Twist out styles: 21 Cute Ways to Style your Twist Out

Twist outs are a go-to hairstyle, especially for 4c hair types. They are super easy to do and we have barely touched the surface of its full potential. There's so much to do with your ocean of twisted waves and we gatchu! From colored twist out styles to twisted updos, here are 21 twist out styles to spark your hair creativity. 

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How do I style my twist out? 21 Cute hairstyles for you

To give your natural hair a brand new look, you can try; 

Bantu knots with a twist out

Twist out styles: Bantu knots and twist out

If you want to wade in the waters of your African roots, do this Bantu knot and twist out style. It's sophisticated and beautiful, especially when adorned with cowries and gold clips.

Colored twist out

Purple temporary hair color twist out

If you follow our blog, you should know how much we love natural hairstyles with a touch of color, especially those with a touch of temporary hair color wax from Curlfit. With their hair makeup, you can easily achieve this colored twist out on your natural hair regardless of your initial hair color!

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Curly mohawk

Twist out styles Twist out mohawk

The trick to doing a curly mohawk with natural hair is to leave the middle column of your hair. Divide your hair into three vertical sections and play around with the first and second sections. You can do cornrows, flat twists, or even Bantu knots. You can also decide to pin it up to meet the middle section. Here's a tutorial to do just that.

Two Strand Twist out with a middle part

Twist out styles: twist out with middle parting
This is the simplest way to style your natural hair. We love how she used hair clips to accentuate that middle parting and add volume to her curls.

Braided Ponytail

Twist out styles: twist out with weave

As far as extensions go, unraveling your twists is the best way to give your weave a brand new look. 

Flat twist out with accessories

Twist out styles: flat twist out and flat twist

Whether you've not fully learned how to cornrow or you're looking for something quick to try, flat twists are here for you! We love this flat twist front pattern and how her bronze hair makes the look extra sophisticated.

Sleek ponytail 

Twist out ponytail with two strand in front

Show off your texture by leaving two stray curls in front. This style is especially perfect if you have 3a - 3b hair.

Braided ponytail / bun

Twist out styles: twist out bun on black hair

What's better than a regular bun? A bun with some texture of course! You don't have to tie your entire crown up. First, section out a front portion of your hair depending on how large you want your bun to be. Just like the image above, you can flat twist it to an updo or you can just tie it up.

Chunky flat twist out 

Twist out styles: flat twist out pigtails on black girl

The volume and subtle wave you achieve with chunky flat twists are too irresistible to go unnoticed. Your hair is flat on your roots but bursts out in large waves from the middle of your crown to the end.

Ginger curls

Ginger hair twist out

Sneak your way to this deep ginger look with this copper hair makeup. We love how it blends naturally with her skin.

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Flat twist + Twist out combo

Single middle flat twist and twist out

If you want to stand tall will a mini up do, try out this single middle flat twist look. And with defined baby hairs - absolutely stunning!

Half up half down low ponytail

Twist out styles: flat twist out half up half down

This is another easy half up half down twist out style you can try. Check out her large bouncy waves.

Defined AfroTwist out styles: twist out afro

This style is majorly for short natural hair and is better done with mini twists.

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Burgundy highlights

Burgundy hair twist out

Dyeing your hair can be a lengthy process, you can cheat your way to the end with hair makeup. We love how these Red wine tips accentuate her curl pattern. If you want more colored hair inspiration, click here!

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Ponytail with bangs

Twist out styles: twist out ponytail with bangs

If anyone to you curly naturalist couldn't have bangs, that's a lie. Elongate your twist out by doing cross bantu knots and leave out your bangs to show case your texture.

Rubber band hairstyle

Twist out styles: Rubber band style with twist out

When a twist out isn't edgy enough for you, throw in some rubber band braids by the side and watch your twist out style transform. Here is a tutorial on some rubber band hair tricks you can try.

Side parted twist out 

 Side parted twist out

The default twist out style is a side-parted twist out. We love how she accentuated her straight parting with gel and bobby pins.

Elevated twist out

Twist out styles Naptural85

Jazz up your twist out with this elevated illusion. It's actually a half up half down twist out style but your twist out volume makes it look elevated. To do this hairstyle you want to make sure you do mini twists and notj umbo twists. Section your hair into two (up and down) and tie the up section tightly so that your curls burst widely out of the band. Make sure you refresh your twist out with water before doing this style.

Low ponytail style

Twist out pigtails

You don't have to go in with a dozen of products to achieve this look. Simply take two sections of hair above each ear and tie them together at the back of your head. Voila, a twist out princess look.

The headscarf look 

Twist out with hair accessories

If you want to add more sauce to your twist out, add hair accessories like patterned headbands, gold cuffs, hair clips, beads, cowries, tassels, etc. The list is endless! 

Ponytail lemonade braids

Twist out with two front braids
Frame your face with two front braids. Even better, you can adorn them with hair jewelry.
There are so many other twist out styles you can try and so many you can come up with on your own. Be flexible and mix two styles to make your unique twist out look.

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