Curlfit vs.Good Dye Young : A temporary hair color brand comparison

Expressing yourself with hair colors is super fun! What's even more fun, is the zero commitment temporary hair colors give you. You can try out different looks and combine different colors to fit your palette. But with several brands on the market, which is the best temporary hair color to get? In this blog article, we will be comparing the features of two brands; Curlfit temporary hair color vs. Good Dye Young Poser paste.

Curlfit temporary hair color vs. Good Dye Young's Poser paste

Curlfit temporary hair colors are designed to color your hair without the need for bleach or any harmful hair ingredients like ammonia or peroxide. In fact, they contain rich-valued ingredients like argan oil, silk protein and almond oil that nourish and strengthen your hair structure from the inside out. They color your hair by coating the top layer of your hair strand and not penetrating through it like semi-permanent hair dyes. This makes them non-damaging. It has a creamy, lightweight, and easy-to-handle consistency. Plus, every drop counts! They are also vegan and cruelty-free. Here is a close-up image of red and green temporary hair color from Curlfit.

Red and green temporary hair color Curlfit

Good Dye Young's Poser paste is very thick - just like a paste. It feels like you can mold it into different shapes and takes a lot of effort to apply to your hair. It contains sunflower extract which prevents hair breakage, but the poser paste formula also contains denatured alcohol. This is a drying agent which aids the formula to dry fast when applied, but at the expense of the moisture in your scalp and hair strands. This means the end results will be dry, frizzy and if the paste is left on your hair for a long time, can lead to color damage. Here is a close-up image of the poser paste.

Good dye young poser paste temporary hair color

Texture and Color Payoff: How is the final look?

The texture and color payoff is the core feature of temporary hair colors. To judge this, let's compare purple Poser paste and Curlfit's purple temporary hair color, on black type 4 hair in a twist-out hairstyle.

Purple poser paste good dye young on type 4 hair twist out

 Let's start with poser paste. Although the color payoff is a cute plum purple, the hair texture it produces is dry, static, and frizzy. That means it isn't curl pattern friendly and strips your hair of its natural luster. The finished product is also spotty. You can still see her black hair peeking out, so this makes it look unnatural. We can also see that the color becomes grainy like dandruff and some of her curls are clumped together like glue. Now let's look at the same hairstyle using purple Curlfit temporary hair color.

Curlfit purple temporary hair color on type 4 hair twist out

The biggest difference between Curlfit gels and Poser paste is how well it hydrates and accentuates your curl pattern. The purple temporary hair color coats her strands in a royal violet purple (a very mature shade of purple), irrespective of her natural hair being black - and the coverage is flawless! The color does not strip your hair of its natural luster or elasticity. This just shows how moisturizing and non-damaging Curlfit gels are. 

Color transfer

We all hate color stains on our white T-shirts or our hands when we play with our hair. So it's good to mention that Poser paste transfers a whole lot of color in dust-like form. When you run your hands through your poser-paste-colored hair, it flakes off onto your shirt and wherever it can land on.

Curlfit gels on the other hand do not flake, nor does it sprinkle onto surfaces in tiny particles. In fact, Curlfit temporary hair colors don't transfer (if any, very small) color, if you follow the color directions provided.

It's normal for temporary hair colors to get on your hands or gloves and other items you would use during the coloring process. But what's important is if you can wash it off easily. Both poser paste and Curlfit gels do get messy when coloring hair, but at least you can clean Curlfit colors off surfaces in a blink of an eye. With Poser paste, you would have to use a lot more elbow grease to get those stains off your brushes and combs.

Commitment: How long does Poser paste and Curlfit last?

Washing hair good dye young vs. Curlfit temporary hair colors

Temporary hair colors are expected to wash off with a snap of a finger. That's what the feature "no commitment" means. Both Good Dye Young and Curlfit temporary hair colors wash off, but you would have to use a lot more effort to wash Poser paste off your hair(up to five shampoo sessions). 

Curlfit gels only require one thorough wash to get all the color off your hair. It also maintains your natural curls and makes your hair soft. Almost like a conditioner!

Poser paste leaves your hair the same texture when it was colored – dry, frizzy, and sticky. But a long deep condition will fix that for you.

User experience & application 

In terms of color payoff, both temporary hair colors from Good Dye Young and Curlfit give your hair a burst of vibrancy. But at what cost? Because of the poser paste's "playdough-ish" thick consistency, it's almost impossible to get a clean and even finish without using a generous amount of color.

Good dye young poser paste customer review

This is especially for thick long hair. But then if you apply too much at once, it becomes difficult to even out with your fingers, because it dries up really fast. So by default, you would go in with a comb or brush to spread it equally across the length of your strands. But even at that, a lot of users say it makes the color look chalky and spotty. A couple of users also said combing it only makes the color "sprinkle off your hair like dandruff", until all the color is gone. 

Good dye young poser paste customer review

Curlfit temporary hair colors, on the other hand, give your hair an exciting pop of color with the littlest drop. A 100 ml bottle of Curlfit can last long hair for 2 -3 uses and you can manipulate it to reach the level of vibrancy you desire.

Curlfit temporary hair color paste customer review

Its creamy lightweight consistency makes application a breeze. Results are usually very realistic, clean, and even-toned since it doesn't dry up fast and clump your hair together like Good Dye Young's poser paste.

Curlfit temporary hair color customer review

So which brand is taking the temporary hair color crown?

    Curlfit                Good Dye Young          
1 Color Payoff 👑 👑
2 Texture Payoff 👑  
3 Color transfer 👑  
4 Commitment 👑  

User experience & application


Its Curlfit! Here's a summary of why.


  • Both temporary hair colors are super-pigmented even without bleach, but Curlfit contains hydrating ingredients that define your curl pattern and leave your hair soft. Poser paste on the other hand is very drying, frizzes your hair, and gives your hair an unnatural, spotty, or clumpy finish.

Good dye young vs. Curlfit temporary hair colors

  • Curlfit temporary hair colors have minimal to no color transfer, especially if you follow the color instructions. Poser paste transfers a whole lot of color and flakes.
  • Washing off Curlfit gel is a breeze. Plus, it leaves your hair soft, moisturized, and defined. Washing off Good Dye Young's poser paste takes a lot more effort and it leaves your hair dry and sticky 
  • And lastly, user experience. Most users of the Good Dye Young temporary hair color had a bad experience using the hair color. Some had to use a lot of colors to get results and the application process was tedious. Unlike Curlfit gels,  which only require a little to color hair and have an easy application process.

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