Emoji tattoo set


What if you could get a painless, professional tattoo done in 1 minute that will magically clean off whenever you want ?

Curlfit Temporary Tattoos are a quick and painless way to test any tattoo ideas you have or rock a new look for a short while. The tattoos last around 3-7 days and look completely real. (you can clean them off in between)

Each sticker sheet measures 10cm by 6cm



 why it’s so great?

  • It’s a light gel, free from all the grease and wont make your hair dry/stiff
  • looks great on natural hair,relaxed hair, locs, wigs and even braids!
  • Its African parent proof: meaning it washes off when you want, no evidence -no case!
  • Its very pigmented - you don’t need a lot of gel.
  • It’s formulated with your hair in mind, so it doesn’t contain any chemicals
  • cruelty free, not tested on animals

Also note that the colours are buildable-meaning, the more vibrant you want the colour, the more gel you would need to apply.

the colours May also appear more or less vibrant depending on your screen resolution.

Customer Reviews

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I absolutely love the smiley face tattoo 😊...easy to use and it pops in my skin...I’d definitely come back for more😁