Two strand twist out: how to do, maintain & style the perfect twist out

Tips on how to do, maintain and style a twist out

Transitioning to your original curl pattern from permed or relaxed hair can be frustrating, especially having to deal with two hair textures. Some strands are straight, others are wavy,  and most are a mix of the two. To get a uniform curl pattern, a transitioning naturalista would turn to a twist out. Twist outs are also popular with 4c hair or afro-textured hair. It's a staple hairstyle to try with your natural hair, irrespective of your hair type. Keep reading to get tips and tricks to achieve the perfect twist out.

Tips on how to do a twist out

Twist out: jumbo 2 strand twist styles

1. Twist on Clean hair

Starting a new hairstyle on clean hair is the best. Apart from helping your hair absorb products more effectively, it cleanses your hair of dirt, dandruff, and bacteria that may cut your twist out short. It also brings out your raw curl pattern. Use a non-sulfate shampoo so your hair doesn't dry out or pre-poo before washing so your natural oils are maintained.

2. Always detangle and moisturize before twisting

If your hair is matted or tangled, your twist out may not have uniform waves and frizz will come knocking at your door. Condition your hair and start detangling from the ends up. Make sure you use a microfiber towel or cotton T-shirt to dry your hair to prevent further tangles.

3. Moisturize!

We all want our twist out as juicy as possible. Hydrating your hair defines your curls before you start twisting. Plus, it lubricates your strands and nourishes them to prevent frizz, and hair breakage and give you the perfect twist out. Curl creams, Leave-in-conditioners, and essential oils play such an important role in protecting and reinforcing your hair with nutrients and moisture. And if you invest in products and application methods specific to your hair porosity, get ready for your hair to steal the show. 

4. Choose the right method of twisting

There are several types of twists you can do, that all give different results
Single strand twist
Twist out; loose finger coils on natural hair
Single strand twists or finger coils are a great choice for short natural hair. The results look like an iron curling effect before splitting.
Two strand twists
Ginger colored twist out on natural hair 2 strand twist styles
2 strand twists give you definition at your roots. It also gives your crown volume and uniformity. We love how she added some copper hair makeup to her twist out. 
Flat twists
Twist out : Flat twist hairstyles on natural hair black hair
A lot of naturalistas turn to flat twists because they are faster to do and they elongate your twist out. Although flat twists can't guarantee you definition at the roots, they will last longer than other types of twists.
Pro-tip; the smaller the twists the more definition you will have.

5. Twist on damp hair, not wet or dry hair

Let's meet in the middle of dry and wet – damp. Twisting your hair dry will cause too much friction and eventually cause an ocean of tangles rather than waves. Twisting your hair dripping wet will take a longer time (a very long time) to dry and your twists may unravel in the process. So damp is the best.

6. Spritz water along the way to maintain dampness

If you have thick hair, doing twists may take a while and your hair might dry up in the process of twisting. This is very common with type 4 hair and high porosity hair. This is why we advise you to always have a spray bottle with you when doing any hairstyle. Create a water and hair oil or cream mixture and spritz your hair when you feel your hair drying up.

7. Gel your twists or seal the moisture with a sealant

Twist out: sealing oil Tropic isle living black castor oil
Seal the moisture into your hair with a sealing oil or gel. Keeping hydration in is key to promoting hair elasticity – hair elasticity equals a healthy bouncy twist out.

8. Don't take out your twists until they are completely dry

Any hint of dampness creates room for frizz. If your hair is still wet at the end of the day, you can sleep with it overnight till it dries or use a heat cap to dry your hair. Usually we advise to leave your twists for 3-5 days so that your twist out is super defined and lasts long.

9. Sleep with a satin bonnet

To sleep with your twists overnight, wear a satin bonnet and silk pillowcase to prevent frizz.

Tips on how to take out your twists

Twist out: How to take out two strand twist

1. Oil your hands before taking out your twists

Prevent friction between your hands and hair by lubricating your hands with your favorite essential oil before taking out your twists.

2. Unravel your twists the right way

Slow and steady wins the race. You might get impatient and tug on the strands of your twists but then, harsh tugging equals more frizz. Split your twists gently till all the sections are unraveled.

3. Shake it up 

How to do a twist out black hair Naptural85

Shake up those waves to fuel life into them!

4. Pick your hair to add volume

For added volume, use an afro pick to pick at your roots. Go section by section and fluff up your roots. Don't make a mistake and comb out your curls.

Tips on how to maintain and moisturize your twist out 

How to moisturize twist out

Maintaining a twist out means protecting your waves from loosing form AKA frizzing. 

1. Moisturize your natural hair

Moisturizing your twist out is one major way to do that. Nobody likes an ashy twist out. To moisturize make an essential oil and water mixture in a spray bottle and spritz your hair to refresh your curls. You can also apply a moisturizing oil or cream by scrunching it into your hair. Don't apply it by running your hands through it, that will spoil the waves and may cause frizz. Rub a generous amount on your palms and scrunch your hair upwards from the ends of your hair. Don't apply a large amount of products every day, so you don't have product buildup.

2. Sleep frizz proof: how to sleep with a twist out

Twist out; Black Silk bonet on black girl
Silk or Satin! Silk pillowcase, silk scarf and silk bonnets! Silk guides your hair without friction. Your hair slides against the fabric softly and safely. Unlike cotton which causes friction between your strands and eventually leads to frizz. Secure your ends with a protective hairstyle like a loose pineapple updo or bun.

3. You don't have to twist your hair again before sleeping

Twisting your hair at the end of every day to refresh your waves causes more harm than good. We all know that manipulation has its consequences; split ends, tangles, mats, hair breakage, fairy knots, etc. So don't re-twist your hair every day to maintain a twist out.

4. Use hair products with anti-bacterial properties

Products like tea tree oil and Sulfur8 are great ways to prevent bacteria from creating dandruff and itch on your scalp. This will help your hair to last longer.  

Tips on how to style twist outs

A twist out will last you 1-4 weeks, depending on how long you leave your twists before taking them out. Within these 4 weeks, you can unleash your creativity with different styles, hair makeup from Curlfit and hair accessories. We have a whole twist out inspiration blog here! 

FAQs on the twist out hairstyle 

Q. How to stretch your twist out

To stretch your twist out, especially with 2 strand twists, tie your hair in a cross Bantu knot style. This will stretch your twists to give a loose waves look. Here is a tutorial below by Naptural85 

Twist out: How to stretch twist out

Q. How long to keep twists in for twist out 

You can keep your twists in as long as 5 days, if you want your twist out to last longer and come out more defined. We advice not to keep it in longer than five days because your daily shed hair can accumulate to cause tangles and matt's - that will spoil the twist out.

Q. How to do a twist out on transitioning hair

 Twist outs on transitioning hair follow the same procedure with other types of hair. The only difference is the use of perm rods. After you've wet and hydrated your hair with your favorite oil, brush it out with a styling gel so that your hair is blown and frizzy. After doing this, you can go ahead to twist each section of your crown. To get a uniform wave, go in with perm rods after twisting your hair.


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