Glow up

  • Glow up is the perfect party hair accessory!
  • Appears Greenish and comes off completely  with shampoo/water.


  • Spread evenly on dry hair as a hair cream
  • Use a bright source of light to activate (black light recommended. Phone light /lamps can be used to activate)
  • Suitable for evenings-night outs
  • Keep in a cool, dry place


  • What color is it in broad daylight?

Its bright green- almost transparent in broad day light. Not recommended for use during the day, except using sunlight to activate the glow at night


  • Will it glow on my hair?

Yes it will! (at night only) Depending on how much light it is activated with it can glow for 30minutes - 2hours before needing to be recharged (with your phone/lamp) A black light is recommended for the best experience. Alternatively you can leave your jar upside down in a very bright place and apply as desired at night.


  • How long will it last?

You can expect the product to last a few days in your hair, as long as it’s activated it will glow in the dark. We recommend that you wash it off after your night out


  • Who can use it?

Best for people with short- medium length hair. Can be used on natural, relaxed hair and wigs. perfect for highlights on long hair


  • How many times can i use one jar?

The 100ml jar can be used about 2-8 times depending on your hair length and how bright you want it and the style.



  • Can it be used on Relaxed hair and wigs?

You can use it on hair extensions and your relaxed hair with ease!

  • Will it stain my hair/Clothes?

No, it wont stain, but it can transfer.

When fully dry expect minimal transfer (sort of like tiny glitter) onto your hands when you touch your hair (like fluffing your hair or taking down your twists). This tiny glitter will rinse off easily with water or when wiped off. If this tiny glitter touches your clothes it washes off easily with just soap and water.

your experience will vary depending on your application method/hair type since it’s hair makeup and not a chemical dye solution.

In a lot of cases, people have observed that there is no transfer unless it’s used with oils. You can also read reviews below to see other people’s experiences with the product.

  • How long will it last?

The color will likely be vibrant for the first 3days then slowly begin to fade as the days go on assuming you do not apply more product, but as soon as it touches soap and water, it comes off completely! expect it to be visible for 5 days to a week or more depending on your maintenance 

  • Will it cause breakage or make my hair dry?

Our hair colors will not make your hair dry or cause breakage, it’s just like makeup, but for hair! ps- dryness may occur if used with other setting products like setting sprays/mousse and other hair gels

  • What happens if it rains?

your color will not be completely rinsed off if you get caught in a light drizzle, unfortunately just like with makeup, if you’re caught in heavy rain it will bleed out.

But how many times have you been caught in the rain?😌

1. Nigeria-

  • Lagos state - N1,000
  • Osun, Oyo, Ogun, Ekiti, Ondo- N1,850
  • Edo, Kwara- N1,850
  • Abuja- N1,800
  • other states- N2,200
  • northern states-  N2,500

2. Ghana - 210 gh cedis  (DHL Express)

For other countries, your rates will be shown at checkout before payment.

Delivery is usually between 1 and 7 business days depending on your country (this excludes the time it takes to process your order). You will have the option of choosing express(1-2days) or standard (3-5days) depending on your location.

please note that processing timelines (1-2days) are separate from delivery timelines

 One 50ml bottle can be used -

1-2 times for long hair

3-4 times for medium hair

4-7 times for short hair

You get twice the amount of uses with the 100ml bottle size.

please note that the fuller(thicker) your hair is, the more color you would need, so you might get more or less uses from a bottle depending on your hair density and the type of outcome you want. This is just an estimate. for wigs/ longer hair lengths we advise getting the 100ml size 


 why it’s so great?

  • It’s a light gel, free from all the grease and wont make your hair dry/stiff
  • looks great on natural hair,relaxed hair, locs, wigs and even braids!
  • Its African parent proof: meaning it washes off when you want, no evidence -no case!
  • Its very pigmented - you don’t need a lot of gel.
  • It’s formulated with your hair in mind, so it doesn’t contain any chemicals
  • cruelty free, not tested on animals

Also note that the colours are buildable-meaning, the more vibrant you want the colour, the more gel you would need to apply.

the colours May also appear more or less vibrant depending on your screen resolution.

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