Meet Our Founder

Welcome to Curlfit! we’re a young, Gen Z owned brand where we make fun and effective hair care products♡♡

And i’m Temi, founder of Curlfit.

Curlfit was started a little over a year ago while I was on a break from school, where like any other young adult, I wanted to experiment with hair colors without worrying about damaging my natural hair.

This inspired me to put months of work into making the perfect formula that you, along with thousands of people would enjoy in hopes that it would give you the freedom to live your life to the fullest without having to worry about hair damage.

After 6 months and 10 different formula variations, Curlfit was born. Armed with a formula that won’t mess up your regular hair care routine by drying out or damaging your curls, we’re here to make haircare a fun activity, because taking care of your curls shouldn’t be a chore. ♡♡