Temporary Hair Colors

Temporary Hair Colors

13 products
    13 products

    What exactly are temporary hair colors?

    Our temporary hair colors allow you to change your hair color as often you want without damaging your natural hair. They wash off easily, meaning you can go back to your regular hair color as soon as you change your mind. Zero commitment.

    What color should I dye my hair?

    We have so many color options to choose from. From our Bronze hair color for a subtle look to our burgundy hair color for a fierce look. We've worked with hair color experts to create a quiz that takes your hair texture, skin tone and personality into account before choosing your perfect hair color. Take the quiz below.

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    Who Can Use Temporary hair colors?

    Curlfit is one of the best at home hair colors so they’re great for beginners, meaning you don’t need any experience to use them.

    They’re great for people with wavy, curly and Kinky hair. And they work on all hair colors (Jet black, brown, blonde, red hair etc).

    How long do temporary hair colors last?

    Curlfit hair colors last about 5 days on average, but unlike other temporary hair colors you can wash it off completely after the first day or two if you want.

    Remove your color completely by washing your hair with regular shampoo or a clarifying shampoo.

    How to use temporary hair colors

    Since Curlfit colors are so beginner friendly, you can easily apply it at home in 5 short steps.

    we’ve created a series of videos showing how you can use your hair color on 4a - 4c hair, 3a - 3b hair and 2b - 2c hair. See all the videos here 

    Where can you buy temporary hair colors?

    If you’re looking to buy temporary hair colors, you no doubt have plenty options online. And yet so many people trust curlfit colors as their first choice.

    Simply put, nobody else produces higher quality temporary hair colors. From our easily blend-able formula to our non chalky colors - you’ll find nothing but industry leading quality.

    Our colors are also entirely free from ammonia and peroxide - all harsh ingredients found in standard hair dyes that contribute to color damage.