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Hair Type: Wavy
Natural hair color: Jet Black
Love it!!

Was exactly what I was looking for. Gives my black hair gorgeous bronze highlights. I put it where I want the color, And it helps style my hair perfectly. Lasts for days.
Such a fabulous product!

Hair Type: kinky coily
Natural hair color: Jet Black
Golden goddess

WHO IS SHE??? I got this color to style for a photoshoot and git a little artistic afterwards, haha. I love how it highlights me naturally and it’s such a subtle statement which I’m all about. Even if you’re dark skin like me, the Gold will make you look like the goddess you are.

Snack - bronze hair makeup
Christianah Adeyemi
Bronze hair dye- LOVE IT!

I absolutely loved using the bronze hair dye. It gave me a different look and it was so easy to use and rinse off. Can’t wait to try other colors 😁

Bad bitch - Ginger hair makeup
Julie Braker
Hair Type: Curly
Natural hair color: Brown
Ginger Hair

I absolutely looove!

Favourite child - pink hair makeup
Hair Type: Curly
Natural hair color: Brown
Favorite child - pink

I wanted a subtle pink on my tips and i barely had to put any dye in for it to show up. i totally love the color and product

Hair Type: Curly
Natural hair color: Brown
So easy to apply!

I ordered 4 different colors and love all of them. I did a few pieces of hair in each color and received tons of compliments! Will be ordering again soon!

lowkey - blue hair makeup
Adeyanju Steven
Hair Type: Curly
Natural hair color: Blonde
East to use hair dye

The Curlfit blue hair dye was so easy to use and gave this pastel effect with my blonde hair that I loved so much🥺washes off easily too, it had this candy-like scent and had no side effects on my hair.

Hair Type: kinky coily
Natural hair color: Jet Black

I love this. I’m carrying dreads, so i was worried it wasn’t going to really work in the hair but it did and i Love the way the hair came out. Thank you for making such an amazing product, very affordable and of great quality.

Hair Type: Wavy
Natural hair color: Jet Black

I loved it.. thank you ❤️❤️💕

Mystery tattoo
Fauziat Lawal

Was really good
Look realistic too

Hair Type: Curly
Natural hair color: Jet Black
My favorite color

This is my favorite color so far, I used it on me and my little sister for an event yesterday and the experience was unimaginable!!

I never write reviews, but the customer service was so nice I had to leave one plus I received a free gift in my order. 10/10

Gang - green hair makeup
Hair Type: Curly
Natural hair color: Jet Black
The best I’ve tried so far

I’m no stranger to temporary hair colors and have tried about 2 other brands. The consistency was way better and the color was as vibrant as I wanted.

The only con, which I experienced with the other brand I’ve tried is there was a bit of transfer, probably because it’s just hair makeup. But they were honest about that in the product description so I didn’t mind it so much.

Will definitely repurchase

Haven't received

Didn't get anything in my order.

Favourite child - pink hair color

So fun!

My 5 year old has been wanting purple hair so I bought the blue and pink colors to mix and make purple. We absolutely loved it. It wasn’t hard to mix, or apply and it looked amazing. It was also easy to wash off, nothing stained. Will keep purchasing more :)


Glad you like it☺️☺️

Deviant - burgundy hair makeup
Jennifer Pat

Deviant - wine hair color

Famous - purple hair makeup
Hillary Olowojolu

Famous - purple hair color

Deviant - burgundy hair makeup
Dara Simi

Fair enough


i got two colors, red and purple.
i’ve tried the purple one and i loveeee the results! can’t wait to try the red one too!

Deviant - burgundy hair makeup
Emmanuela Igbanibo
Review on the Deviant wine hair color

I mixed the deviant wine and the famous purple hair colors on my locs. It gave me a lovely look but it did transfer color.

Famous - purple hair makeup
Emmanuela Igbanibo
Famous Purple Hair Color Review

I really love the hair color. It gives my hair a stunning look.

Best temporary hair color that defines curls

I decided to opt out of my natural hair look. I certainly wasn’t disappointed, the color came popping and the way it defined my curls 😍 I can switch up my looks without being worried about hair damages. I had so many nice compliments 👌🏾

Pink is bae 🤩

It's so beautiful, I love it. I totally love the colour on my natural hair. I am definitely buying more colours. I just basically added it on the tip of my natural hair and that was it. Delivery was fast ,and communication is top notch. I recommend 🙌

White/Grey hair makeup
Yasmin Askira

I liked the packaging and it got her early, no damages were on the product.