What is hair makeup and how to use it for a temporary hair makeover

What is hair makeup and how do you use hair makeup

Whether you are thinking of completing your makeup masterpiece, switching up your hair to complete an outfit, thinking of doing a hair makeover for transition content, or attending an event you have to go all out for - temporary hair makeup is the way! Not only does it wash out after a single shampoo, it also doesn't cause any form of hair damage. Want to know more? Keep reading to know what hair makeup is, the best hair makeup there is and how to use them for a temporary hair makeover! 

What does hair makeup do?

Curlfit temporary Hair makeup

Hair makeup adds color to your crown by coating the outer layer of your hair strands. This means that they don't need to penetrate through your hair layers (like other hair dyes) to give your hair a burst of color. So they DO NOT contain harmful chemicals, such as ammonia and hydrogen peroxide . You also don't have to bleach your hair to get your desired color when using hair makeup. This makes it non-damaging and completely safe to use for all hair types. Curlfit hair makeup even goes the extra mile to include rich ingredients like argan and almond oil (to name a few), in the formula. So silky soft hair is guaranteed and it also leaves your hair hydrated, therefore accentuating your curl pattern.   

P.S - Curlfit products are vegan and cruelty free!

How do you use hair makeup

Using hair makeup is a one process application and is super DIY friendly. Plus, it's really fast to do. 

Step 1: Prepare the things you need

You don't really need anything special to use hair makeup - even gloves! But when you have purchased your desired hair color(s), always check if your normal hair products are compatible with the hair makeup. Mix a small portion of the color with your hair cream and observe the results. If it forms clumps, then you can leave out applying your creams before coloring your hair and just go straight in with the hair makeup. Don't worry about hydration, Curlfit products moisturize your hair while coloring it.

Step 2: Wash your hair

It's best to use hair makeup on clean detangled hair. This will make the process seamless and easier to apply. Plus, it will last longer.  

Step 3: Use a leave-in-conditioner (optional)

If you want to add moisturize before coloring your hair, this is the time to do so. But like we mentioned in step 1, if your creams are not compatible with the color, then you can leave it out. Don't use hair oils! Especially sealing oils. This will aid color transfer and shorten your hairstyle life span.

Step 4: Style your hair

If you're doing a tight ponytail or a colored pineapple, you can do the style before applying hair makeup so you don't have to color your entire head. 

Optional Step: Mix your colors (if it implies)

What makes hair makeup super flexible is how customisable the formula is. They follow the basic color wheel. Mixing two hair makeup colors is almost like mixing colors before painting. For instance, if you don't find Aquamarine in the array of hair makeup colors, you can simply mix dark green and blue hair makeup to get that shade. To get rosegold, mix gold hair makeup with pink hair makeup in equal portions. There are so many other shades you can get. For more hair makeup mixes, you can check out the Curlfit community across all social medias.

Step 5: Apply hair makeup

You can do absolutely anything with hair makeup - a subtle tint of your favorite colors, contrasting highlights, a colored twist out, a glorious colored afro - anything you can think of! Unleash your creativity with hair makeup and express yourself through your mane. You can even apply it ontop of an already done hair style (like a wig, extensions, ponytail, pineapple, etc.).

Every drop of Curlfit hair makeup is super-pigmented. So a little goes a long way. Start applying the hair color, section by section and in small amounts. If you want to increase the vibrancy, you can just apply more color.

Step 6: Air dry/ blow dry

We know your hair is super cute and you're probably super pumped to take to the streets, but not yet! Your hair has to be completely dry to avoid color transfer. Air drying or blow drying your hair will ensure the color sets. Depending on your hair porosity and the amount of hair makeup used, it may take between 30 minutes to 4 hours for it to dry.
And that's it! Easy, isn't it?

Best hair makeup for dark hair

All Curlfit hair makeup products are great for dark hair, because the hair coverage is amazing and the formula super-pigmented. So having jet black hair is not an obstacle. If you are looking for hair color suggestions for dark hair, we say go for gold hair makeup and apply it as a gentle tint that pops under sunlight!


12 TikTok trends to recreate with hair makeup 

With Curlfit hair makeup, you are not restricted to a method of application. You can try out so many different hair color styles and recreate trends on the internet! We love TikTok and how creative hair color enthusiasts can be with hair dye (plus, it sure is addictive). But who says you can't use hair makeup to hop on these trends. Here are a few TikTok trends you can recreate with hair makeup.

#1 Skunk stripes trend

Hair makeup Black and blonde skunk hair stripes asian girl
If you have straight hair and want a temporary hair makeover, skunk stripes or highlights are the best ways to do that - since applying the cream on your entire head will weigh down on your strands. Traditionally, skunk hair was just two highly contrasting colors on your mane, in particular blonde and black. But the internet has turned it into a whole creative hair genre and included different colors and ways to achieve this look. 

#2 Underneath hair/ peekaboo hair

Hair makeup : Peekaboo hair red underneath color hairstyle on brown hair Caucasian girl

Having a blanket of color, hidden behind your head is the best subtle hair makeover there is .... absolutely gorgeous!

#3 Neon Pink and Burgundy hair makeup look

Burgundy hair makeup look on big curly hair

Burgundy hair became the most loved hair color a couple of months ago. That's not a surprise because this shade has been underrated for far too long. It's so pretty! And with a touch of neon pink, it becomes super bright! You can simply achieve this burgundy look with neon pink and burgundy hair makeup from Curlfit.  

#4 Purple and blue Galaxy hair

Hair makeup purple and blue galaxy hair on brown hair Caucasian girl

Take your crown to space with this illusion of the Galaxy. We love how she made it a peekaboo look! All you need is blue and purple hair makeup. Just play with it. You can make a section of your hair an ombre of the two colors and another section a random mix of the two shades. The crazier the better!  

#5 Honey Brown hair

Hair makeup Honey brown hair on black girl

Wade in a crown of honey (yum!). To get this shade of brown, mix equal portions of ginger hair makeup and brown to a delicious consistency of honey brown.

#6 Two toned hair

Purple and blue  Two puffs with two braids in front Two toned hair

A two tone mystery! Pick your two favorite colors and divide your hair into two equal halves - each for the individual colors. You can spice it up and leave two braids infront with the opposite colors.

#7 Ginger hair

Ginger hair makeup on short waves black girl


You can be a Max Mayfield look alike in a minute with ginger hair makeup. This shade will make you go from calm to fiesty.

#8 Pink E Girl Highlights

Hair makeup : Pink egirl highlights on brown hair Caucasian girl mask

In our opinion, pink E girl highlights will never get old. All you need is pink hair makeup and this blog as a guide. Start with coloring your ends and then select strands where the color will go all the way up. Don't forget to color your two front pieces to frame your face!

#9 Colored bangs

Hair makeup : Red Colored bangs front pieces hairstyle

We love this grunge colored bang trend. You can use a color 10 shades away from yours to emphasize that color contrast the style gives.

#10 One color strip

Hair makeup : blonde half colored bangs curly hair

This colored hairstyle is the cheat code to a temporary hair makeover. It's super easy to do and looks great!

#11 Wolf cut with colored tips

Hair makeup : blonde wolf cut with colored tips grunge aesthetic
Can a wolf cut look any better!? Spice up your wolf cut with colored tips. We love how she played with different hair makeup colors to create this unicorn look. Black tips are pretty awesome too! And even better you can color your roots with black hair makeup to give your hair more dimension.
Hair makeup : wolf cut with black tips asian girl
We have seen alot of wolf cut disasters on the internet. TBH, we aren't the best either. Getting the right length to cut off is pretty tricky, this tutorial below will help you get the perfect wolf cut in 5 minutes!
Loved this guide? We want to know your thoughts on hair makeup and if you're considering it down below!

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