Hair clips (purples)

₦1,000 ₦1,200

A pack of 10 hair clips


 why it’s so great?

  • It’s a light gel, made without beeswax and lanolin, free from all the grease
  • looks great on natural hair,relaxed hair, locs, wigs and even braids!
  • Its African parent proof: meaning it washes off when you want, no evidence -no case!
  • Its very pigmented - you don’t need a lot of gel.
  • It’s formulated with your hair in mind, so it doesn’t contain any chemicals
  • cruelty free, not tested on animals

Also note that the colours are buildable-meaning, the more vibrant you want the colour, the more gel you would need to apply.

the colours May also appear more or less vibrant depending on your screen resolution.

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