The safest way to get red wine hair color without bleach

  Dying your hair red wine can be a classy and bold way to change up your look, but it's important to take the necessary precautions to ensure the process is safe for both your hair and your overall health.

One way to ensure your healthy curls are maintained is the method and product you decide to use. In this blog, we will be introducing the safest way to get red wine hair color without bleach or damage! 

The safest way to dye your hair red wine 

Safest way to dye your hair red wine

There are a few temporary hair color creams that may work well for dark natural hair, however, Red wine hair color cream from Curlfit will ensure the most rewarding results  because they are super-pigmented, lightweight, and contain zero harmful ingredients! 

Natural hair is a work of beauty that deserves to be adorned as many times as possible! From our perspective, a splash of color red wine hair color always does the trick. However, due to the nature of hair dyes, dying dark hair is impossible without bleach. This is one of the primary motives for the development of temporary hair color creams. 

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In fact, Curlfit went above and beyond to design color gels that not only protect but also enhance your curly hair, whilst hydrating and improving your hair strands. The lightweight formula is integrated with rich ingredients like silk protein, argan oil, and almond oil, which enrich your hair strands from the inside out.

Our consumers adore them not only because they increase the health of their hair, but also because:

  1. It has no potential dangerous components such as ammonia or peroxide.
  2. There is no commitment involved. Because the color washes off after one shampoo (you have a wide range of color possibilities to choose from!)
  3. Its moisturizing components and lightweight texture enhance your curl pattern.
  4. It is do-it-yourself friendly. Curlfit color creams do not require any special skills to utilize.
  5. Each drop is highly pigmented, so you can use a 100ml bottle of Curlfit up to 2-4 times.
  6. Your natural hair's luster is safeguarded!

NT: Curlfit products are expertly created to be safe for all hair types and to provide coverage for all-natural hair colors.

How to use Curlfit red wine 

Curlfit color creams are a hasty and simple way to spice up your hair color. You can modify your look to your preference with a wide choice of colors without concern about long-term commitment or color damage!

If you want to try out the color cream magic, we have a step-by-step guide on how to apply it to create clean killer hair color styles with ease! You'll be able to utilize temporary hair color cream like a pro, from the preparation of hair to the final results! 

In case you're more of a visual learner, here is a video tutorial on using Curlfit red wine color creams.

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Red wine hair color inspo

Let's further tickle that fancy for red wine hair color with some of our favorite simple red wine hairstyles! 

1. Red wine streaks

Girl with straight hair and red wine hair streaks

2. Crown braid

Black girl with red wine curly hair in a crown braid

3. Red wine peekaboo

Red wine peekboo hair on latino girl with short straight hair

4. Wash and go 

Black woman with red wine hair color in a wash and go

5. Classic single puff

Black girl with red wine hair color curly hair in a single puff

6. Half up half down

Red wine hair color on curly hair in an half up and half down style

Extra tips ✨

Red wine is exquisite, classy, and the perfect burgundy shade for your hair! Instead of going through the hassle and risk of bleach, you can simply use Burgundy Curlfit temporary hair makeup to get that burst of red wine hair with zero damage!

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