady and the tramp is the perfect Halloween costume for couples!

Things you would need: Copper hair makeup for Lady and Grey Curlfit hair makeup for the Tramp.

How to get the look: Lady's ears is a deep copper color. You can tie your hair into pigtails and use Copper hair makeup from Curlfit's array of colors. 

For the tramp, you can color your hair grey with grey Curlfit hair makeup. You can also purchase grey dog ears to make it more iconic!

5. Merida from Brave

The best temporary hair color for Halloween: Merida from Brave shooting an arrow
Merida was the 11th and first Disney princess to have curly hair. Her hair was a thick mass of fiery red curls to match her bold and adventurous spirit!
Things you would need Copper hair makeup. You can be extra and get gold or white hair makeup for highlights.

6. Wednesday

Wednesday Addams Halloween costume idea
Expelled from 9 high schools, this notorious teenager is the perfect character to remake if you're going for an edgy Halloween look. You don't even need the outfit, Wednesday Addams' two thin black pigtails will get the job done instantly!
Things you would need: If you don't have black hair you can purchase black hair makeup from Curlfit's array of natural hair colors.

7. Pebbles & Bamm-Bamm

Pebbles and bam bam scene from the flinstones

Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm brought the Rubble and Flinstone family even closer after their marriage. This is the perfect classic Halloween costume for couples and is super convenient if you have short hair.

BTW, we think their union was kind of obvious from the onset.

Things you would need: Copper hair makeup for Pebbles and white hair makeup for Bamm- Bamm.

8. A Mushroom Fairy

The best temporary hair color for Halloween: Mushroom fairy Halloween costume idea
Let's dress up as a mushroom fairy and sneak through the tunnel to mushroom land! We are absolutely obssessed with her two Rosegold front pieces! It frames her face and adds spice to her fairy look. You don't have to limit yourself to rose gold. Fairies play with different pastel colors, and every design looks fairy friendly!
Things you would need:
Gold and pink hair makeup. To get rosegold, you can mix gold and pink hair makeup in equal proportions! 
If you want to try out another pastel color, pick a color from Curlfit's array of vibrant hair colors and mix a proportion of it with an equal proportion of white hair makeup.

9. Sisudatu from Raya and the Dragon

Gif of Sisudatu from Raya and the last dragon acting silly
If the extroverted dragon of Kumandra is your spirit animal, then you should rock her pastel Galaxy hairstyle for Halloween!
Things you would need: blue, white, and purple hair makeup.

10. Cruella from 1001 dalmatians 

Cruella 1001 dalmatians 1997 Halloween costume idea

If you have a fur rug and a black dress in your wardrobe, consider purchasing white hair makeup to turn those items into a Cruella look! Cruella has the iconic half-toned hairstyle in a short spiky bob.

Things you would need: white hair makeup 

11. Wendell & Wicked

Wendell & Wicked costume for Halloween
This is definitely going to be a hit! The movie hasn't come out yet but from the trailer, you can tell that Wendell & Wicked is going to be added to the Halloween Must-Watch list. 
Things you would need: Dark green hair makeup


We hope this blog helped you decide on the best temporary hair color for your Halloween look! What costume do you have in mind for Halloween 2022? Tell us in the comments below!

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