12 Underneath hair color ideas you can do with hair makeup

If you want to give your natural hair a hint of surprise with underneath hair color, then you've come to the right place! Here are 12 beautiful Underneath hair color ideas you can easily do with temporary hair color gel!

Underneath hair color ideas

1. Purple underneath hair color

Purple peekaboo hair color on light-skinned black girl with short curly hait
Direct the gaze of your admirers to your face with this face-framing purple peekaboo effect! Turning the purple shade up to lavender with white hair makeup is one way to make this hairstyle pop even more!
Things you need: purple hair color gel

2. Unicorn underneath hair color 

Unicorn underneath hair color on black girl with relaxed hair
Don't want to go full-on with color but still want your hair to give a bold mystery...then try the popular Unicorn underneath color. It fits all types of hair and can easily be done with Curlfit hair makeup. You wouldn't need bleach or any harmful ingredient to get this style!
Things you need: blue, pink, and purple colored hair gel. You would also need white hair makeup to make the colors pastel.

3. Bright Red underneath hair color 

Deep red underneath hair color on black girl with curly hair
Keep all the drama underneath your hair with this bright red shade. You can also extend the color to underneath your bangs, so attention is brought to your eyes.
Things you need: red hair color gel

4. Underneath Locs

Blonde Underneath Locs on black girl with starter locs
If you want to enjoy the health of your dreads and a new color at the same time, Curlfit hair makeup is your sure bet to protect the integrity and health of your hair. Curlfit even goes the extra mile to include hydrating ingredients like argan oil and silk protein, that improve the elasticity and texture of your hair.
To know why bleach or natural hair dyes aren't the best for your locs, head over to this blog.

5. Pink Magenta underneath hair color 

Pink peekaboo hair color on black girls with curly hair
If sass is your middle name, then we've found the best underneath hair color for you! Pink is wild, cute, and totally irresistible!
Things you need: pink magenta hair makeup

6. Galaxy underneath hair color 

Galaxy peekaboo hair color on white girl with wavy hair
 you feel one with the stars or heavenly bodies when you see them, this Galaxy underneath hair color is for you! Let your curls be the true expression of who you are and what you love! And you can uncommittedly do so with Curlfit temporary hair colors.
Things you need: purple and blue hair makeup. You can add pink or white highlights to give it more dimension.

7. Blonde underneath hair color 

Brown and Blonde Underneath hair color on white girl with brown curly hair
Although the harmful ingredients present in bleach can be very damaging, especially for curly hair, we couldn't resist this iconic blonde underneath look. It fits perfectly with curly hair and we wouldn't want it any other way! If you are confident you can maintain and care for your hair after bleaching it, then this hairstyle is all yours!

8. Blonde with black underneath

Blonde and Black underneath hair color on emo white girl with straight hair
If mysterious, iconic, and eye-catching was a hair color, it would be this black underneath hairstyle. If you already have blonde hair you can use black hair makeup from Curlfit to turn the attractive switch up a notch. 

9. Honey blonde underneath hair color

Honey blonde underneath hair color on black girl with short curly hair
Honey could never! Become a honey girl with this sweet honey blonde underneath hairstyle!
Things you need: Gold hair makeup

10. Blue underneath hair color 

Blue underneath hair color on black girl with long 3c curly hair
You've probably had your fill of blue, but have you ever seen or tried blue underneath color in a wash 'n' go? It's sure to spark up that blue love once more!
Things you need: Blue-colored hair gel

11. Green underneath hair color 

Lime green underneath hair color on Latino girl with curly hair
Let your soul connect with mother nature with this lime green look! It is a far-fetch from underneath hair color since the color is meant to be hidden, but what's a statement without a broken rule or two?
Things you need: lime green hair color gel

12. Peekaboo braids

Red and black Peekaboo braids on black girl
Peekaboo braids will never go out of style and you can even make it your own by using your favorite color(s) of extensions!

13. Burgundy underneath hair color 

Deep burgundy underneath hair color in a claw clip style on black girl with frizzy curly hair

A deep burgundy shade is a great way to blend with your natural hair color if you're not a fan of extreme contrast.

Things you need: burgundy hair makeup 

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Your natural hair is a blank canvas for you to express yourself! Let your hair speak volumes and add to your voice with your favorite colors and hair styles. Let it reflect your personality and who you are! It is your crown and you have every right to beautify it to match your soul.
Be a walking piece of art with this style!
And hopefully we connected with your self-expression with one of these underneath hair color styles!

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