How to use



Step 1: Prime your pump bottle

Your curlfit gels are stored in airless pumps. what this means is that they don’t come with straws so your product doesn’t get stuck inside. There’s a plate at the bottom of your bottle that pushes your gels up while you press the pump.

For your first use, you might need to press the pump several times to get the plate working. After you do this, you’ll never have to do it again and your product will never get stuck!

Step 2 : Application 

Apply your curlfit gel on clean hair( clean wigs/ hair extensions/ natural hair/ relaxed hair). Any residual oils in your hair/ extensions will lead to an increased chance of colour transfer. You can choose to apply on 90percent dry or fully dry hair. (ps- applying on dry hair produces a more vibrant result)

you can choose to spray your hair with a little bit of water. for this step your hair should be 90 percent dry. Not dripping wet. If you put your hands in your hair and your hand gets wet then your hair is too wet💖

If you’re not sure how wet your hair needs to be then you can use it on dry hair.

Step 3: Use a leave-in conditioner.

You can skip this step if you don’t have a leave in conditioner, the leave in conditioner is for added moisture. If you use one, make sure you use just a little bit and one that isn’t oil based, so it doesn’t interfere with your curlfit temporary hair colour.

Step 4: Apply your styling products

If you would like to use a clear gel/mousse/ curling custard, now is the time to use that. please note that using too many products with your gel will lead to flaking and there is a possibility that your hair might turn out dry because you would be layering a lot of gel products in your hair.

If you want your colour to last longer/ you don’t want the flaking and dryness, skip this step.

Step 5: Apply your Curlfit Gel

A little gel goes a long way! unless you have Rapunzel length hair you should not have to finish the whole bottle on your hair👀.

You can start off by applying a little and then using more depending on how bright you want your colour and style as usual.

Step 6: Air dry/Blow dry

Finally, your colour needs to dry so it doesn’t get messy. You can choose to air dry or blow dry your hair.

sealing with an oil or using any other product after this step will lead to increased chances of transfer. your gels already contain amazing oils like almond and Olive oil✨✨

If you follow all the steps you should have little to no transfer with your gels ✨