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fucking loved it.

I really loved the colour on me, absolutely! I also loved the fact that it went off just with one wash. It was great and the smell was so amazing.


I tried it, at first I didn’t like it cause it kept on transferring to my hand but after blowing drying it and weaving it, it turned out to be so beautiful and it looks amazing and the color really suits me well and I also got a lot of nice and positive comments on the color and hair and I also made some recommendations too 😂. The color was really nice, it smells amazing but the consistency of the color was really thick, and sticks to your palm quickly when applying it and after applying it and wanted to comb my hair, the color was falling off as I was combing it and it made my hair really sticky and but all in all, it was really good, it turned out really well and I really like to try out other colors too, so I’ll be making another order soon


This is the best dye product I’ve tried fr. The consistency and everything about it is just great. The best part of having it on was the amazing compliments I kept on getting. The best fr !!

Loved it

I absolutely loved the colour i was as dark or light as i wanted it to be depending on how much was used. But it would have been even nicer if it didn’t stain as much as it does.

Highly recommended

I love this product! Especially cause it allows me put as much or as little as I want to achieve the look I am going for. It also smells good!

Nice product ...I like it

8 Colour sample (10ml)
5 Star

I'm in Love with this Color.💙 Like it was made for me


It was great. Came out well on twists. Washes off so easily even off a white towel. Got my brother to use some and he loved it. Didn’t affect the curl pattern in natural hair too.

The perfect drastic change that isn't actually drastic

I needed a little change to make me feel good about myself, and I don't think anything could have surpassed this. Also, I absolutely love the smell, and I love that a little breeze can remind everyone, myself included, of that smell.

I only used a little so I’d have some left to use some other time, so it's not really bright. But honestly, I love the coolness of it. Has a certain ‘hey look at me’ feel but in a very chill way. I also love that different filters can make it look like different shades. Once again, for emphasis, I absolutely love it!

8 Colour sample (10ml)

The 8 colors are cute and the fact that they suit my hair guys I love love the gel dye


It mixes well and it's also soft to the hair. Moreover, it smells like gum which is nice!

Great Customer service, great product, and great quality and quantity of money.

I will definitely recommend


Great Dye.. a bit to temporary

I love the colour and radiance. However, with a little sweat, the colour runs down your neck. Is there a way to make it a bit more sticky?
The dye is really great, but it's a bit too temporary 😩

it's really cool and the glow is superb.

Bow down,Make way for my genesis

Its fireee

A beaut

It’s so cuteeeee and prettyyyy 😍😍😍 I love itttttt. Super easy to apply and has crazy coverage.

Love love it

It’s so easy to apply and super beautiful. Stays on for as long as necessary but it can stain your clothes so be careful. But overall, it’s amazing

Love it

I love the outcome of the deviant hair dye on me,it gives this extra spice.
it so easy to apply and take off.
You also have a nice customer service


I love it ,it gave me another look. it wasn't as bright as i thought it would be ,but cool. It also smells really nice.

The delivery process was amazing. The application was also very easy. I love how i didn't have to worry about it dripping and pouring into my eyes. Plus it smelled really nice.
My only problem with it is that it wasn't as loud as i thought it would be but never the less it was ok.

I totally love my look and how the colour came out plus it smells so very niceeee❤️

Stand out

At first I was like "do you really want to do this?" because I have a very long and relaxed hair. I thought it would only look good on virgin hair but guess what?! It came out just perfect!!! I fell in love with my new hair colour and it looked so beautiful 😍 in my photos and my fav colour is blue💙. It has a bubblegum scent and it's so easy to wash with shampoo.Next time I'll carry it longer than I did . My hair game just switch to 💯

Great product and excellent customer care. The temporary hair colour affords me the ability to be creative with my hair.


It is a nice bright temporary color and very easy to wash off! I noticed it doesn’t stay as bright when my hair fully dries though 😂. I’m hoping the blue would be brighter. I like bright colors😂🤲🏽🥂