What is temporary hair color and do they really work?

Woman with purple 4c hair

Let’s paint you a picture: You. From a view that leaves you breathless; reminiscing on every step of your journey. As you walk back into the room, you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror, beaming with joy and the crown on your head is glistening. The color is perfect. And the best part? You can change that color to another in the next minute without damaging your healthy hair. 

This is the magical and serene world of temporary hair colors!


Temporary hair color is applied to your hair to change the color for a short amount of time. The most interesting thing about these types of hair colors is that they only sit on your hair surface like makeup, but for your hair. They do the magic when you need them and you can get rid of them in a single wash. They’re mostly used by people who don’t want to damage their hair and people who just don’t want to commit to a single hair color.

With this hair makeup, you can go green for a themed party or pink for Fashion week with then go back to work with your natural hair color.

Curlfit colors were created to bring color curious people the most vibrant, lightweight and damage free hair colors available. Our lightweight formula ensures your hair won’t be unnecessarily weighed down, which means your hair color will look as realistic as possible even if your natural hair is Jet black.


Why should you use a temporary hair color instead of booking an appointment at the salon to permanently change your hair strands?


The first question a lot of people ask right before they dye their hair is whether or not it will damage it. You want to be sure that your luscious locs will remain - luscious. Luckily, hair makeup isn’t formulated with heavy chemicals that can cause a negative and lasting effect on your hair. They’re just like your everyday lipstick that you can clean off during your night routine.



Have you ever seen someone dye their hair permanently? Or maybe you’ve even tried box dyes at home. It’s gruesome and you end up spending so much time – long hours dedicated to making sure that the color you want is achieved. Wouldn’t you rather be somewhere else resting or having a wonderful time than dedicating long hours to getting a new look? Unlike permanent and semi permanent dyes, hair makeup can be applied and removed in less than ten minutes. You don’t even have to be a professional. It’s that easy.


Maybe you thought coral was the perfect color for your hair and then you tried it and it didn’t look as great as you thought it would. Would you rather go through the long process of booking an appointment and going through the process of dyeing your hair again or would you rather wash it off and try a new color in less than 10 minutes? With hair makeup, you aren’t committing to a changing your hair color permanently without knowing what the end result might be.


Who doesn’t like to save a little bit of money here and there? Hair makeup is at least 8x cheaper than your average visit to a professional colorist and at least 3x cheaper than quality at home box dyes. You can change your looks at any time you want in the cheapest way possible without the damage and commitment that comes from traditional methods. with hair makeup you can experiment with highlights, skunk stripes and use the craziest colors knowing fully well you can go back to your natural hair color at any point. Curl Tip : All curlfit colors cost $20 per jar and last up to a week once applied. That’s less than $8 per wear, which is an incredible bargain for some of the best temporary hair colors around.



Temporary color creams are by far our favorite choice, mostly because they’re the easiest to apply and are the most vibrant.

Typically these kinds of hair colors come in two forms :

1. Temporary color wax - These are great for curly and kinky curly hair since they’re on the heavier side. Waxes are usually more difficult to blend into your hair and thus you might end up with some chunks of color which might not look so natural. Because the texture is so dense, they're  great if you’re looking to define your curls while coloring your hair.

Hair paint wax on blonde hair

2. Temporary color creams - Our favorites! Just like the temporary colors at curlfit, these work well on all hair textures to create a whole new look for your hair. They’re lightweight and the most realistic since they’re so easy to blend into your hair.

Curlfit purple temporary hair color on 4c hair

Temporary hair color creams are the easiest to use, as they can be applied with just your fingers like you do with a regular leave-in conditioner. We prefer Cream and Gel colors because they’re the easiest to blend since they’re so lightweight, making them the most realistic temporary hair color.


This literally takes you back to your childhood and is exactly what it sounds like - Chalks you color your hair strands with. One of the pros of using hair chalk is that you don’t need to wait for the color to dry, but a major con is they hardly ever look natural. So they're only great for festivals and halloween. They don’t really work for an everyday look.

Hair chalk on blonde hair


This is another method that is quick and familiar. These sprays are typical DIY dyes for your hair. You use these in a well-ventilated area, spraying several inches from your hair. Hair color sprays are perfect for bright colors like neon and they also work well if you’re looking for a mix of colors on just the tip of your hair or the roots. A major con if you’re looking to try this type of temporary color is you end up wasting a lot of product and it’s not easy to blend into your hair.

L’Oréal colorista spray

Now let’s get to the multi-million dollar question: 


Simply put - Yes, they work. We've noted here that hair makeup isn’t a dye and are essentially colors that sit on top of the hair without causing any harm. They're like a ketchup stain on a white t-shirt that can easily be cleaned out whenever you wash. Dyes on the other hand are like a tie-and-dye t-shirt subjected to long hours of change through chemicals. You might never be able to get your plain t-shirt back. 

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