Frequently Asked Questions


Shipping timelines + Policy

We offer four shipping speeds depending on your Region.
United States:

- Domestic Standard (2 - 5 business days) - from $7.44

- Ground Shipping (3-8 business days) - from $5.44


Kxpress standard Shipping( 2-3 business days) - N1,000 (Lagos)

Kxpress standard Shipping ( 3-6 business days) - from N1,900 (other regions)

International :

-International standard duties and taxes paid( 8 -14 business days) - from $11

-International standard duties and taxes unpaid( 8 -14 business days) - from $11

PS: Ground shipping is free when you reach a specific threshold. You will see the option to pick the free shipping option once this happens. Please allow 1 to 2 business days for us to receive and process your order.

Here’s how it works: you order, we process, then we ship.

Ordering takes a few seconds. Packing your order and scheduling a pickup takes 1 to 2 business days. Then one of our carriers takes it from there. You’ll get a shipment notification email with a tracking number as soon as your package is picked up.

once your order ships it will take anytime from 2-16 business days to get to you. It depends on the shipping method you choose. We always show the timelines before you pay :)

Sorry about that! In a few cases, the courier takes 1-2 business days to register your shipment status. When we recieve your tracking info you'll get a mail!

Yay, you are so close to receiving your goodies! Once your order ships, you will receive an email with a tracking number that you can use to follow your package’s journey to you.

If you have an account with us, you can also access the tracking number for your order there, once it becomes available. You can locate this information under your Account Details, where your full order history is accessible.

You can also track your order using the following links: 

USPS Tracking:

UPS Tracking:

DHL Tracking:

KXPRESS tracking (Nigeria)


You can make an exchange as long as your package hasnt been tampered with. Please note that you will be responsible for the return postage. Once we inspect your order, an exchange will be made.

Sometimes USPS/ Kxpress tracking information can be incorrect, and packages are marked as delivered before they actually arrive – oops! Your package will most likely be delivered the next day, but it’s great to check with your neighbors and/or post office/kxpress for more information in the meantime!

If you do not receive your order the next day, please email our Customer Care team, within 3 days of the last tracking update, with your order number and tracking information so that we may assist you further! :)

Product & Usage

Questions you might have about our hair colors

The color will likely be vibrant for the first 3 days then slowly begin to fade as the days go on assuming you do not apply more gel. How long it lasts depends on how often you style your hair, whether or not you sleep with a headscarf (bonnet) and your hair texture.

But as soon as it touches water, it comes off completely!


You can wash it off as soon as you put it in your hair (but you wouldnt want to do that, im sure)

Our colors definitely wont permanently stain anything you own, but there’s the possibility of transfer since it’s hair makeup and not a “dye”

When fully dry you may experience minimal transfer onto your hands when you touch / comb out your hair. This will rinse off easily with water or when wiped off!

your experience will also vary depending on your application method.

No it won’t!

Unlike normal hair dyes that enter into your hair strands to change the color chemically, these ones coat the strands of your hair like makeup,

this way your hair is not damaged and you can wash everything off whenever you want!

The colors can be applied on both damp(not wet) or dry hair.

Our colors appear more vibrant on dry hair, but damp hair (not wet) helps to spread the gel easily. You can try both to determine what your hair likes or if you’re not sure how damp your hair should be, apply it on dry hair!


It depends on how much color you apply and if you apply it with another styling gel with strong hold. 

It’s advised not to use two gel products together because this can cause flaking, but if you need to do a sleek ponytail, apply your plain gel first and wait for it to dry, then use the color over it.

We always recommend sleeping with a satin bonnet or a durag even if you don’t have color in your hair. This prevents your hair from drying out and helps your colour last the longest since this prevents it from discreetly rubbing off on your pillow.

Before styling/detangling/combing, spritz your hair with water to reactivate the color so you don’t disturb the bonds that have already formed on your hair strands.

A lot of people have reported that it made their hair softer after using it.

If you use it with another gel, there is a small chance you might experience dryness depending on the brand of hair gel used.

If the product is subjected to excessive heat or cold for short periods of time, it will not impact the product’s efficacy, though it may result in a thicker or thinner texture.

yes! Its very pigmented, so its vibrant on black hair as well. All the colors used on our Instagram (@curlfitofficial) are from customers that have dark hair, unless stated otherwise

Curlfit colors rinse off easily, this means you can wash them off before ablution, since they don’t coat your hair in a way that won’t allow water from reaching the roots of your hair.

Order Issues

We will be happy to change the shipping address for you order! Please email our Customer Care team at with your order number and the updated address ASAP, as we are only able to make changes to your order if it has not yet entered the packing process. Unfortunately once your order has been packed you will have to reach out to the courier directly to change your address. Please note that changes to your order may be limited during periods of high order volume, including launches and promotions.

Yes! Please email our Customer Care team at your order number, original email address, and the updated email address so that we may make the changes for you. Once your email address has been updated, we can resend your order confirmation and/or shipping confirmation emails to the updated address. :)

Sure you can. As long as it hasn’t been packed we are willing to add any products you might want in it at the last minute, unfortunately after this happens we cannot modify it. So sorry for any inconvenience!

We’re so sorry for the mix up with your order! Please email our Customer Care team at with your order number and pictures of the following: the order packing slip with your name and address on the bag and a picture of the products you did receive. Please note that all order issues must be reported within 48 hours of delivery. We’ll get YOUR order sent out asap!

If you receive an incorrect order, we are so sorry for the mix up! Please contact our Customer Care team at within 48hours of delivery with your order number and pictures of the following:

the order packing slip with your name and address on the bag ,a picture of the incorrect product and a list of the products you are missing.

We'll get back to you ASAP!

PR / Collaborations / Wholesale

Sure we can. Send an email to us at with your socials and we’ll get back to you!

yes we do! Please fill this form and our team will get back to you -