26 Unique Tribal Fulani braids for black women to try in 2022

Unique tribal Fulani braids for black women to try

If you are a black woman with curly or kinky hair, you should know how stress-relieving and securing protective hairstyles are! Here at Curlfit, we are constantly on the lookout for new unique hairstyles that provide protection for your natural hair and we couldn't help but notice how innovative hair enthusiasts were with tribal Fulani braids!

So we created this ultimate inspiration blog on Fulani braided styles for you! If you are considering Fulani braids for your next hairdo, here are 26 unique ways to switch it up a notch!

But before then, let's have some background knowledge on the roots of this beautiful style.

Origin of Fulani braids

Origin of Fulani braids

Fulani braids originate from the Fula people of West Africa and the Sahel region. This hairstyle was passed down among women, from generation to generation and eventually seeped into mainstream hair trends to birth many modern variations of the style.

In its modernization, it is important not to lose sight of the original style of Fulani braids. The traditional style consists of a variety of intricate patterns and two braids that hang towards the face, by the sides of the crown. It is usually embellished with cowries, charms, and traditional beads that signify a certain title or status (e.g, marital status, rulership, religion, etc.)

Are tribal braids the same thing as Fulani braids?

Fulani braids are a type of tribal braids and not necessarily the same thing. Tribal braids represent all braided hairstyles with African origins, while Fulani braids, originating from the Fula people, is one of these tribal braided hairstyles. 

26 Unique Tribal Fulani braided styles for you!

Here are 26 of our favorite Fulani braids for you to try!

1. Fulani braids with beads

Fulani braids with beads on black girl vintage
Adding beads to your hair is one of the simplest ways to switch up Fulani braids! You can add different types of beads and charms; too many beads is never enough.

2. Red Fulani braids

Red Fulani braids style on black girl bhaddie energy
Fulani braids can be worn in any color. Whether it's a dark shade or bright spicy red like this one, it looks fabulous and exotic! If you want to do red Fulani braids with your natural hair, you can easily use red temporary hair makeup from Curlfit, to add that vibrant burst of spice to your natural look.

3. Tribal Fulani braids with two braided pigtails 

Y2k styled tribal Fulani braids with two jumbo high pigtails on black woman

This style is giving us fairy mermaid vibes and we are here for it! Adding subtle tones that glitter under the sun will put everyone in a dreamy situation. We love how her large flower earrings add a summer feel to the style.

4. Fulani braids half up half down with boho leave outs

Tribal Fulani braids half up half down with boho leave outs
Is there anything more iconic than this up-and-down look? Don't think so! Matched with curly leave outs, your style is sure to turn heads everywhere you go!

5. Head framing Fulani braids

Rihanna in teal dress and head framing tribal Fulani braids
We were so excited when Queen Riri walked the red carpet with this head-framing Fulani braids style. Matched with her gorgeous teal dress, the look was unmatched!

6. Honey blonde Fulani braids on natural hair 

Honey blonde Fulani braids on natural hair

You don't have to rely solely on colored beads or charms to give your braids extra spice and color. Try this head-turning honey blonde or bronze look with your natural hair! You don't have to use bleach or semi-permanent hair dye when you have bronze hair color wax from Curlfit.

You can choose to apply the product after or before you do the style! Curlfit colors are super flexible, lightweight and washes off after one shampoo, so feel free to do anything you wish!

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7. Fulani braided bob

Honey blonde Fulani braids half up half down bob
If you are looking for a lightweight yet fabulous option, try this half-up and half-down Fulani braided bob!

8. Fulani braids with two-strand twists

Fulani braids with two strand twists on black woman
Twists have been popular for some years now, and continue to be an easier alternative to braids. Combine this with Fulani braids to create a sleek and attractive style!

9. Tribal Fulani braids with a braided mohawk

Tribal Fulani braided mohawk with large horseshoe beads and hooped earings
Dive into the African background of Fulani braids with this braided mohawk touch! We love how the horseshoe charms add more sophistication to the look!

10. Copper Fulani braids

Copper Fulani braids on black girl wearing y2k fashion
Fulani braids are cool but a touch of copper take it to a whole new level! And with Copper hair color wax from Curlfit, you have the room to try out different copper switches, like copper-colored tips on your extensions, full-blown copper color on your natural hair, an ombre look, copper streaks and anything else you can think of, without the need for bleach!

11. Fulani braids with curls aka Bohemian Fulani braids

Honey blonde Fulani braids with curls on black girl
A casual crown of Fulani braids get an upgrade with boho leave outs! The result is a beautiful waterfall of curls and braids.

13. Fulani braids and low ponytail 

Sophisticated Fulani braided low ponytail with beads and rhinestones
This look is perfect for those who want to go all out with this hair trend! A low ponytail always bring in the mature, work-friendly side of every braided hairstyle, especially Fulani braids! We love the intricate swirls and the rhinestones framing her face, not to mention her gorgeous play of beads!

14. Fulani braids with Afro puff

Tribal Fulani braids with Afro puff and blue head charm on black pretty woman
Fulani braids + afro puff = unexplainable beauty! Don't forget to add beads and charms for more spice!

15. Burgundy Fulani braids 

Collage of Burgundy Fulani braids on black woman

This rich wine shade is the perfect burgundy color to switch up a plain Fulani braid look! 

16. Fulani braids with curly hair at the back/ crochet

Fulani braids with curls at the back on black girl
Depending on the length of your hair, you would have to sew in a weave to get this look or you can do a wash and go! But know that just like maintaining a wash and go, you would have to maintain the weave in the same way.

17. Fulani braids and space buns

Tribal Fulani braids with space buns on black cute woman
Gen Z might say space buns are out, but we feel there's always a place for them! 

18. Fulani braids with a heart

Tribal Fulani braids with heart braid on the side

Add a heart braid to the sides of your tribal Fulani braids for a cute touch!

19. Short Fulani braids with beads

Short grey Fulani braids with white beads in plus sized black woman
This simple and fancy variation of Fulani braids is perfect for anyone trying out these braids for the first time. If you want to test the waters before skinny dipping into this style, opt for short Fulani braids with beads.

20. Fulani braids with natural hair

Tribal Fulani braids with natural hair afro puff on black girl
You don't have to rely on extensions to make Fulani braids look fabulous! It looks amazing even on natural hair! Leave the back of your crown in a wash and go or an afro like this picture above. You can also decide to switch it up with non-damaging, curly hair-friendly, and super-pigmented temporary hair colors from Curlfit. It will give your crown a burst of color without the need for bleach!

21. Fulani braids with designs

Tribal Fulani braids with designs on black woman
Allow your stylist to have all the fun she/he wants with Fulani braid designs. From intricate swirls to zig-zagged lines, let your hair tell an African heritage story!

22. Fulani braids ponytail/updo Fulani braids

Ponytail updo Fulani braids on black woman
This Fulani braids ponytail style is one of the best (if not the best) styles for the summer! Apart from hiding your natural hair from the sun, it keeps your braids away from your neck and face on a hot day.

23. Medium-length Fulani braids

Medium Fulani braids with beads on pretty black girl
Long braids bring the sass and short braids add formality, that's why they are the go-to braid lengths, but if you want something out of the box, try medium-length Fulani braids! Topped up with beads and gold jewelry, it's sure to turn heads everywhere you go!

24. Long Fulani braids with wooden beads

Long Fulani braids with wooden beads on black girl
Wooden beads speak louder than words. Their intricate designs and shapes add sophistication to any braided style!

25. Full Looking at Fulani braids

Thick tribal Fulani braids on black woman
The science behind a fuller braided look is to add medium-sized extensions to small portions of your natural hair.

26. African tribal Fulani braids 

African fulani braids on pretty fair black girl

 Last on our list is this loop style! We love the single braid loop on her forward. Such a creative way of representing a head chain!

How to style classic Fulani braids

Tribal Fulani braids are ageless and versatile. There's so much you can do with them! We loved this styling tutorial and couldn't help but share!
We hope this blog sparked some inspiration for your next hairstyle! Which style was your favorite? We want to know in the comments below!

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