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I love

I really love it.I have been getting wonderful comments


When I applied it , it made my hair soft🥰 and I love the smell 😩🥰❤️

I really love it♥️❤️And I would love to buy more colors soon

I love the colour, it's perfect. It is so beautiful and natural😁


I've never left a review for any product but I will for this! It's just what I wanted. My hair was a bit oily when I used it so the orange didn't really pop but I actually loved the way it came out. And the scent is everything! ❤️❤️


I used this color with deviant (wine) on my twists and I got a lot of compliments. It also smells really good.

So pretty!

I love the way it turned out and i love that it didn’t transfer on my sheets.

Aesthetically Defining

The dye perfectly aligned with my skin giving me a Choco Milo aesthetically defining lucid look. Then the fragrance that oozes out is just exceptionally divine and sweet with sprinkles of seductive elements. Curlfit is the best.


I love the fact that it's only seen in the daytime.. helps me escape my parents wahala.. the packing was beautiful and the vendor is really a friendly person.. Hoping to use more of curlfit hair dyes

Snack (bronze)
Vibrant and Complimentary

The bronze color looked really beautiful on my dark skin.
It made my hair really soft and easy to manipulate.
Definitely give it a try!

My friend likes it😁

Love it 😍

Loved Ittttt

It was so bright and it stood out, everyone kept asking about it! Loved eeetttttt😍

Only issue was the fact that anything that touched the hair became red too, but with my silk bonnet, it didn’t happen too often.

love it

absolutely loved it & it really comes right off when you wash it with your shampoo & conditioner, also didn’t transfer to my bed sheet ! can’t wait to dye it again

Love it

Absolutely love it

Money well spent

No regrets, I also rocked it with parking gel. Value for money. Very customer centric as well. Tumbs up 👍

I really liked the way the colour came out on my hair. The consistency of the dye was really good as well. The only thing I didn’t like was how it stained my hands anytime I touched my hair. Apart from that, it was really good! :)


It was really nice and it looked very realistic


I loved the hair dye!! It smelled nice, also made my hair soft after applying , can’t wait to try out more colors. Please restock colors soon in both sizes.

Great Tattoos!

Loved the tattoos. Looked so realistic and I totally felt different that day - in a good way lol.
Definitely getting more!

Really amazing

This colour is absolutely beautiful, it is natural and the pigmentation is great for dark coloured hair. And it smells divine

Nice product but it stains

The color was bright enough, I enjoyed it but it stained everything. My bed, my couch. It doesn’t just dry and stay there. Is there something that could be done?


Love the packaging, and it’s easy to use. Appreciate it

It's nice.. super nice