Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can Curlfit temporary hair colors be used on Straight or Wavy hair?

Yes! our hair colors work on all hair textures 🥰. For silky straight and fine wavy hair, we recommend using the hair color as highlights first (ie a skunk stripe) to have the best experience. You may try a full coverage look if you are satisfied with the result.

  • Will Curlfit hair colors stain my Hair /Clothes/ Scalp/ Sink?

No, it definitely won’t stain anything you own. Neither will it stain your hair if it’s blonde.

There’s the possibility of transfer since it’s not a chemical dye. Meaning you may experience minimal transfer (sort of like glitter) onto your hands when you touch your hair (like fluffing your hair or taking down your twists). This glitter will rinse off easily with water or when wiped off. If this touches your clothes it will wash off easily with just soap and water.

your experience will vary depending on your application method/hair type since it’s hair makeup and not a chemical dye solution. In a lot of cases, people have observed that there is almost no transfer unless it’s used with additional oils/butters.

  • How long will my hair color last?

The color will likely be vibrant for the first 3 days then slowly begin to fade as the days go on assuming you do not apply more product.

As soon as it touches shampoo and water, the color will be rinsed off completely! Expect it to be visible for 5 days to a week or more depending on your maintenance and hair type

  • Will Curlfit hair colors cause hair breakage / color damage?

Our colors will not cause color damage or cause your hair to fall out. Its just like makeup, but for hair! 

  • What happens to my hair if it rains?

your hair color will not be rinsed off if you get caught in a light drizzle, but if you’re caught in heavy rain without an umbrella or a scarf it will bleed out.

But how many times have you been caught in the rain?😌