Why we’re sold out

If you’re reading this you’d have most likely noticed that almost all our colours are sold out, especially your faves.


In this mini blog post I’m going to explain why this has happened and what I’m doing to do to fix this.


Short version - There’s been overwhelming demand that made us burn through 3months of stock in just a month, which is great - but also not too great for the beautiful people that have to wait for them to come back.


As a small, growing business things can get awkward really fast, especially when there’s a demand surge you’re unprepared for and this is one of those awkward moments, sorry❤️


At this point you’re probably wondering what this has to do with you and why we still haven’t restocked after giving you a taste of freedom and power.




In order to restock, we have to take a lot of things into consideration, most importantly - your recommendations (which are a lot and great!) and we have to make the best possible formula with the right feel.

Which means every variant produced would have to be tested for at least a month before we can suitably re-release it.


And most importantly we’re preparing a lot of amazing things (an upgrade) for you for the new year, which you’ll start to see really soon on Instagram and Twitter, so it’ll be worth it- I promise.


How are we going to reduce the amount of times you see that ‘sold out’ button?


Producing a lot- of everything. Granted, this is a huge risk since some colours are only loved occasionally, which is scary because it means investing a whole lot of money, but it’s worth it.


Secondly creating better experiences for you and making it possible for you to preorder a gel in the event that we’re ever sold out so you’ll get it immediately it’s available.


As for the sold out products-


You can expect them to be ready for sale around the 3rd week of January.

Theres an option to pre-order snack, Icy, deviant, plain white and scheming till then so you can get yours immediately it’s here, before anyone else!

Come January, expect fewer sold out signs and shorter wait periods in between restocks

We hope that you'll bear with us in the meantime, and continue to love and support Curlfit.


Love ya!